Diepholz report

The Diepholz track is a temporary street course 2.72 km at Diepholz Military-Airport. weather: hot 35 C 66000 spectators Top 15 Qualifying: Pos Driver Nat ...

The Diepholz track is a temporary street course 2.72 km at Diepholz Military-Airport.

weather: hot 35 C 66000 spectators

Top 15 Qualifying:

Pos Driver                Nat        Car
1. Bernd Schneider        D        AMG-Mercedes Benz C180
2. Klaus Ludwig                D        AMG-Mercedes Benz C180
3. Nicola Larini        I        Alfa Corse-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
4. Keke Rosberg                FIN        Joest-Opel Calibra V6
5. Roland Asch                D        AMG-Mercedes Benz C180
6. Alessandro Nannini        I        Alfa Corse-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
7. Kurt Thiim                DK        Zakspeed-Mercedes Benz C180
8. Manuel Reuter        D        Joest-Opel Calibra V6
9. Joerg van Ommen        D        Zakspeed-Mercedes Benz C180
10.Christian Danner        D        Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
11.Kris Nissen                DK        Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
12.Michael Bartels        D        Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI '93
13.Stefano Buttiero        I        Alfa Corse-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
14.Giorgio Francia        I        Schuebel-Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI
15.Ellen Lohr *                D        AMG-Mercedes Benz C180

* She qualified 11th, was DQ'd for an irregular repair and set to 15th pos.

RACE 1 37 laps

Very disciplined start and no changes till lap5: Larini takes 2nd from Ludwig, Asch and Nannini passing Rosberg. 6: Schneider, Larini, Ludwig, Thiim, Asch, Nannini, Rosberg, v Ommen, Reuter 7: Rosberg too late on the brakes, into the grass and dropping back. 8: 2 Calibras with Reuter and Rosberg slowing down at the same time. pits (As reported later, Rosberg has caught too much grass, overheating engine and breaks. Reuter too less oilpreasure, engine overheated.) 11: Schneider, Larini, Ludwig, Asch, Thiim, Nannini, van Ommen, Danner, Lohr, Francia 14: FL from Bernd Schneider. 17: Schneider slowing down. What has he done ? How many times did this happen to him ? Pole, lead, fastest lap, out. Pole, lead, FL, out.... Larini is leading the race for about 1/2 lap, too late on the breaks, 18: leaving a big hole for Ludwig and Asch and queueing up to 3rd pos. Schneider stalling in pit. This time: generator dead, batterie empty. 21: Asch later on the breaks than Ludwig and makes it. Ludwig countering and takes the lead back. (Pit order? Asch could have done it easily, 'cause there is an additional weight of 50 kilos in Ludwig's car and Asch's got none.) 25: Ludwig, Asch, Larini, Thiim, Nannini, Lohr, Danner, van Ommen, Francia, Buttiero, Nissen, Bartels. There are no more changes, except v.Ommen drops behind Francia.

1. Ludwig 2. Asch 3. Larini 4. Thiim 5. Nannini 6. Lohr 7. Danner 8. Francia 9. van Ommen 10.Buttiero 11.Nissen 12.Bartels

RACE 2 37 laps

Manuel Reuter's car is unrepairable, he changes to "John Winter's" Calibra and has to start together with Keke from last row behind Berd Schneider.

Kurt Thiim with a superb start in front of Larini, Ludwig, Asch, v.Ommen, Nannini, Lohr. Reuter sliding into the grass, losing 1/2 lap. lap5: Thiim, Larini, Ludwig, Asch, van Ommen, Schneider(biting his wheel), Lohr, Nannini, Nissen. 6: There's a problem for Kurt Thiim (wrong gear?), he drops behind Asch to 4th pos. 8: Larini 2 sec--> Ludwig. Schneider, who started from far behind, is now in 4th pos. 9: Schneider 3rd. 10: Larini 2sec--> Ludwig 3sec--> Schneider, Asch, Thiim, Lohr, Nannini, Danner, van Ommen. 12: FL from Larini. 15: Ludwig and Schneider coming up, now within 1 second to Schneider. Asch puncture, pitstop, far back. 17: Ludwig attacking Larini, Schneider attacking Ludwig and takes 2nd. That's exatly what people want to see. 19: Schneider finds a gap and goes by Larini, who is a little too late on his breaks. 21: Larini too fast, hits the barrier, slow, pits, out. 23: Schneider, Ludwig, Thiim, Lohr, Nannini, Danner, Nissen 25: Schneider (it's his race)3.8--> Ludwig. 27: Miss Elly (it's her race too) takes 3rd pos. from Thiim. 29: Schneider 5 sec--> Ludwig. 31: Lohr 2 sec--> Thiim. 32: FL from Roland Asch who dropped back to 13th after his pitstop. 34: Schneider 9.4--> Ludwig 14 sec--> Lohr

1. Schneider 2. Ludwig 3. Lohr 4. Nannini 5. Danner 6. Thiim 7. Nissen 8. Buttiero 9. Rosberg 10.van Ommen

STANDINGS: --------------------------- 1. Klaus Ludwig 144 2. Alessandro Nannini 124 3. Joerg van Ommen 92 Nicola Larini 92 5. Kurt Thiim 88 6. Kris Nissen 80 7. Christian Danner 72 8. Roland Asch 57 9. Ellen Lohr 53 10.Giorgio Francia 52

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