Cordova: Thursday qualifying pit notes

CORDOVA, Ill. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Amalie Oil Summer Nationals courtesy of in Cordova, Ill. Top Fuel and Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley were not completed due to rain. FUNNY CAR Terry McMillan - Sporting...

CORDOVA, Ill. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA Amalie Oil Summer Nationals courtesy of in Cordova, Ill.

Top Fuel and Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley were not completed due to rain.


Terry McMillan - Sporting the livery of one-race sponsor Amalie Oil, McMillen was intent on not overpowering the track on his first attempt. The Elkhart, Ind.-based, electrical engineer ran a conservative 6.192, 228.23. He ended the day as the seventh quickest.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister appeared on a local television show as a promotional advance for the event, and made a good showing. With a new fan base intact, Cannister failed to capitalize on her publicity after falling short on the first attempt with a 7.357, 123.01. She resides in the 14th spot.

John Vouros - The newly christened points leader from Victor, N.Y., was gleaming headed into the first run with his Machine-sponsored flopper. Vouros made a straight lap and cranked out a 6.027, 228.15. He's currently the #2 qualifier.


Paul Athey/Johnny Rocca - Athey's driving talents increase with every lap he makes in Johnny Rocca's Ironhorse 1949 Mercury. The Mohegan Sun-sponsored driver was seeking a baseline and found a respectable one with a 6.460, 217.14. Athey is the ninth qualifier.

Dale Brinsfield - Brinsfield has been focused on ending his unpopular DNQ streak, which stands currently at two. The Greensboro, N.C.-based Import business owner found a good starting point with a 6.484, 218.31. He holds on to the 12th position.

Alan Pittman - The points leader entered Cordova with the impression that this event would provide conditions favorable for a nitrous combination. Someone forgot to tell the Pelzer, S.C.-based chassis builder as he was the early leader in the first session with an impressive 6.348, 221.05. He concluded the session as the second qualified driver.

Ed Hoover - Hoover, hot off of an exhibition victory in Commerce, Ga., is intent on scoring his first victory under the IHRA banner. His first qualifying attempt was far from a keeper as he launched hard and drifted right, forcing him to abort the run. He entered the second session with a 10.18 elapsed time to his credit. He is currently unqualified.

Chip King - King, who had the inexplicable first round loss after crossing the center-line following an opponent's red-light, looked for a better showing at Codova. The Semora, N.C.-based driver pushed his innovative Hemi-powered Avenger to a "soft" 6.439, 221.49. King stands as the sixth qualifier.

Team Castellana - The two-car team of Mike Castellana and Shannon Jenkins was intent on changing the direction of this season, which has been dismal to this point. Jenkins found the right combination off of the bat as he blasted out the quickest run of the first session with a 6.311, 222.95. Castellana, who has only qualified once this season thus far, found a 6.443, 218.48 to be a good starting point. Castellana is the 7th qualifier.

Steve Cossis - Hot off of making the field at Grand Bend, the Cossis hoped to capitalize on momentum. His best shot didn't come at the start as he shook the tires and lifted, coasting to a 9.934. Cossis is currently unqualified.


John Montecalvo - Montecalvo had proclaimed in the early part of the week leading up to the event that the Chevrolets would be a force to deal with. The Center Moriches, N.Y.-based driver of the Citgo-sponsored Cavalier made good on his statements by leaping to the head of the pack after the first qualifying session with a 6.736, 205.54.

Angelo Alesci - Hot off of his runner-up up in Grand Bend, Cleveland, Ohio's Alesci earned a spot in the top half of the qualifying field. Alesci stepped up with the fourth quickest lap of the session by recording a 6.753, 205.51.

Tom Lee - Lee continues to try and find the form that kept him at the top of the qualifying list early in the season. The Kingsport, Tenn.-based driver pushed Charlie Taylor's Mustang to the 9th spot with a 6.776, 205.19.

Dwayne Rice - The Grove City, Ohio-based excavator Rice had his trusty Firebird up to he challenge of qualifying in the first session. The former Modified standout stepped up with a 6.773, 205.34 to round out the top half of the field after the first attempt.

Gene Wilson - The 27-year old, points leader from Canton, Ga., entered Cordova with his winning streak closely guarded. After qualifying on top in Grand Bend, Wilson found an excellent baseline as he leapt into the second spot with a 6.740, 204.12.


The current qualifiers for the LIZZARD RACING Top Sportsman Quick Eight are as follows:

<pre> 1. Scott Johnson 6.790, 205.79 2. Doug Mills 6.897, 206.76 3. Sandy Watkins 7.219, 183.69 4. Billy Albert 7.246, 190.03 5. Dwayne Silance 7.254, 191.84 6. Jeff Belloma 7.354, 183.69 7. Kip Caudill 7.387, 181.45 8. Bryan Stover 7.408, 183.74

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