Brands Hatch: Mercedes race report

Jamie Green Second Bernd Schneider Regains Championship Lead Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) finished the fourth round of the 2006 DTM at Brands Hatch in second place. After 85 laps with an exciting closing stage he came home ...

Jamie Green Second
Bernd Schneider Regains Championship Lead

Jamie Green (Salzgitter AMG-Mercedes C-Class) finished the fourth round of the 2006 DTM at Brands Hatch in second place. After 85 laps with an exciting closing stage he came home 5.967sec behind Mattias Ekström (Audi A4 DTM).

Bernd Schneider (Vodafone AMG-Mercedes C-Class) came home third and regained the overall lead. Jean Alesi (stern AMG-Mercedes C-Classe) ended up sixth ahead of Bruno Spengler (DaimlerChrysler Bank AMG-Mercedes C-Class) and Alexandros Margaritis who drove the EasyRent AMG-Mercedes C-Class in football design.

Mika Häkkinen (AMG-Mercedes C-Class) finished 11th following a drive-through penalty for overtaking under yellow flag. Schneider is the overall leader with 30 points ahead of Tom Kristensen (Audi A4 DTM) with 26 points. Green is third with 19 points. 21,500 spectators attended the event during the weekend.

Green had qualified second and was second behind leader Kristensen at the first corner. Schneider improved from sixth to fifth whilst Spengler dropped to eighth behind Häkkinen.

On lap six, Häkkinen came in for his first pit stop. When he resumed, the fuel container got stuck in his car and he lost it at the pit lane exit. Schneider pitted on lap 17 with Spengler coming in one lap later and Green on lap 20.

Häkkinen made his second stop on lap 31 followed by Schneider on lap 32 and Green and Spengler on lap 35.

On lap 62 the leading seven drivers had all completed both their pit stops. Green was again second with 4.8sec behind Kristensen. Schneider held fourth position ahead of Häkkinen. Spengler was seventh.

On lap 69 Kristensen retired and Green took lead, 3.4sec ahead of Ekström. Häkkinen came in for a drive-through penalty which he had received for passing under yellow flag. He eventually came home 11th. Spengler who drove in fifth place now was pushed off the track by Christian Abt and lost two positions. He was now seventh behind Jean Alesi in a last year's C-Class.

On lap 74, Green had a short off and lost the lead to Ekström. After 85 laps, Green finished second ahead of Schneider.

Jamie Green:

"I was very happy with my start and I was able to push throughout the race. Perhaps it was a little bit too much, because I lost my lead to Mattias Ekström after a short off. I am disappointed and I am sorry for my team because they had deserved this victory. But the eight points I scored today are important in the championship battle."

Bernd Schneider:

"I did not expect to finish on the podium from sixth place on the grid. However, we had the right strategy, my car ran well and we had a good speed. If Timo Scheider would not have blocked me for 30 laps an even better result would have been possible, because before that I had been ahead of Ekström. I'm happy to regain the overall lead and I look forward to the Norisring."

Jean Alesi:

"I'm really satisfied to have scored points again. I made some minor mistakes but all in all it was a good race."

Bruno Spengler:

"I made a poor start with too much wheel spin. Afterwards I drove fast and consistently and improved to fifth, also because of our team's good pit stops. Then Christian Abt pushed me off the track which was really unfair."

Alexandros Margaritis:

"I suffered from understeer during the entire race. Thanks to our good strategy I managed to score one point."

Mika Hakkinen:

"When the yellow flag came out I was just overtaking Daniel la Rosa and didn't see it immediately. Therefore I received the drive-through penalty. Things like this can happen and there is nobody to blame for."

Daniel la Rosa:

"At the start I released the clutch too fast and almost made a jump start. When I pushed it again I stalled the engine."

Stefan Mücke:

"With my first set of tyres the balance was not OK and I didn't find my rhythm. With the next sets the car was great; however, it was already too late to improve further."

Mathias Lauda:

"I made an OK start and drove a solid race. It's good that I have been the best driver with a 2004 C-Class yesterday and today."

Susie Stoddart:

"Overall not a bad race. I pushed throughout, but with the 2004 C-Class a better result was not possible today."

Hans-Jürgen Mattheis, Managing Director HWA and Team Manager:

"Jamie Green in second place and Bernd Schneider in third and as overall leader drove a good race today. Mika Häkkinen was hampered by a drive-though penalty and Bruno Spengler was pushed off-track by Christian Abt. Jean Alesi with his 2005 C-Class scored points in the fourth race for the fourth time."

"We didn't accept the gift we got with Tom Kristensen's retirement and Jamie's lead, and we returned it with Jamie's off which allowed Mattias Ekström to take the lead. If Bernd would have traded places with Jamie, his championship lead would be even bigger, but we did never consider this."

"It is obvious that Bernd was blocked by Timo Scheider for 30 laps. Without that, victory for Bernd would have been possible today. Now we focus on and look forward to the season's highlight at Nuremberg's Norisring in three weeks."


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