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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Vestal IHRA Director of Communications (423) 764-1164 July 6, 1997 Johnson, Mauney among Raybestos Summer Nationals winners CORDOVA, Ill. -- Tommy Johnson Jr. claimed the Top Fuel...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Vestal IHRA Director of Communications (423) 764-1164

July 6, 1997

Johnson, Mauney among Raybestos Summer Nationals winners

CORDOVA, Ill. -- Tommy Johnson Jr. claimed the Top Fuel victory in the 18th annual Raybestos Summer Nationals presented by Parts Plus and Giant- Whitlock at Cordova Dragway Park. The race was the fourth of eight national events on the IHRA Snap-on Tools Drag Racing Series. Local favorite Johnson, of nearby Ottumwa, Iowa, covered the quarter- mile in 5.06 seconds at 292.49 miles per hour to defeat Rhonda Hartman of Williamston, S.C. The engine in Hartman's machine exploded in a ball of fire at the top end as her dragster slowed to 5.54, 194.55. It was Johnson's second career IHRA Top Fuel victory. He hadn't raced with the Bristol, Tenn.-based sanctioning body since 1994. "We did what we set out to do," said Johnson in victory lane. "We couldn't have done any more. We sure didn't come in and take it in a whirlwind. Rhonda gave us a good run in the final." Johnson advanced to the final with wins over Danny Dunn and Shirley Muldowney in the first two rounds. He said the race with Muldowney, who set a new IHRA elapsed time world record (4.86 seconds) in qualifying, was a tough one. "She's really intimidating because she runs so consistent and her team knows how to set the car up for every track condition," Johnson said. "We were chasing the car all weekend and finally found it on that pass. That win was what we needed." Former Pro Modified World Champion Tommy Mauney claimed his first win of the 1997 season, driving his 1963 Corvette to a pass of 6.56, 209.54. Pro Mod runner-up Ed Hoover of Gilbert, S.C. ran 7.51, 132.02, also in a '63 Corvette. With the win, Mauney moved in front in the IHRA Snap-on Tools championship points chase. Among Mauney's wins during the day included knocking off Rickie Smith in the semi-finals. Smith, who led the points chase going into this event and had defeated Mauney in two previous meetings, uncharacteristically left the starting line early. "Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good," said Mauney, who has been in the last three IHRA Snap-on Tools Drag Racing Series final rounds. "But the car was really consistent all weekend. I was determined not to give this one away and it worked out. I was going to run my race and make the other guy beat me. That's the way I approached every round today and it worked." Lawrenceville, Ga.'s Tim Nabors increased his Pro Stock points lead with a win over 18-year-old Richie Stevens. Nabors, driving a 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo, ran 6.90, 200.93 while Stevens' Ford Thunderbird went 6.94, 199.86. Nabors march to victory included round wins over Steve Williford, top qualifier Angelo Alesci and recent IHRA winner Floyd Cheek. Said Nabors: "To win in IHRA Pro Stock is really incredible with all the competition out here. Simply qualifying is a hard deal. Everybody is running so close that you have to take each round as it comes. We weren't the fastest, but we managed to do everything we needed to get the win." Defending IHRA World Champion Von Smith won for the first time this season, knocking off title contender Scott Weis in the Alcohol Funny Car final. Oak Ridge, Tenn.'s Smith covered the distance in 6.04, 233.16, while Weis, of Ashland, Va., ran 6.73, 156.30. The Atomic City Tool/Hoosier-sponsored driver knocked off points leader Jimmy Rector in the semi-finals to earn his way to the final round. "That's the way I want to do it," said Smith. "The car was extremely consistent and that made my job easy. This win is definitely a booster. We needed it to stay in the hunt for the championship. These guys are tough." The next IHRA Snap-on Tools Drag Racing Series event will be Ohio Valley Raceway's Holley Nationals, July 25-27, in Louisville, Ky.

