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7. + 8. run 21.-23. June 1995 Int. 28. ADAC-Fluplatzrennen Diepholz The Class 1 newcomers and their half time sum up Eight newcomers entered the cockpit of a Class 1 car for the first time at the season opener in Hockenheim. Now in...

7. + 8. run 21.-23. June 1995 Int. 28. ADAC-Fluplatzrennen Diepholz

The Class 1 newcomers and their half time sum up

Eight newcomers entered the cockpit of a Class 1 car for the first time at the season opener in Hockenheim. Now in Diepholz, these eight strike their halftime balance.

Dario Franchitti

"With the pole position in Hockenheim I had a fantastic season opener, which still was exceeded by my first victory in Mugello. Helsinki on the other hand was a big dissapointment with my anulled Top Qualification time and my crash in the first race. I hadn't expected to achieve this good results so early in the season, but having a good car and a good team makes things a lot easier. The atmosphere in the team is good and my relationship to Bernd Schneider is excellent."

Jan Magnussen

"My half time balance looks quite good - apart from my accident, my fractured leg and the consequence that I couldn't race in Donington. After the practice crash in Hockenheim things were looking up nearly all the time. For me it was a big step to change from Formula 3 to the Class 1 touring cars. Okay, I don't want to spend all my career in Class 1, as Formula 1 still is the series, I want to enter. But its good and very instructive, to drive in a milieu as professional as Class 1."

Bernd Mayl„nder

"I really hadn't expected, that I could cope with a Class 1 car as fast as it happened in the end. There was only one race weekend, which didn't satisfy me at all: the AVUS race. But altogether I'm satisfied with the course of the season and wil do everything, that the second half of the season will bring further progress for me and the team. And it was nearly of the same importance, that I was welcomed very well by my team and all Class 1."

JJ Lehto

"My expectations weren't to big, but I hoped, that it would be fun, to drive the Calibra and to compete in Class 1. And this happened indeed, apart from the last three races."

Giancarlo Fisichella

"Its an extraordinary event, to experience the fans and the professional organisation of Class 1 for the first time. If I won't find a Formula 1 cockpit for 1996, it will be a pleasure for me to compete again in Class 1 next year. Giorgio Pianta already agreed to this. Apart from the Norisring race I'm very content with my results so far. At the race in Donington I was best Alfa driver. On the other hands results like this produce a big amount of pressure and expectations."

Michele Alboreto

"Actually its just my second Class 1 race, that I'm driving here in Diepholz. After the season opener in Hockenheim I got the order, to develop the step 2 Alfa. This was and still is my job. So it was always the newest version of the step 2 car, which I have been driving since the second race. Now I believe, here in Diepholz I finally got a car, capable to hold out two hours. Up to now the car wasn't reliable enough to achieve good resuts with it. A personal desaster for me. Only the winner likes the race. But I do this job, to help Alfa Romeo to become more competitive in the future. And some of my works mates already had the chance, to profit from this work."

Ni Amorin

"It's a difficult season for me. I was four times the champion in Portugal, but in Class 1 I'm probably competing with the best touring cars of the world. The competition and the performances are on a very high level, absolutely not to compare with my experiences, I could gain up to now. Nevertheless I think, that I'll be more succesful with the '95 Calibra. That's why I'm rather optimistic for the rest of the season. I hope, that I will be able to do a good job and I'm looking forward particularly to the Class 1 race in Estoril. This track is in my home country and I know it very good."

Yannick Dalmas

"Class 1 has got a fascinating ambience - totally different to everything I have experienced until now. The atmosphere, produced by all the fans in the paddocks, is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately I got my car very late, this was a disadvantage indeed. And I'm not too happy, that I haven't got a car to drive here in Diepholz. But now I really understand the car and we are making big progress from race to race. So I'm really optimistic to be able to achieve some good results in the second half of the season. I'm really doing everything for this and I'm pushing very hard for some further progress."

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