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DINWIDDIE, Va. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA ACDelco Nationals courtesy of in Dinwiddie, Va. TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - Litton was in the final pair to run in the first session, and proved to be the best saved for last.

DINWIDDIE, Va. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA ACDelco Nationals courtesy of in Dinwiddie, Va.


Bruce Litton - Litton was in the final pair to run in the first session, and proved to be the best saved for last. The Wix Filters-sponsored, enclosed trailer dealer from Indianapolis launched hard and stormed to a 4.729/308.78. His run secured the top spot. Litton expects to improve with two sessions remaining on Saturday.


Scott Weney - One event after finishing quarter-finalist, the defending Pro Funny Car champion hoped to step up in a big way with his next outing. He didn't get immediate results on the first run as the car sounded flat and fell off the pace with a 7.553/122.09. On the outside looking in, Weney stepped up in the Gibson Family Funny Car and blasted out a 5.91/235.97 to earn a place in the 16-car field.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister was bumped out on the final pair of cars to run at the last event. The defending Pro Outlaw World Champion, who made the switch to the Pro Funny Car division this year, was hoping to avenge her Rockingham shortcoming in early qualifying at VMP. She fell short in the first attempt by encountering severe tire shake right off of the line. The lady champion had no faults on her second attempt as she blasted out her quickest career lap with a 5.871/237.42 to jump into the top half of the program.

John Vouros - Vouros, who pilots the Pontiac, decided to take no prisoners on his first attempt. The Tom Anderson-tuned machine stormed to the second quickest elapsed time of the first session with a 5.874/231.84. The second session created a lot of anticipation for the team, but the hopes never materialized as he could only produce a 5.917/209.00.


Johnny Rocca/Paul Athey - After several frustrating outings for the Ironhorse team, Paul Athey leapt to the front of the pack with his quickest Pro Modified pass ever. The Mohegan Sun-sponsored driver piloted the 1951 Mercury to an astounding 6.259/220.91. His time was tied for the quickest, but dropped to the second spot because of a slower mile per hour. The final lap provided no improvement and Athey slipped to the fourth spot.

Team Castellana - One race after qualifying within the quickest Pro Modified field in history, Team Castellana completed the first session with a 50% success rate. Mike Castellana had problems off of the line and lifted. Shannon Jenkins had his Camaro hooked up in the groove and stormed to the fifth quickest time with a 6.322/219.94. Both cars improved in the final session on Friday, but Castellana's 6.387, fell victim to the improving bump spot. Jenkins stepped up into the 7th spot with a 6.302/222.99.

Dale Brinsfield - Brinsfield enjoyed one of his finest events at the season-opener in Rockingham. The Greensboro, NC-based, owner of Brinsfield Imports, didn't enjoy the same success in the first qualifying attempt as he posted a 6.529/215.96, which wasn't enough to secure a place in the field. He admitted that he missed the clutch on his final attempt of the day, but it didn't prevent him from blasting out a 6.341/221.74. His run has him currently on the bubble of the16-car field.

Steve Cossis - Cossis has admitted being fond of VMP. He showed a glimpse of his fondness by posting a good baseline with the 1953 Corvette. He ended the first session as the 12th quickest with a 6.440/215.68. Cossis returned in the second session only to encounter a bout with tireshake and a subsequent intake fire. He is currently unqualified.

Troy Critchley/Roy Singleton - One day after recording a phenomenal 4.03 eighth-mile elapsed time in Darlington testing, Aussie Troy Critchley fell considerable short in Roy Singleton's 1941 Willys. He was on a good pass until losing a blower belt at the thousand-foot mark. He slowed to a 6.441/176.07 and still claimed the 13th spot. The impressive part of the run was a 4.02 eighth-mile. He returned for the second session, but encountered similar woes as he produced a 6.43/214 mph. He is currently unqualified.

