Rockingham: Saturday qualifying notes

ROCKINGHAM, NC - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Holley Spring Nationals courtesy of in Rockingham, NC. TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - Litton made an impressive statement in the Wix Filters-sponsored Top Fuel dragster by ...

ROCKINGHAM, NC - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Holley Spring Nationals courtesy of in Rockingham, NC.


Bruce Litton - Litton made an impressive statement in the Wix Filters-sponsored Top Fuel dragster by qualifying in the second spot with a 4.845 elapsed time. He leapt to the top spot in the early part of the initial Saturday session with a 4.823/296.37. His final attempt didn't provide an improvement as he lifted early and coasted through for a 5.174. He ended up in the second position and is scheduled to face Roger Dean in the first round of eliminations.


Scott Weney - Weney's ride finally arrived. The defending Pro Funny Car champion was recently named the driver of the Billy Gibson flopper. However, the team arrived overnight and they made their first run on Saturday. His first lap only netted an 8.401/103.63. On the final attempt and on the outside looking in, Weney upped the ante and made the program with a 6.191/215.17. He concluded qualifying as the fifteenth quickest and is paired opposite of Bob Newberry in the first round.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister used her first day to gain a feel of the track and driving a Funny Car. The defending Pro Outlaw driver from Clinton, Pa., entered the final day of qualifying with a 6.199/222.00 best under her belt, successive failures to get down the track prevented her from making the show in her Pro Funny Car debut.

John Vouros - The driver of the Pontiac Funny Car encountered some problems on the first day of qualifying, but still had enough momentum to leap into the top half of the field. His 6.104/214.52 from Friday would stand as his best run because of a failure to improve. He completed qualifying in the 10th position and will face Larry Dobbs in the first round.


Johnny Rocca/Paul Athey - Athey had no luck whatsoever in the first day of qualifying. His luck improved somewhat as he made a full pass down the Rockingham quarter-mile with a 6.740/176.60. He still remained on the outside headed into the final session. His refinement continued, but fell short with a 6.507/217.14. He concluded the event as the 26th quickest among 46 entries.

Team Castellana - Both of Team Castellana's entries were in the field headed into the final day of qualifications. In the first session on Saturday, Mike Castellana was the quicker opposite teammate Shannon Jenkins. Castellana's 1957 Chevy failed to improve despite a decent 6.401/216.62. Jenkins had problems as the car launched and headed to the right. During the final session, with Jenkins solidly in the field, Castellana ripped off a 6.324/219.90 to claim the 14th spot. Jenkins failed to go down the track and rested on his laurels of Friday. Jenkins was the quicker of the two in the 11th spot and will face Ronnie hood in the first round. Castellana claimed the 14th position and will face Alan Pittman in round one.

Dale Brinsfield - A day after recording a 6.29 personal best, the Greensboro, NC.-based, Import business owner looked to step up in his third qualifying attempt. It failed to happen on his fist run as launched hard and encountered some breakage and lifted. Brinsfield, while securely in the field, attempted to improve on the final session but fell short with a 6.401. He ended up in the eighth spot and will match up against Troy Critchley.

Steve Cossis - The driver ran into problems on the first day of qualifying and missed the cut. The Astoria, NY.-based driver failed to gain a berth despite launching hard. He was forced to lift at the thousand-foot mark with obvious engine damage and slowed to a 6.677/176.60. He improved on his final run with a 6.342/218.55 and was in the field until the last pair of Pro Modifieds ran.

Troy Critchley/Roy Singleton - With most of the entries struggling for improvement, the Majesty Group-sponsored 1941 Willys of Roy Singleton and driven by Troy Critchley failed to improve in the third session but carded a respectable 6.350/217.46. Critchley stepped up in the final session with a 6.314/216.64 to claim the ninth position. He will square off against Dale Brinsfield in the first round.

Alan Pittman - Pittman was the leader after the first session behind the wheel of the Westbrook Motorsports 1941 Willys. He failed to improve on his Friday evening pass, but made up for it on the first Saturday attempt with a 6.322/220.58. He turned up the wick for the final session and ascended to the forefront of the program with a 6.261/221.34. His efforts landed him in the third spot and will match against Mike Castellana.

Steve Vick - Vick has struggled since making the program on his maiden outing. The Mocksville, NC.-based, clutch specialist could only manage a 6.504/218.80 in less than admirable weather conditions. His final attempt was much better with a 6.343/222.07, but was eventually bumped out of the program. He qualified in the 18th position and failed to qualify for Sunday's final eliminations.

Ed Hoover - Hoover has plenty of power to work with behind the wheel of the Trussell Motorsports 1963 Corvette. He failed to improve on the first Saturday session with a 6.360/219.90. His final attempt yielded negative results and he coasted through the lights. He ended up in the tenth position and will match up against Rickie Smith.

Tommy Mauney - Maiden finally showed in Rockingham a day late as he completed Mike Johnson's 1968 Camaro just in time for the second day of qualifying. Mauney launched hard on the maiden voyage of the 1968 Camaro, but lifted just past the 60-foot mark and coasted to a 10.873. He refined his efforts, but fell considerably short on his final attempt with a 6.802. Mauney failed to qualify.


John Montecalvo - The Citgo-sponsored Montecalvo entered Saturday's qualifying, hoping to improve from their fifth best performance on Friday. He carded an 8.735/106.86 after lifting at the eighth-mile mark. The car skated around and was far off of his 6.661 best. His final attempt produced an aborted attempt and he concluded qualifications as the eighth quickest and will face Randy Moore in the first round.

Angelo Alesci - Alesci was the fourth quickest at the conclusion of Friday's qualifying. The Cleveland, Ohio-based veteran failed to improve on his 6.660 best with a 6.688/207.30. He stepped up in the final session with a 6.637/207.08 blast and concluded in the fifth position. He will meet Brian Gahm in the first round.

Tom Lee - Lee was the man to beat on Saturday. He blasted out a 6.611 during the Night of Fire last night. Less than favorable conditions limited the Kingsport, Tn.-based, driver of Charlie Taylor's Mustang to a 6.638/207.82 on his third qualifying attempt. He saved his best for last as he concluded qualifying as the low qualifier with a 6.604/208.71. He will race Steve Speiss in the opening round.

Dwayne Rice - Rice entered the final day of qualifying as the second quickest with a 6.635/207.24. He failed to improve in his first attempt by cranking out a 6.694/205.98 in Saturday. Rice failed to improve on his fourth attempt and concluded as the number four qualifier. He squares off against Elijah Morton in the first round.


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