CORDOVA, Ill. -- Final professional category results from the Raybestos Summer Nationals presented by Parts Plus and Giant-Whitlock. The race is the fourth of eight national events on the IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing Series. TOP FUEL First Round: Shirley Muldowney, Armada, Mich., 4.998, 301.20 def. Dave Bieneman, Royal Oak., Mich., 5.082, 260.79; Tommy Johnson Jr., Ottumwa, Iowa, 5.302, 268.97 def. Danny Dunn, Hudson, N.C., 5.807, 136.96; Paul Romine, Indianapolis, 4.970, 276.83 def. Doug Herbert, Cherryville, N.C., 5.151, 285.80; Rhonda Hartman, Williamston, S.C., 4.987, 275.39 def. Jim Bailey, Mantua, Ohio, 5.177, 271.57. Semi-finals: Johnson 4.936, 291.54 def. Muldowney 5.034, 298.01; Hartman 5.041, 284.45 def. Romine 5.374, 250.06. Final: Johnson 5.06, 292.49 def. Hartman 5.54, 194.55.

PRO STOCK First Round: Angelo Alesci, Cleveland, Ohio, 6.844, 200.66 def. Bob Holzer, Rochester Hills, Mich., 7.004, 198.50; Tim Nabors, Lawrenceville, Ga., 6.897, 201.29 def. Steve Williford, Englehart, N.C., 6.949, 200.84; Floyd Cheek, Chattanooga, Tenn., 6.863, 203.57 def. John Nobile, Long Island, N.Y., 20.54, 36.53; John Yoak, Ellenboro, W.Va., 6.962, 197.84 def. Tom Lee, Kingsport, Tenn., 6.931, 201.38; Tony Gillig, Lake Zurich, Ill., 6.872, 201.65 def. Stewart Evans, Northville, Mich., 9.243, 96.92; Richie Stevens, New Orleans, La., 6.870, 201.11 def. John Konigshofer, Ontario, Canada 6.895, 203.52; Pete Berner, Crete, Ill., 6.906, 200.93 def. Ed Machacek, 6.905, 201.16; Jerry Yeoman, Galena, Kan., 6.880, 201.16 def. Ron Miller, Lebanon, Ohio, 6.965, 200.66. Second Round: Nabors 6.936, 201.20 def. Alesci 12.28, 69.35; Cheek 6.898, 202.65 def. Yoak 6.961, 200.71; Stevens 6.919, 199.51 def. Gillig 6.914, 200.98; Yeoman 6.968, 199.91 def. Berner 6.962, 200.93. Semi-finals: Nabors 6.919, 201.38 def. Cheek 6.886, 203.02; Stevens 6.862, 199.77 def. Yeoman 6.857, 202.29. Final: Nabors 6.90, 200.93 def. Stevens 6.94, 199.86. PRO MODIFIED First Round: Dale Brinsfield, Greensboro, N.C., 6.711, 211.66 def. Wally Stroupe, Kings Mountain, N.C., 8.114, 121.14; Ed Hoover, Gilbert, S.C., 6.635, 211.51 def. Stevie Foster, Adkins, Texas, 6.641, 209.69; Ronnie Hood, Lenior, N.C., 6.556, 213.69 def. Quain Stott, Inman, S.C., 6.629, 210.13; Carl Moyer, Ankeny, Iowa, 6.664, 205.52 def. Ken Regenthal, Lewisville, N.C., 6.722, 210.92; Tommy Mauney, Shelby, N.C., 6.601, 208.14 def. Billy Harper, Paducah, Ky., 7.761, 186.48; Brian Gahm, Lucasville, Ohio, 7.693, 128.82 def. Scotty Cannon, Lyman, S.C., foul; Rickie Smith, King, N.C., 6.597, 211.46 def. Brad Jeter, Greenville, S.C., 10.691, 79.19; Dan Bandish, Melbourne, Fla., 6.744, 