Norwalk: Saturday Qualifying pit notes

TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - The Indianapolis, Ind.-based driver of the Wix Filters Top Fueler was solid in the field after the first day with a 4.814, 301.20. His second day didn't get off to a good start as an oildown prior to his initial lap on ...


Bruce Litton - The Indianapolis, Ind.-based driver of the Wix Filters Top Fueler was solid in the field after the first day with a 4.814, 301.20. His second day didn't get off to a good start as an oildown prior to his initial lap on Saturday and the subsequent delay that followed, only made it frustrating when the car smoked the tires off of the line. In his final attempt, Litton rebounded with a 4.768, 306.53. He concluded as the fourth quickest and will meet Jim Bailey in the first round.


Terry McMillan - McMillan, of Elkhart, Ind., was the 11th quickest after the first day with a 6.077, 231.04. The Valley Screen Print & Imaging-sponsored entry was securely in the field and because of this used the opportunity to test some new parts. In his first attempt on Saturday, the Mopar pilot failed to improve with a 6.189. His final attempt provided no reprieve and as a result, he concluded the day as the 12th quickest. He will face Dale Brand in the first round.

Laurie Cannister - The award-winning driver from Clinton, Pa., who is the defending Pro Outlaw champion and a past rookie of the year winner, entered Saturday as the third quickest with a 5.899, 236.88. She failed to improve on her qualifying status, but to her credit, reached the finish line first every time. She concluded qualifying in the fourth position and will match against Ronnie Midyette.

John Vouros - Vouros intended to put the on the top spot of the program during the second day of qualifying. After producing a best 5.908/232.31 on Friday, he shredded a blower belt in the first Saturday session with a 6.952. Tuner Tom Anderson gave the Victor, NY.-based driver a heaping amount of horsepower and it worked good for him to score the second quickest lap with a 5.860, 234.61. He will meet Frederick Tigges in the second round.


Alan Pittman -Even though he was in the program with a 6.348/226.58, the two-time national event winner felt that his car had much more. The driver of Ken & Sylvia Westbrook's supercharged 1941 Willys spent much of the day fighting mechanical failure and tireshake. The inability to improve on Saturday delegated the team to the 14th spot. He will meet Shannon Jenkins in the first round.

Ed Hoover - Hoover has carried a reputation for making his best runs in the heat of the day and that's why his 6.323/223.28 on Friday night didn't impress him much. The lap that got his attention the most came during Saturday's first attempt when he carded a 6.325, 223.50. He upped the ante even more in the final session with a 6.280, 225.15. Claiming the fifth position, he will match up with Carl Moyer in the first round.

Chip King - King's woes continued as he could only manage a 6.402, 221.09 during Friday's session. A new supercharger provided new hope for the second day, but it didn't come in the fist hit of the day as he slowed to a 6.505. The final attempt proved to be better than earlier but resulted in a DNQ.

Team Castellana - The first day of qualifying left Jenkins smiling with a 6.267/221.71. However, Castellana couldn't make a straight run and was on the outside looking in. On the second day, Jenkins sat out the first session and on the second encountered tireshake and lifted. When it came to Castellana, the first run was a complete failure. Armed with one last shot to make it, the Western Beef-sponsored driver went straight as an arrow and laid down a 6.336, 221.92. When the field was set Jenkins ended up third and Castellana claimed the 11th spot. Jenkins will meet Pittman, while Castellana matches up against Fred Hahn.

Steve Cossis - Cossis had a best 6.397/218.44 to his credit in the 1953 Corvette after the first day. He broke on his first Saturday pass, but rebounded on his final attempt with a 6.364, 205.72 to land on the bubble. He will match up against Mike Janis in the first round.

Ron Kammes - Kammes had a good day on Friday, nailing down a 6.327/218.69 best. Saturday provided no improvement for the machine as he lifted early on the first attempt with tireshake. He made another straight run, but failed to improve in the evening session. He claimed the ninth position and will meet Steve Vick.


John Montecalvo - After concluding the first day of qualifying with the eighth quickest, the Citgo-sponsored Montecalvo had his sights on bettering his 6.710 elapsed time. The first session on Saturday was also the opening round of the Sunoco Pro Stock Showdown, paired against Tommy Lee; Montecalvo launched hard, but succumbed to tireshake. In the final session, he failed to improve but managed a 6.732, 205.35. He ended up in the ninth spot and the defending event champion will match up against Elijah Morton.

Tom Lee - The Kingsport, Tenn.-based Lee enjoyed an incredible day behind the wheel of Charlie Taylor's Mustang. He entered the day as the fourth quickest with a 6.672, 208.04. In the first qualifying session and first round of the Sunoco Pro Stock Shootout, Lee nailed the tires and recovered enough to pedal to a 6.974. He gained a measure of redemption in the final session as he not only beat Gene Wilson in the semis, but also did it on a .400 reaction time and a 6.684 elapsed time. Lee failed to improve and dropped a tough match in the final round against Carl Baker. Lee was eventually the fourth qualifier and will meet John Bartunek in the first round.

Dwayne Rice - The Grove City, Ohio-based excavator ended the first day of qualifications as the 12th quickest with a 6.745, 206.89. Rice was not impressed, as testing earlier in the week had produced better results. He graduated into the Sunoco Pro Stock Showdown after Angelo Alesci was a no-show. Rice made the best of his opportunity and despite improving with a 6.741, failed to beat first round opponent Ron Miller. His final session continued the upward trend as he stepped up with a 6.706, 207.34. Rice was seeded the seventh quickest driver and is scheduled to meet Terry Leggett in the first round.

Gene Wilson - Headed into the final day of qualifying Wilson showed no apparent signs of weakness. Already a quantum leap ahead of the rest of the class with a 6.642, 208.84, the Canton, Ga.-based racer was geared to bag the big prize, the Sunoco Pro Stock Showdown. In the first round, he failed to improve his position with a 6.664, but the run was enough to defeat Brain Gahm. In his final effort, matched against Tom Lee, the current points leader fell short with a 6.650. He hopes to move one step closer to his first title with a victory in the first round against Chris Holbrook.


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