Las Vegas Updated results from drag and 3/8 for 2000-05-06

LVMS has busy weekend LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Motor Speedway was full of racing action Saturday night as the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series returned to the 3/8-mile paved oval and The Strip played host to Chevrolet Night. At the 3/8-mile paved oval...

LVMS has busy weekend

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas Motor Speedway was full of racing action Saturday night as the NASCAR Weekly Racing Series returned to the 3/8-mile paved oval and The Strip played host to Chevrolet Night.

At the 3/8-mile paved oval Scott Gafforini and Dick Cobb battled green to checkered flag in an incredible NASCAR Late Model race. Cobb led the first 10 laps of the event before Gafforini was able to make a move for the lead and eventually the win.

"I got a good run on Cobb in turn two," said Gafforini. "I charged hard down the back stretch and finally made the pass out of turn four."

Doug Hamm returned to victory lane for the second week in a row in Grand American Modified competition. Other winners were Al Dejoria in the Chargers division, Kyle Busch in the Hitchin Post/Exiss Legends main event, Casey Kingsland in Mini Stocks action and Justin Johnson in the Bandoleros main event.

While NASCAR weekly competitors were turning left, The Strip played host to some quick Chevrolets, including 22 Corvettes, heading straight for the finish line.

In the 11.99 and quicker division Jeff Bansbach had an E.T. of 10.430 seconds at 129.18 in the final round to defeat Charlie Boyd.

"The flywheel was busted when we got here," said Bansbach. "We were just praying the car would start. I'm glad to finally get a win after three years of trying."

In the 12.00 to 13.99 division Nick Ariotti edged out Betty Lane in the final round with an E.T. of 12.178 at 111.20. Ariotti and Lane had nearly identical reaction times at .523 and .526 respectively.

John Irving drove to victory lane in the 14.00 and up division with an E.T. of 14.371 at 89.66 mph defeating Marvin Flournoy.

Scott Erickson defeated Nat Hodgson in the final round of Corvette competition with a 14.112 E.T. at 99.87 mph. The Corvette Power Puff winner was Connie Richardson.

3/8-mile paved oval results Saturday, May 6, 2000

NASCAR Late Models

Main Event: 1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Dick Cobb, 3. Chuck Trickle, 4. Ken Holt, 5. Rich Attisani, 6. Joe Kirsch, 7. Bob Barker Jr., 8. David Quartaro, 9. Sam Crow, 10. Ray Hooper Jr., 11. Eddy Hedrick, 12. Pat Petrie, 13. Stanley Call Jr., 14. Mark Ayers, 15. Jeff Perkins, 16. Dan Philpott, 17. Jerry Spilsbury, 18. Steve Anderson, 19. George Antill, 20. Gerald Lair, 21. Rick Cobb, 22. Chris Lowden, 23. Dennis Rock, 24. Wayne Jacks, 25. Steve Rezneweicky, 26. Richard Bridges.

Grand American Modifieds

Heat 1: 1. Fabian Bray, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Kyle Busch, 4. Kurt Miller, 5. Tom Root Jr.

Heat 2: 1. Randy Swalwell, 2. Wayne Morris Jr., 3. Jerry Walton, 4. Doug Hamm, 5. Greg Haase.

Main Event: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. C.J. Sherkenbach, 3. Wayne Morris Jr., 4. Larry Gerchman, 5. Kyle Busch, 6. Randy Swalwell, 7. Greg Haase, 8. Brian Matzke, 9. Stoney Gray, 10. Kurt Miller, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. Tom Root Jr., 13. Fabian Bray, 14. Wayne Jacks, 15. Jerry Walton, 16. Greg Albright, 17. David Boardman.


Heat 1: 1. Gary Fuller, 2. Tom Youmans, 3. Reyes Valenzuela, 4. Len Dejoria, 5. Robert Rittgers.

Heat 2: 1. Pat Petrie, 2. Ron Barker, 3. Al Dejoria, 4. Keith Danser, 5. Ron Moffatt.

Main Event: 1. Al Dejoria, 2. Keith Danser, 3. Ron Barker, 4. Len Dejoria, 5. Red Turner, 6. Pat Petrie, 7. Robert Rittgers, 8. Dawnmarie Hint, 9. Dan Schools, 10. Reyes Valenzuela, 11. Ron Moffatt, 12. Tom Yoummans, 13. Ben Morris.

Hitchin' Post/Exiss Legends

Heat 1: 1. Tyree Brown, 2. Charlie Wahl, 3. Bob Woodsford, 4. Brian Kizer.

Heat 2: 1. Bob Ruppert, 2. Jason Allen, 3. Morris Sealy, 4. Greg Albright, 5. Gregg Klefstad.

Heat 3: 1. Kyle Busch, 2. Greg Haase, 3. Danny Williams, 4. Sonny Wahl, 5. Cameron St. Amaud.

Main Event: 1. Kyle Busch, 2. Bobby Ruppert, 3. Jason Allen, 4. Tyree Brown, 5. Greg Albright, 6. Greg Haase, 7. Morris Sealy, 8. Sonny Wahl, 9. Cameron St. Amaud, 10. Danny Williams, 11. Don Kelly, 12. Charlie Wahl, 13. Bob Woodsford, 14. Bob Russell, 15. Gregg Kelfstad, 16. Mike Schaper, 17. Ken Kulikowsky, 18. Chris Sutton, 19. John Chaffin, 20. Brian Kizer.

Mini Stocks

Main Event: 1. Casey Kingsland, 2. Mark Shotmuller, 3. Mike Aleknewicus, 4. Shane Coons, 5. Tony Leonard, 6. Dan Hagan, 7. Jason Patterson.


Main Event: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Joey Mogar, 3. Justin Waters, 4. Kevin Terrell, 5. Alex Haase, 6. Bear Rezneweicky, 7. Joshua Gross.

Final Results from The Strip Saturday, May 6, 2000

(11.99 and quicker)

Winner Jeff Bansbach R.T. .591 E.T. 10.430 129.18 mph Runner up Charlie Boyd R.T. .615 E.T. 11.342 118.92 mph

(12.00 to 13.99)

Winner Nick Ariotti R.T. .523 E.T. 12.178 111.20 mph Runner up Betty Lane R.T. .526 E.T. 12.201 111.48 mph

(14.00 and up)

Winner John Irving R.T. .545 E.T. 14.371 89.66 mph Runner up Marvin Flournoy R.T. .641 E.T. 14.006 99.42 mph


Winner Connie Richardson R.T. 1.613 E.T. 14.641 91.11 mph Runner up Karen Salvaggio R.T. 1.267 E.T. 14.897 93.14 mph

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