Cordova: Friday pit notes

CORDOVA, ILL.- Friday's pit notes from the inaugural IHRA Amalie Oil Nationals courtesy of Harley Communications. Top Fuel Bruce Litton - After lifting early on his lone run on Thursday, Litton decided his wanted to turn up the wick on the...

CORDOVA, ILL.- Friday's pit notes from the inaugural IHRA Amalie Oil Nationals courtesy of Harley Communications.

Top Fuel

Bruce Litton - After lifting early on his lone run on Thursday, Litton decided his wanted to turn up the wick on the Wix Filters presented by The Top Dragster Driving Experience during Friday's first session. However, the decision bit him as he rattled the tires just past the tree and coasted to a 9.98/84.41. Bruce was sixth going into the final session. His final attempt was a costly affair as he left oil on the track and his 4.916/287.05, which would have elevated him in the program, was disqualified per IHRA rules.

J.R. Todd - Todd had problems on his first run on Thursday and didn't receive a recorded time. He was very much intent on making up for that on Friday and did so in his first lap. In his first attempt on Sunday, the 18-year old driver of the United Expressline, Inc./Bruce Litton Trailer Sales drive lined up beside Shirley Muldowney and hammered out a 4.955/277.43. He was fourth quickest going into the final round. The team opted to sit out the final session to conserve parts. He will face Jim Head in the first round of competition.

Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley

John Mancuso - Mancuso stepped up in the first session on Friday with a tremendous 6.509/213.84 and landed in the second spot, behind his teammate Steve Stordeur. He went for broke in the final session and established the quickest-ever lap in the Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley division by blasting out a 6.415/214.48 lap. Pro Funny

Von Smith - Smith remained at the top of the field despite opting to sit out of the first session on Friday. He had produced a best 5.948/236.05, which scored him as the quickest qualifier going into the third and final session. The team opted to being the NitroFish entry out for the final session, but had tireshake on the lap and was forced to abort the run. He slipped to the second spot and will face Steve Ruda in the first round.

Scott Weney - The first session on Friday did not improve his standing and nearly had his eyes rolling around in his head at the completion of his qualifying lap. Weney encountered a sever bout of tireshake and failed to improve with a 6.34/233.76. He was the 12th quickest going into the final session. The current points leader stepped up to the plate and delivered on a 6.042/236.84. He closed qualifying as the 10th seeded entry and will battle Jim Lape in the first round.

Mopar Parts Pro Modified

Johnny Rocca/Troy Critchley - Earlier in the day, the Ironhorse 1949 Mercury was on the outside looking in after Friday's run was disallowed. The team made up for the earlier shortcoming and ascended to the top spot with a 6.336/225.00. The popular entry tried to up the ante in the final session, but fell short with a 6.37/223.88. He ended qualifying as the second quickest

Mike Castellana - Castellana returned on the second day of qualifying with a renewed attitude and it showed as he stepped up with a 6.400/220.26 during the first session. He ended the session as the third quickest. With many of the teams stepping up during the final session, so did the Westbury, NY.-based racer. Castellana hammered out a 6.36/221.34 and that put him in the

Dale Brinsfield - Brinsfield went through the continual improving process as he stepped up to a 6.450/217.88, which seeded him as the eleventh quickest. He stepped up in the final session with a 6.39/219.36 and became the ninth Pro Mod in the 6.3-second zone.

Shannon Jenkins - Jenkins returned to familiar territory as he stepped up to the quickest nitrous position with a 6.386/221.96 in his radical Viper. He went into the final session as the second quickest and had problems on his final session and slowed to a 7.10/144.33.

Ed Hoover - Hoover improved in his first attempt on Friday but lost the status he's attained in the first session. His 6.423/219.33 was quicker, but dropped him to the seventh spot going into the final session. He continued his upward trend as he stormed to a 6.37/220.84.

Al Billes - Billes continued to improve, but was off of his usual pace. He only managed a 6.595/214.42 on the first pass on Friday, but that dropped him to the 18th spot. His final attempt provided a much better result with a 6.40/217.14, but it still wasn't the usual Billes pace. However, further scrutiny from officials led to his disqualification because of an improperly attached oil containment device.

Tommy Gray - Gray's machine headed in a positive direction during the first session on Friday. He stepped up with a 6.454/216.55 and that slipped him into the 12th spot. The final session afforded no improvement for the team as Gray's machine popped and spewed flames out of the headers with a 6.50/222.50 end result.

Sunoco Pro Stock

John Montecalvo - The Citgo-sponsored Chevrolet stepped up in the early session on Friday and dipped into the 6.6-second zone with a 6.688/208.10. The lap slipped him into the third spot. His final attempt afforded him no improvement as he recorded a 6.70/208.26. He completed qualifying as the fourth quickest and will face Carl Baker in the first round.

Floyd Cheek/Gene Wilson - Wilson started the first session as quicker than his teammate Cheek. Wilson hammered out 6.763/206.51 to end in the ninth spot. Cheek kept pace with a 6.788/205.85. In the final session, Wilson was unable to improve when he drifted close to the centerline and lifted. Cheek stepped up and claimed the 11th spot with a 6.744/206.54. Wilson was one rung lower on the qualifying ladder. Wilson meets Jon Yoak in the first round while Cheek will do battle with Ron Miller in the first round.

Chris Holbrook - Holbrook didn't do too well in the first round and failed to improve on his 6.926 from Thursday's session. He needed at least a 6.828 to get into the program on the last lap, but fell short with a 6.831/204.08. The defending Pro Stock World champion failed to qualify for his second consecutive event.

Dwayne Rice - Rice was one of the many Pro Stock drivers that improved on Friday. He started his road to improvement on Friday with a 6.724/206.39 that completed the first session on Friday with the seventh seeding. He stepped up in the final session and leapt to the third spot with a 6.684/206.99. He will meet Charlie Peppers in the first round of eliminations.

Pro Outlaw

Mick Snyder - Snyder stepped up big time in the first session of the Friday qualifying. He hammered out a 6.162/221.49 to assume the top spot going into the final session. He failed to improve with a 6.21 during the final session, but dropped to the second spot. He will meet Jim Lamb in the first round.

Laurie Cannister - The Nicorette/Nicoderm CQ-sponsored Cannister upped her pace to a 6.168/211.83 and that slipped her into the second spot. She failed to improve during the final session with a 6.17 and slipped to third in the final qualifying order. She will face Gary Lecznar in the first round.

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