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DINWIDDIE, Va. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA ACDelco Nationals courtesy of in Dinwiddie, Va. TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - The Wix Filters-sponsored driver entered the final day of qualifying at the head of the qualifying...

DINWIDDIE, Va. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA ACDelco Nationals courtesy of in Dinwiddie, Va.


Bruce Litton - The Wix Filters-sponsored driver entered the final day of qualifying at the head of the qualifying pecking order. He failed to improve in his first attempt by producing a 4.791/308.07. He dropped to the second spot. Litton, of Indianapolis, attempted to turn up the wick in the final session but fell short of improving with a 4.754/309.27. He concluded qualifying as the third quickest and will face Louie Allison in the first round.


Scott Weney -Weney used a tremendous 5.914/235.97 to earn a place in the 16-car field during Friday's qualifications. He didn't fare as well in the first session on Saturday as he rattled the tires to the point that he aborted the run. The final session afforded no improvement and he concluded qualifying as the 7th quickest. Weney will match up with David Rowe in the first round.

Laurie Cannister -Just one day after blasting out a quickest career lap with a 5.871/237.42, Cannister upped the ante even more. The defending Pro Outlaw World Champion, who made the jump into the Pro Funny Car ranks, continued her rise to the to the top with a 5.868/234.21. She went into the final session as the fourth quickest. Her final attempt netted an even better 5.851/234.66, which landed her in the fourth position. Cannister will match up with Bunny Burkett in the first round.

John Vouros - Vouros got off to a bad start during the second day of qualifying. Just one day earlier, the driver from Victor, NY., earned his spot in the field with a 5.874/231.84. He didn't fare in his first attempt on Saturday as he encountered problems on the burnout. He never got in the groove and posted a 6.11/225.03. Improvement over the last attempt came during the final session, but it didn't beat out Friday's lap. He concluded as the fifth qualifier and will meet Dan Roman in the first round.


Johnny Rocca/Paul Athey -One day after the Mohegan Sun-sponsored driver piloted the 1951 Mercury to an astounding 6.259/220.91, he entered the final day of qualifications with plenty of momentum. He failed to improve on the first attempt with a 6.385/219.04 and remained in the fourth spot. The final session produced an incredible amount of anxiety, but Athey failed to improve despite a 6.297/219.83. He concluded qualifying with the seventh quickest effort and will meet Shannon Jenkins in the first round.

Team Castellana - The pressure was on headed into the final day. Jenkins was solidly in at 8th with a 6.302/222.99, while Castellana was on the outside with a 6.387/216.03. Neither improved on their first attempt. The final session provided no improvement as neither car made it the full length of the strip. Castellana failed to make the cut and concluded qualifying as the 23rd quickest. Jenkins ended up as the 10th and will meet Paul Athey in the opening round of eliminations.

Dale Brinsfield - Brinsfield entered the final day of qualifying sitting on the bubble of the second quickest field in Pro Modified history. He failed to improve on his Friday best and slipped out of the program into the 17th position. Brinsfield produced a 6.345/221.74 and that did not earn a berth in the final eliminations. He ended as the 19th qualifier.

Steve Cossis - Cossis endured a less than spectacular evening session of qualifying during Friday's show. After a car oiled down the track ahead of him, he was backed off after initiating the burnout to wait until the track was cleaned. The driver then returned at the end of the session but failed to improve. The final session provided an admirable effort for Cossis, but his 6.366/219.15 didn't get him in the field.

Troy Critchley/Roy Singleton - The Roy Singleton Team entered the final day of qualifying not in the field. Driver Troy Critchley had made tremendous half-track passes on Friday, but encountered various woes that hampered him on the top end. His first run on Saturday proved to be no better as he suffered a flat tire shortly after the burnout. The Brisbane, Australia native, now relocated in Michigan continued his eighth-mile assault with a 4.00 and completed the run with a 6.218/206.10. That launched him into the second spot and he will meet Al Billes in the first round.

Alan Pittman - After a teardown from Friday night's 6.220, Pittman followed the trend of the first round of qualifying by failing to improve. The driver of the Westbrook Motorsports 1941 Willys had to pedal the car and slowed to a 6.53/221.49. He retained the second spot. Pittman honed in his consistency in the final attempt with a 6.239/224.21. He ended as the third quickest and will race Chip King in the first round.

Steve Vick - The three time national event winner from Mocksville, NC., seems to have his woes of earlier in the season solved. He failed to improve on his 6.307 from Friday during the first session on Saturday. Vick carded a 6.37 in the heat of the day. He improved for his best of the day with a 6.332, but did not step up in the ladder. Vick qualified 13th and will meet Fred Hahn in the first round.

Ed Hoover - Hoover was still basking in the glow of a 6.28 on Friday evening's session. The Gilbert, SC.-based driver didn't worry much when he failed to improve during the third attempt, opting to concentrate on his final opportunity. Pro Modified's inaugural national event winner matched his Friday night performance with a 6.281/222.44 and actually improved by .001. He was the Eighth quickest qualifier and has lane choice over Quain Stott in the first round.

Tommy Mauney - Mauney still continues to work the bugs out on Mike Johnson's nitrous-injected 1968 Camaro. His second day qualifying attempts provided no improvement. The veteran driver appeared to be on a good lap on his final attempt, but encountered a flash fire during the course of the run and slowed to a 6.93. He failed to qualify for the second event in a row.

Chip King - After making the show on his second qualifying attempt, the Hemi-powered Avenger of King looked to refine his 6.307/220.84 from Friday. Improvement didn't come on the second day of qualifying. He concluded qualifications with a 6.371/218.34 and ended up in the 14th spot. King will meet Pittman in the first round.


John Montecalvo - The Citgo-sponsored Montecalvo entered the final day of qualifications as the eighth quickest. With unfavorable conditions during the first session on Saturday, Montecalvo only produced a 6.67/208.97. He improved from his previous performance with a 6.642/208.94. However, his best effort was on Friday and he landed in the eighth spot. He will face Jason Collins in the first round.

Angelo Alesci - The Cleveland, Ohio-based Alesci had his Chevrolet Cavalier flying during the first day of qualifying. In the third qualifying attempt, he used a 6.64/209.01 to shore up the team's consistency headed into the final session. A 6.68 during the final session afforded no improvement and he concluded qualifying as the sixth spot. He will face Terry Leggett in the final round.

Tom Lee - Lee was incredible after the first day of qualifying by securing the top spot. He failed to improve in the third session, but was in the ballpark with a 6.63/209.98. The former Rookie of the Year came back with the mindset of setting the racing surface on fire, but got crossed up and lifted. He retained the top spot and will face David Jenkins in the first round.

Dwayne Rice - On the second day of qualifying, Dwayne Rice opened by showing an impressive amount of consistency. The self-employed excavator from Grove City, Ohio matched his best qualifying effort with another 6.65 elapsed time, at 208.36 miles per hour. He failed to improve with a 6.68 on his final attempt. Rice landed in the 13th spot and will meet Carl Baker in the first round.

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