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STANTON, MI. - Pit notes from Harley Communications at the IHRA CARQUEST Northern Nationals. Top Fuel Bruce Litton - The Indianapolis, Ind.-based enclosed trailer dealer didn't turn in a career performance, but had enough clout that he ...

STANTON, MI. - Pit notes from Harley Communications at the IHRA CARQUEST Northern Nationals.

Top Fuel

Bruce Litton - The Indianapolis, Ind.-based enclosed trailer dealer didn't turn in a career performance, but had enough clout that he claimed the second position. The Wix Filters-sponsored driver launched hard and appeared to be on a good pass, until he hazed the tires at mid-track and was forced to perform a masterful pedal job. He was rewarded with a 5.084/271.24 for his efforts. Litton will face Jim Head in the first round of eliminations.

J.R. Todd - Todd had no luck on Saturday qualifying as he was shut-off on his one and only run. The 18-year old, Top Fuel racing sensation had previously nailed down a 5.178/236.90, good enough for the third spot on Friday. The problem on Saturday was attributed to several dropped cylinders and the crew wisely decided to shut-off. He dropped to the fourth spot and will face Jim Bailey in the first round of eliminations.

Pro Funny Car
Von Smith - The woes of yesterday were forgotten as Smith made a straight as a string lap in Saturday's first qualifier. The three-time World Champion from Oak Ridge, Tenn., stepped up and hammered out a 5.989/237.21. He ended qualifying as the fifth quickest and will face Mike Preslar in the first round.

Scott Weney - Weney didn't do much to brag about on Friday, but he more than made up for it on Saturday. The current points leader did well with his new Corvette-bodied flopper as he jumped into the program and landed into the third spot on the strength of one run. His 5.967/235.47 was very much impressive and he will meet Mark Poyser in the first round of eliminations.

Pro Modified
Troy Critchley/Johnny Rocca - The situation didn't improve for the Johnny Rocca-led Ironhorse team with Troy Critchley driving. After being on the losing end of several bouts with mechanical gremlins, the woes returned on Saturday. Critchley had problems on the launch and ran only a 7.044/212.01, which left him on the outside looking in.

Shannon Jenkins - The defending Pro Modified champion from Tuscaloosa, Ala., knew that his 6.588/213.06 best on Friday was not going to hold too well on Saturday. His assessment was correct and he aided his cause by stepping up to a 6.566/215.67, which was good enough for the 16th spot in eliminations. He will face low qualifier Quain Stott in the first round of eliminations.

Ed Hoover - Hoover, driver of the Paul Trussell-owned 1963 Corvette, was another one of the drivers that needed to step up in a big way. He went into Saturday's first session as the 13th quickest with a 6.655/173.24. His momentum propelled him to a 6.468/216.97, which was good enough for the fourth spot. He will meet Steve Cossis.

Dale Brinsfield -The Greensboro, NC-based Import mechanic did well for himself on Friday as he landed in the fifth spot with a 6.518/222.60. He encountered a series of troubles in the first qualifying session when he first spun sideways on the burnout. After trying to correct his blundered burnout, he finally rolled to the burnout in time to stage and make a lap. He failed to improve and dropped to the 10th spot and will meet Billy Harper.

Mike Castellana - The veteran driver from Westbury, NY., who has built his pit area up to resemble a Fifties-style Drive-In, made a good lap on Saturday to further improve on his Friday 6.561/215.77 best. He stepped up with a 6.517/213.11 and that bumped him up to the ninth spot. He will face the points leader Fred Hahn in the first round of eliminations.

Steve Cossis - Cossis remembers the last time he was at Stanton and he should. He was the quickest nitrous qualifier at that race. He may have fallen short at this event, but he was just plenty happy to be there. The veteran Pro Modified driver from Astoria, NY., launched hard on his Friday lap, but encountered problems and was forced to lift. The driver did better on Saturday with the 13th quickest lap and a 6.525/215.41. He will face Ed Hoover in the first round.

Pro Stock
Pro Stock qualifying is currently suspended until 9 AM on Sunday due to rain on Saturday.

Chris Holbrook - The defending World Champion fell short of earning a berth in the program in front of his home state crowd. He had no run to his credit on Friday because he by-passed the scales. He made his first run on Saturday and it yielded an off-pace 7.389. He improved in the final session but fell short of making the program.

John Montecalvo - Montecalvo has not had a good weekend and admitted that he almost forgot what it was like to be 12th in the program. The veteran Pro Stock driver from Center Moriches, NY., made a baseline 6.799/204.68 during the first session. He was in the lanes when the day-ending rains rolled in.

Gene Wilson - Wilson failed to improve on the second day of qualifications in the Charlie Hunt Pro Stock Ford Probe. He ended up with a 6.777/207.32 as his best lap. Currently he stands as the seventh quickest ride in the program.

Dwayne Rice -Rice established his best run after the first day of qualifying. He ended qualifying on Friday as the fifth quickest as he hammered out a 6.770/205.76. Rice failed to improve on Saturday and currently stands as the sixth quickest in the program.

Floyd Cheek - Cheek remained as the quickest of the two drivers on the Charlie Hunt team after the second day of qualifying. The former World Champion had a 6.764/208.23 to his credit. He failed to improve on Saturday and currently stands as the fifth quickest.

Pro Outlaw
Laurie Cannister - Cannister went into the second day of qualifying as the third quickest, but made a major leap to the top spot during the second session. The Nicorette/Nicoderm-sponsored driver hammered out a fine 6.174/217.65 to pace the program. Her status stood throughout the final qualifying session and her final attempt only netted a 6.274. She will face Mark McElwee.

Mark McElwee - The entry continued to battle engine problems on the second day. After the first lap only produced a 6.95, a new engine was put into the car for the final session. He didn't improve by much as he ran a troubled 6.739/199.51. His Friday performance allowed him to remain in the program as the eighth quickest qualifier. He will face Laurie Cannister in the first round.

Top Dragster
Malinda Bertozzi - Bertozzi ended qualifying in the top half of the program and won Saturday's preliminary first round of eliminations. She will match up with Mike Fuqua in the second round of eliminations.

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