Catalunya: Mercedes-Benz Teams race report

Jamie Green Wins Turbulent Race Bruno Spengler finished second and kept title hopes alive The top three drivers in the ranking within four points: excitement for the season finale in Hockenheim on 14th October * Jamie Green (2007 Salzgitter...

Jamie Green Wins Turbulent Race
Bruno Spengler finished second and kept title hopes alive

The top three drivers in the ranking within four points: excitement for the season finale in Hockenheim on 14th October

* Jamie Green (2007 Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class) won the ninth round of the 2007 DTM in Barcelona and achieved his first victory in the championship. After 58 laps, he came home 11.549sec ahead of Bruno Spengler (2007 DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class) and Paul di Resta (2005 JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class).

* After nine out of 10 races, Bruno Spengler is second overall with 42 points, Mattias Ekstrom leads with 44 points, Martin Tomczyk is third with 40 points. The title fight will be decided in Hockenheim on 14th October.

* Alexandros Margaritis (2006 stern AMG Mercedes C-Class) ended up fourth, followed by Gary Paffett (2006 Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class) and Mathias Lauda (2006 Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class).

* Retired: Bernd Schneider (2007 Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class), Daniel la Rosa (2006 TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class), Mika Hakkinen (2007 AMG Mercedes C-Class) and Susie Stoddart (2005 TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class).

* A crowd of 42,000 attended the 2007 DTM season's ninth race in Barcelona.

The start: Mika Hakkinen had qualified second. He returned from the opening lap in second place, followed by Bruno Spengler, Bernd Schneider and Jamie Green, the same order as in qualifying. Daniel la Rosa spun at the first corner and dropped to the end of the field. Gary Paffett received a drive-through penalty because of a jump start.

Lap 2: Susie Stoddart spun at turn four, got stuck in the gravel and retired.

Lap 3: Gary Paffett pitted for his drive-through penalty.

Lap 7: Mika Hakkinen attacked leader Tomczyk at the first corner. Both cars touched and slid off the track. Bruno Spengler took the lead ahead of Bernd Schneider and Jamie Green; Tomczyk dropped to 11th place. Mika Hakkinen drove back to the pits slowly and retired with a damaged left rear suspension.

Lap 13: Daniel la Rosa was attacked by Mattias Ekstrom; both cars tangled and La Rosa went off. He slid back onto the track and hit Ekstrom's car; both retired.

Lap 14: First pit stop of Bernd Schneider. He made a mistake under braking after the pit lane exit at the first corner. One lap later, Jamie Green and Alexandros Margaritis came into the pits for their respective first stops. Bernd Schneider pitted again and retired.

Lap 16: Bruno Spengler made his first stop, followed by Paul di Resta one lap later.

Lap 18: Bruno Spengler posted the fastest lap of the race (1min08.669)

Lap 23: Second pit stops of Jamie Green and Paul di Resta. Alexandros Margaritis pitted three laps later; Mathias Lauda on lap 27.

Lap 31: Bruno Spengler, Alexandros Margaritis and Gary Paffett received drive-through penalties, because they had been too fast under yellow. Bruno Spengler came in for his penalty one lap later and made his second regular stop on lap 33.

Lap 37: Following the first pit stop of leader Lucas Luhr, Jamie Green took first position. Paul di Resta was third, Bruno Spengler fifth. Gary Paffett came in for his drive-through penalty.

Lap 42: Second pit stop of Mathias Lauda.

Lap 48: Bruno Spengler fought his way past Mike Rockenfeller and took fourth place.

Lap 50: All remaining Audis came into the pits.

Lap 51: Bruno Spengler overtook Paul di Resta and was second.

Finish (lap 58): Jamie Green won ahead of Bruno Spengler and Paul di Resta.

Jamie Green, 2007 Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class, winner: "Finally I won -- and I am really happy. After six pole positions and five fastest laps in 29 races, I could hardly believe this would happen and the pressure was really big. However, today I didn't have any problems and stayed away from trouble. I hope for more results like this in the future. I thank the HWA team and Norbert Haug who always believed in me."

Bruno Spengler, 2007 DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG Mercedes C-Class, second: "Not an easy race, because the surface today was more slippery than on Friday and Saturday morning. In addition, the opposition gave me a hard time today. However, our team did a great job and I want to thank everybody."

Paul di Resta, 2005 JAWA4U.de AMG Mercedes C-Class, third: "I pushed really hard today and so did our team. I had some problems in the beginning, but after the pit stops everything went well. I am really glad about my fourth podium finish in my first DTM season."

Alexandros Margaritis, 2006 stern AMG Mercedes C-Class, fourth: "A good race for me. After my second pit stop I was seventh but managed to improve to fifth. Unfortunately, I lost some positions after the drive-through penalty."

Gary Paffett, 2006 Laureus AMG Mercedes C-Class, fifth: "I had a perfect car today and a good speed. I have to accept the drive-through penalties and it is due to the special circumstances of this race that I finished fifth anyway."

Mathias Lauda, 2006 Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class, sixth: "I am happy to score three points after a tough race. I had the problem that my sole got stuck at the throttle pedal which was a strange feeling and irritated me. So far we didn't find out why this happened."

Bernd Schneider, 2007 Genuine Parts AMG Mercedes C-Class, retired: "I had a good race and after Tomczyk's accident I was fighting for the lead. However, after my pit stop I suffered from brake problems; we are still investigating why. I am very disappointed."

Daniel la Rosa, 2006 TrekStor AMG Mercedes C-Class, retired after a collision: "Mattias Ekstrom pushed me off onto the grass. There I didn't have any grip and despite full braking, I was not able to decelerate significantly on the loose ground nor could I control the car, so I slid back onto the track and hit Ekstrom's car; we both retired."

Mika Hakkinen, 2007 AMG Mercedes C-Class, retired after a collision: "I am frustrated that I retired so early. I was much faster and came alongside Martin Tomczyk into the first corner, we both pulled to the right and he touched me. It was a race accident."

Susie Stoddart, 2005 TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class, retired after spin: "I am really disappointed about myself. I started well, but then I made this silly driving mistake and spun."

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: "A race with many emotions. Everybody should take the time to watch the video recordings, get the right picture of the entire race and then draw the right conclusions. Mika Hakkinen as well as Bruno Spengler, Bernd Schneider and Jamie Green could drive significantly faster than Martin Tomczyk at the front. Mika's attempt to overtake him was optimistic; however, the collision could have been avoided; although I don't want to criticize Martin Tomczyk here. Mattias Ekstrom made a tough move against Daniel la Rosa and hit him, Daniel slowed down as is clearly shown on the TV recording, but there was no room and on the grass besides the track, where he had been pushed to, it was impossible for him to brake considerably. Personally, I think that the withdrawal of our competitor was not correct. The HWA team will appeal against the penalties imposed on Mika and Daniel; there are comparable situations, which have been judged in a different way. I now hope for an exciting final race in Hockenheim and that oil will be poured on the troubled water -- I offer our co-operation for it."

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