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How Salt Lake City helped transform Nitro Jam New format makes its debut at Rocky Mountain Raceways June 18-19 SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (June 4, 2010) -- It was a year ago in June that the Nitro Jam series traveled to Salt Lake City with something...

How Salt Lake City helped transform Nitro Jam
New format makes its debut at Rocky Mountain Raceways June 18-19

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (June 4, 2010) -- It was a year ago in June that the Nitro Jam series traveled to Salt Lake City with something fresh, new and completely original in mind for the debut event at Rocky Mountain Raceways.

Featuring dozens of nitro-powered race machines competing in a Chicago-style competition in addition to some of Utah's best sportsman racers the new format, or "show" as it was being billed, produced two nights of near-record crowds and left a lasting impression with the Utah fans. More importantly, last year's stand-alone event showcased a brand new format and classes that set the stage for the new age of Nitro Jam professional drag racing which has taken the nation by storm through three events this season.

"When we went to Salt Lake City last year we had an idea of what we wanted the event to look like, but we weren't exactly sure how to accomplish everything we wanted to do. At that event we had our first Fan Fest, our first race under the modified structure and it all went really well," said IHRA President Aaron Polburn. "More importantly the fans were ecstatic with what they saw and that gave us confidence that hey, we really are on to something here."

Last season's Nitro Nationals at Rocky Mountain Raceways acted as a test market for the new Nitro Jam format, giving Utah race fans a sneak peak into the future of Nitro Jam professional drag racing. And after an overwhelmingly positive response to last years event, coupled with hundreds of hours logged going over fan surveys and structural plans, the new Nitro Jam was born on January 29, 2010 with the debut event at Palm Beach International Raceway.

Now, a year after playing a critical role in the future of the series, Nitro Jam returns to Rocky Mountain Raceways with a new look, new classes and a new attitude aimed at providing fans with a new way to enjoy the sport of drag racing and a show bigger than ever before.

"We are thrilled to welcome Nitro Jam to Rocky Mountain Raceways. Last year was a big event for us and for the IHRA and we are happy to be bringing a national event back to Salt Lake City," said Ron Craft, Rocky Mountain Raceways Drag Strip Manager. "We can't wait to provide our fans with another incredible show."

While last year's event featured an assortment of race vehicles spread over two days with no real race structure, the 2010 Salt Lake Nitro Jam will bring with it the full Nitro Jam treatment and a full field of championship machines competing in Top Fuel and the two new hit classes of Pro Fuel and Prostalgia Nitro Funny Car.

With nearly two dozen nitro-powered dragsters and funny cars on hand for the record event fans are expecting even more track records to fall when the best of the best converge on Rocky Mountain Raceways in June. Last year the quickest pass in Utah history was made at this very event.

Also new this season will be the debut of side-by-side jet trucks, a feat that was invented specifically for the Nitro Jam series and an event that has left fans in absolute awe of the power of two machines totaling over 60,000 horsepower.

The 2010 Salt Lake Nitro Jam will also feature a full sportsman competition with drivers in all seven IHRA sportsman classes competing for a chance to be the first ever sportsman champions crowned in the state of Utah. The event will also act as the only IHRA Tournament of Champions qualifier on the west coast.

"From the sportsman perspective, we are all very excited about bringing the IHRA sportsman racing program to the West. For years we have heard from sportsman out in that region that they wanted some opportunity and options in their racing. The Nitro Jam event with the Tournament of Champions program will be a great experience for a lot of racers who have never participated at an IHRA event," said Skooter Peaco, VP of Racer Operations.

Sportsman racing will also be featured during the professional rounds with the Harland Sharp Elite 8 as the quickest and fastest competitors in Top Sportsman and Top Dragster compete in a heads-up tournament for the Elite 8 crown.

Add in a massive fireworks display during the "Night of Fire" and the Fan Fest pit party prior to the start of the main event and the Salt Lake Nitro Jam is an event that can't be missed.

Come see where Nitro Jam was born in the heart of Utah at Rocky Mountain Raceways in West Valley June 18-19. For ticket information logon to or visit for complete details.

-source: ihra

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