205.57 def. Michael Martin, Locust, N.C., 6.934, 201.74. Second Round: Hoover 6.670, 210.37 def. Brinsfield 6.802, 214.64; Moyer 6.634, 206.09 def. Hood 6.643, 211.91; Mauney 6.596, 209.69 def. Gahm 7.455, 122.53; Smith 6.627, 211.81 def. Bandish 9.623, 86.00. Semi-finals: Hoover 7.427, 151.00 def. Moyer 9.572, 94.52; Mauney 6.628, 206.99 def. Smith 7.837, 119.92. Final: Mauney 6.56, 209.54 def. Hoover 7.51, 132.02. ALCOHOL FUNNY CAR First Round: Scott Weis, Ashland, Va., 6.082, 226.70 def. Lance VanHauen, Reinbeck, Iowa, broke; Mick Steele, Loganville, Ga., 6.266, 227.50 def. Burl Brown, Gainesville, Texas, 6.220, 223.32; Larry Dobbs, Ontario, Canada, 6.107, 228.42 def. John Rose Jr., 6.296, 222.66; Mark Thomas, Louisville, Ohio, .143, 224.49 def. Jason Juday, Elkhart, Ind., 6.250, 192.96; Jimmy Rector, Vernon, Ala., 6.289, 203.80 def. Larry Bakke, Madison, Wisc., 6.686, 181.37; Dan Crownhart, Sterling, Ill., 6.248, 224.15 def. Gerry Thalacker 6.152, 226.52; Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 6.059, 232.07 def. Mike Preslar, Salisbury, N.C., 6.227, 221.45; Butch Kernodle, Virginia Beach, Va., 7.655, 129.92 def. Dennis Rotter, Blairstown, Iowa, 8.194, 101.99. Second Round: Weis 6.100, 229.82 def. Steele 8.175, 96.97; Thomas 6.235, 187.38 def. Dobbs 6.912, 153.74; Rector 6.144, 225.73 def. Crownhart 8.857, 99.27; Smith 6.025, 233.58 def. Kernodle, 6.400, 224.15. Semi-finals: Weis 6.102, 229.06 def. Thomas 6.187, 225.56; Smith 6.065, 232.43 def. Rector 6.087, 227.84. Final: Smith 6.04, 233.16 def. Weis 6.73, 156.30. API-Vic Richards Quick-8 Top Dragster Final: T.J. Lefter, Indianapolis, 6.875, 200.35 def. Scott Chamness, Burbonnaise, Ill., 6.514, 206.46. Top Dragster Final: Tom Callahan, Middletown, Ohio, 7.881 (7.84 dial) def. Roy Holcomb, Harrison, Mich., 7.357 (7.34 dial). Top Sportsman Final: Jeff Solyan, Hermitage, Pa., 8.06 (8.00 dial) def. Ken Langlois, Saline, Mich., 7.535 (7.49 dial). Modified Final: Joe Covert, Saukville, Wisc., 9.377 (9.35 dial) def. Doc Bilbrey, Willow Spring, N.C., 7.736 (7.77 dial). Super Stock Final: Anthony Bertozzi, Richmond, Va., 9.992 (9.97 dial) def. Jeff Stealy, Moline, Ill., 10.290 (10.25 dial). Stock Final: Marion Stephenson, Lebanon, Ind., broke def. Anthony Macdonnell, Lyons, Ill., foul. Hot Rod Final: Billy Smith, Cynthiana, Ky., 10.911 (10.90) def. Bitsy Satterly, Lawrenceburg, Ky., 10.883 (10.90). Super Rod Final: Rusty Cook, Cynthiana, Ky., 9.919 (9.90 dial) def. John Silver, Champaign, Ill., 9.894 (9.90 dial). Quick Rod Final: Jim Foreman, Boone, N.C., 9.010 (8.90) def. Slate Cummings, Hammond, La., 9.253 (8.90).

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