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STANTON, MI. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA CARQUEST Northern Nationals courtesy of in Stanton, Michigan. TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - Litton has developed a reputation over the course of the season for ending the first ...

STANTON, MI. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA CARQUEST Northern Nationals courtesy of in Stanton, Michigan.


Bruce Litton - Litton has developed a reputation over the course of the season for ending the first qualifying day as the top runner. The Wix Filters-sponsored Top Fuel driver from Indianapolis failed to live up to his reputation on his only Friday pass. The veteran driver, who owns an enclosed trailer dealership, smoked the tires during the course of the run and ended up with the third best pass, a 4.954, 270.81.


Terry McMillan - McMillen had one objective on his agenda besides winning and that was to show Valley Screen Imaging that his Funny Car is an excellent rolling billboard. The Elkhart, Ind.-based driver established a good baseline with a 6.175, 232.85, which was enough to claim the sixth spot. McMillen failed to improve during the final session and ended the first day as tenth.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister, still in the midst of promoting her Girl Power Motorsports campaign, didn't fare too well in her Funny Car debut at Stanton. The former Pro Outlaw driver covered a considerable amount of real estate as she shook the tires and lifted with an 8.378. She managed to rank eighth in the field. Cannister stepped up in the second session with a 6.284, 188.91. She ended the day as the eleventh qualifier.

John Vouros - The driver has enjoyed a tremendous rookie season thus far. His first qualifying attempt created quite a show of tire smoke and shake and he lifted, coasting to an 11.484, 70.56 for the 9th spot. He stepped up in the final session on Friday with a 6.135, 232.55. He is the seventh qualifier after one day of qualifying.


Paul Athey/Johnny Rocca - The frustrations continued in the first session of qualifying for Rocca's Mohegan Sun-sponsored 1949 Mercury driven by former Funny Car racer Paul Athey. Just as the team completed the burnout, they voluntarily shut the car down with a suspicious leak. The car was repaired and returned in the evening to card a 6.445, 218.05. He is currently unqualified.

Alan Pittman - Pittman admitted that he wasn't keen on trying to rotate the earth in his first qualifying session. That's why when the recently announced Car Craft Magazine All-Star finalist and driver of Ken and Sylvia Westbrook's 1941 Willys carded a 6.372, 222.62 for the eight spot, it didn't upset him in the least. He simply rebounded with a 6.285, 226.13 that catapulted him to the top half of the list.

Ed Hoover - Hoover has been known for his prowess in attacking tricky racing surfaces over the last two decades of fast doorslammer racing. Pro Modified's original national event winner lifted early in his first attempt and coasted to a 6.722. The run did not secure a berth in the field after the first session. He didn't lose any rest as he rebounded with a 6.337, 223.28.

Chip King - King has been looking to rid himself of a swarm of gremlins that has plagued his racing operation for the last few races. The driver of the Indy Cylinder Heads-sponsored, Hemi Dodge R/T wanted to find a suitable baseline in his first attempt and did so with a 6.415, 218.94, good enough for the 11th spot. The second run provided no reprieve with a 6.507 elapsed time.

Team Castellana - The continued turnaround for the Awesome Motorsports team has been a welcomed blessing. Jenkins, hot off of his Leicester win, made a physical announcement that he was far from done with a 6.282, 223.14, to take the pole position after the first session. His run also reset the new Mid Michigan Motorplex track record on that lap. Castellana also had reason to smile as he earned a place in the field with a 6.347, 219.51, the sixth quickest of the session. In the evening session, Jenkins slipped out of the groove and lifted, as did Castellana.

Steve Cossis - Cossis made his mark at the Empire Nationals by qualifying in the tough 16-car field. It was business as usual for the driver from Astoria, N.Y., as he landed in the 14th spot with a 6.493, 201.88 in his 1953 Corvette. Cossis rebounded in the evening session with a better 6.452, 217.77.


John Montecalvo - The Citgo-sponsored Montecalvo is still seeking his first win of the 2001 season. He opened the first session of qualifying with the sixth quickest pass, a 6.691, 207.62. Between rounds, the team made a motor switch. With much of the field failing to step up during the session, it was going to take quite a feat for improvement from Montecalvo. The weather conditions were less than admirable, yet Montecalvo still posted a 6.719, 207.02.

Angelo Alesci - The Cleveland, Ohio-based Alesci opened qualifying with a good baseline. The former Pro Stock national event winner and finalist already in 2001, got off to a respectable start by garnering the 13th position with a 6.751, 207.24. Alesci returned for the final qualifying session on Friday and fell short of improvement with a 6.787, 206.07.

Tom Lee - After one of the most heartbreaking experiences that a racer could endure at the recently completed Empire Nationals, Lee had a better start in Charlie Taylor's Mustang. The former IHRA Rookie of the Year winner and Summer Nationals champion landed in the third spot with a 6.655, 209.79. Lee was the picture of consistency with a 6.660, 209.04, but failed to improve. He concluded the day as the third qualifier.

Dwayne Rice - Rice makes no bones about, he's not running up to the potential that he would like to. However, the one thing that sets the Grove City, Ohio-based excavator apart from the multitudes is that he never quits. The former Modified standout made his first qualifying attempt count with a 6.708, 208.01. He claimed the eighth spot. His final attempt provided no reprieve as he aborted and coasted to a 7.557.

Gene Wilson - Wilson has warned the Pro Stock fraternity time and time again, that his work is far from finished. The 28-year old, machine shop owner from Canton, Ga., ascended to the peak of the class on his first run with a 6.619, 210.37. With the sun bearing down on the track, Wilson tackled the right lane for his second qualifying attempt. His 6.630, 209.88 demoralized the troops after the first day and insured his completion of the day on the top of the qualifying list.


The current qualifiers for the LIZZARD RACING Top Sportsman Quick Eight are as follows:

1. Kenny Rucker  6.710, 208.36
2. Harry Rockwell  6.740, 213.54
3. Jim Detrick     6.773, 205.07
4. Scot Johnson  6.777, 209.39
5. Doug Mills       6.838, 205.47
6. Al Matarazzo    6.890, 204.11
7. Tim DeCoff      6.906, 202.61
8. Ronnie Davis   6.921, 200.38

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