Epping: Saturday qualifying pit notes

Saturday Qualifying Pit Notes - IHRA Amalie Oil North American Nationals EPPING, NH. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Amalie Oil North American Nationals courtesy of CompetitionPlus.com in Epping, N.H. TOP FUEL Bruce Litton - Litton was...

Saturday Qualifying Pit Notes - IHRA Amalie Oil North American Nationals

EPPING, NH. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Amalie Oil North American Nationals courtesy of CompetitionPlus.com in Epping, N.H.


Bruce Litton - Litton was beaming headed into the final day of qualifying. The Indianapolis-based, driver of the Wix Filters Top Fueler held on to the top spot with a 4.684, 316.52. He knew that Saturday's warm conditions would not yield a better number, but that didn't prevent him from trying. Almost immediately out of the gate, Litton struck the tires and coasted to a 10.153. He entered the final session still on top. However, his 4.71 was an impressive run, but dropped in the order to third. He will face Louie Anderson in the first round.


Terry McMillen - McMillen had his sights set on improving his status for his sponsor as he entered the final day of qualifications with a 6.030,233.56, the tenth quickest. In Saturday's first run, McMillen didn't fare too well as he slowed to a 6.385, 173.76. He failed to improve in the final session 6.352, 215.10. He concluded qualifying as the 11th quickest and will meet James Libby in the first round.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister was on a mission at the same track that brought her victory last year in Pro Outlaw. She entered the day in the third position with a 5.904, 226.43. In Saturday's first attempt, she obliterated her Friday run with a 5.874, 238.38 that vaulted her to the second spot. She wasn't done as she blasted out a 5.863, 236.84 to successfully defend her second qualifying position. She will face Dave Ray in the first round.

John Vouros - With the CompetitionPlus.com team solidly in the field at second position with a 5.909, 219.97, Vouros and tuner Tom Anderson came out with a raceday tune-up. They essentially gave the competition a reason to be nervous as they blasted out a 5.859, 236.46. He failed to improve in the final session, yet retained the top spot. He will meet John Fiorini in the first round.


Paul Athey/Johnny Rocca - The team headed into the second day of qualifications with a full head of steam behind the "Ironhorse." The Mohegan Sun-sponsored entry of Johnny Rocca, and driven by Paul Athey was the sixth quickest with a 6.294, 223.02. The first run on Saturday was a handful for Athey as he hammered the tires and drifted out of the groove, coasting to a 6.622. His final attempt provided no reprieve and he concluded qualifying as the eight quickest. He will face Shannon Jenkins in the first round.

Alan Pittman - The Pelzer, SC.-based driver continued his return to prominence after an excellent first day of qualifying. Pittman was the third quickest with a 6.246, 226.66 entering the final day. His first attempt in the Ken and Sylvia Westbrook-owned supercharged Willys was impressive with a 6.298, 226.70. He wasn't done as he returned during the evening session to duplicate his Friday performance. This instance, his mile per hour was higher with a 227.04 blast.

Ed Hoover - With most of the cars in the class picking up the pace, the Columbia, SC.-based driver of Paul Trussell's Corvette sharpened his focus on achieving the same feat during the final day of qualifying. His first run produced a combination of tireshake and pedaling and netted a 7.868. The final session provided no reprieve. He rested on his laurels of the first day and that placed him in the 11th spot. He will match up with Quain Stott in the first round.

Chip King - King's second day of qualifying was not as favorable as the first, but it didn't cause him to smile any less. The Semora, NC.-based driver was fourth with a 6.246 headed into Saturday. On his first attempt, he shook the tires and lifted about 200-feet into the run. His final attempt was impressive, yet not enough to improve. He completed the final session as the fourth quickest and will race Steve Vick in the first round.

Team Castellana - The goal for Team Castellana was to come within direct proximity of Friday's effort by Jenkins, and for Castellana, he just wanted to run as he knew he was capable of. Jenkins fired off the first volley with a 6.330, and Castellana made reasonable progress with a 6.454, 218.80. In the evening session, neither driver improved. Jenkins concluded as the ninth quickest and will face Paul Athey in the first round.


John Montecalvo - Montecalvo entered the second day of qualifying enjoying one of the finest events he's experienced in the 2001 season. After finishing the first day as the third qualifier 6.663, 209.33. The Citgo-sponsored driver from Center Moriches, NY., made a good run in the heat of the day with a 6.687. With a reported side bet against Gene Wilson on the final qualifying session, Montecalvo stepped up his pace to a 6.632, 209.20. He is scheduled to face Mike Del Nagro in the first round.

Tom Lee - Lee gingerly walked into the final day of qualifying after failing to make a representative run on the first day. The Kingsport, Tenn.-based driver of Charlie Taylor's Mustang had every intention of rectifying his less-than spectacular performance from Friday and did so with a 6.724, which vaulted him into the 9th spot. Lee had now found a baseline and turned the wick up with a 6.647, 210.34. That put him in the third spot and he will meet John Bartunek in the first round.

Dwayne Rice - Rice, enjoying one of his finest qualifying efforts in some time, came out aggressive on Saturday qualifying. The Grove City, Ohio-based, excavator knew that he was going to have more than a 6.677 to retain his fourth spot. He was too aggressive on the first attempt and danced and shook to an 8.061. He backed it down for the final shot with a 6.720. He concluded the day as the seventh quickest and will face Carl Baker in the first round.

Gene Wilson - Saturday dawned for Wilson and unfortunately for the competition, he had not fallen off of his determined pace. The Canton, Ga.-based driver of Charlie Hunt's Mercury Cougar failed to improve on Friday's 6.602, 211.36, with his 6.617, 211.30 during the first session. That didn't bode too well for the points leader as he stormed to a 6.581, 212.31 to not only establish the top spot, but a new track record as well. Due to only 15-cars making the show at Epping, Wilson will receive a competition bye in the first round.


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