Alan Pittman - The current points leader and Rockingham champion from Pelzer, SC., didn't get off to a good start. Despite running stout passes in pre-season testing at VMP, Pittman missed the combination for the first attempt. His best runs came in the right lane, but he started the event in the left. Pittman launched hard and the car went to the left. He wisely lifted. He came to the line loaded for bear in the second session and nailed down the second quickest lap of the session with a 6.220/224.85.

Steve Vick - After failing to make the cut at Rockingham, nitrous-injected front-runner Steve Vick found a good starting point in the first session. Vick, a clutch specialist from Mocksville, NC., was on his game as he stormed to a 6.307/222.39 to land in the third spot. He posted a 6.34/222 in his final attempt of the day for no improvement. Vick resides in the ninth spot.

Ed Hoover - Hoover began qualifications in the left lane. The driver of the Trussell Motorsports entry launched hard, but made an abrupt turn towards the guardrail. He wisely lifted and coasted to a 12.866. He went into the second session unqualified. He made up for it in the second run as he blistered the racing surface for a 6.282/222.55. Not only did he land in the fifth spot, but also stands as the quickest nitrous-injected entry.

Mike Ashley - Ashley made his 2001 debut, and achieved his goal of just getting used to a new 1963 Corvette. The Long Island, NY.-based mortgage banker had a hard launch, but lifted early in the run and coasted to a 7.187. He admitted to lifting well before the eighth-mile. He came back to produce a full lap in the evening session. A faulty fuel pump resulted in an intake explosion that sent the hood scoop nearly 100 feet in the air. He is presently unqualified.

Tommy Mauney - Mauney continues to put Mike Johnson's 1968 Camaro through the paces. The Shelby, NC.-based chassis builder found a good baseline and ended up as the anchor after the first session with a 6.469/216.31. The second attempt provided nothing but engine backfires and a troubled 8.12/113.31. He is currently unqualified.

Chip King - King brought his Semora, NC.-based, Hemi-powered Dodge Avenger to the starting line loaded for bear in the early session. However, the first run never materialized because the car lost fire in the staging lanes due to a faulty crank trigger. Tuner Bill Barrett fixed the problem and King responded with the tenth quickest lap of the program with a 6.307/220.84.


John Montecalvo - Montecalvo returned to the site of his quickest and fastest testing runs. He fared well in the Citgo-sponsored Cavalier by hammering out a 6.620 at 209.07. His run landed him in the sixth position. The Center Moriches, NY.-based driver failed to improve on his second shot, but remained consistent with a 6.640/209.75. He concluded the first day as the eighth quickest.

Angelo Alesci - The Cleveland, Ohio-based team, which is known as the "Men In Black," ended the first session as the quickest Chevrolet. Alesci made a clean run and landed in the fifth spot with a 6.619/209.23. He returned for the second session with hopes of improving, but fell short. Alesci shook the tires hard off of the line and shut it off. He ended the day as the sixth quickest qualifier.

Tom Lee - The Pro Stock record holder cranked out a tremendous baseline run. Lee, who also finished runner-up at Rockingham, got off to a tremendous start with a 6.603/210.67. He ended the first session as the second quickest. He stepped up in a major way during the second attempt with a 6.585/210.70, which catapulted Charlie Taylor's Mustang into the top spot.

Dwayne Rice - The Grove City, Ohio-based excavator is still smiling after his Rockingham semi-final finish. He used a moderate baseline to land in the 11th spot after the first attempt with a 6.672/208.62. Rice improved during his second attempt with a 6.651/208.81. He concluded the first day as the 13th seeded driver.

LIZZARD RACING ENGINES TOP SPORTSMAN QUICK EIGHT SHOOTOUT - <pre> The current qualifiers for the LIZZARD RACING Top Sportsman Quick Eight are as follows:

1. Kasey Janzen         6.451/212.19
2. Kenny Rucker         6.723/205.10
3. Milt Decker          6.733/203.71
4. Doug Mills           6.843/206.99
5. Clarence Marsh, Jr.  6.925/196.76
6. John Benoit          6.990/196.93
7. Tim Decoff           7.001/198.79
8. Mike Ragusa          7.019/202.03



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