Budds Creek Saturday qualifiying notes

BUDDS CREEK, Md. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA CARQUEST President's Cup Nationals courtesy of CompetitionPlus.com in Budds Creek, Md. FUNNY CAR Terry McMillen - McMillen entered the second day of qualifications with a 6.161, 203.49...

BUDDS CREEK, Md. - Qualifying Pit Notes from the IHRA CARQUEST President's Cup Nationals courtesy of CompetitionPlus.com in Budds Creek, Md.


Terry McMillen - McMillen entered the second day of qualifications with a 6.161, 203.49 under his belt. As the 15th qualifier, there was a serious sense of urgency to improve his status. His first run produced the desired result as he blasted out a 5.925, 237.80, good enough to catapult him into the ninth spot. The Amalie Oil-sponsored driver rested on his laurels and sat out the final session. He concluded qualifying as the 11th qualifier and is matched against Laurie Cannister in the first round of eliminations.

Laurie Cannister - Cannister has had better days in the office after a 6.014 ended her first day of qualifying as the tenth quickest. Her first run on Saturday was nothing short of incredible. Driving her "Girl Power"-themed Camaro flopper, the former Pro Outlaw World Champion stepped up and delivered a 5.867, 237.84. Her consistency was incredible, as she laid down another 5.86 in the final attempt. She concluded qualifying in the sixth position and will race Terry McMillen in the first round.

John Vouros - Vouros, sporting the CompetitionPlus.com livery, entered the final day of qualifying with a 5.869, 237.96. The former Top Dragster racer from Victor, N.Y., continued to scratch and fight his way to the top with a 5.855, 238.26. However, he saved his best for last and made a quantum leap with a 5.834, 238.98. His impressive efforts left him seeded as the third quickest, where he will face Dave Ray in the first round.

Scott Weney - Weney's championship defense has been less than admirable, and his second day of qualifications only backed up what he has endured for the bulk of the season. After popping a burst panel on Friday's first run, his machine threw a rod on the burnout, preventing another run and effectively ending his weekend.


Alan Pittman - Pittman was in the minority of Pro Modified drivers that wanted to run during Friday's evening session. The Pelzer, S.C.-based driver made up for lost time in the first session with a 6.282/225.11. The evening session didn't provide the anticipated results as the team came to the line with less clutch than needed and the car just bogged off of the starting line. He qualified sixth and will race Steve Cossis in the first round.

Ed Hoover - Hoover's second day in qualifying was one that hurt in more ways than one. In both of his launches, the car appeared to be on a mission of low elapsed time. However, the violent nature of the tireshake beat him up within the cage pretty bad. His final position was tenth and he is scheduled to meet Ronnie Hood in the first round.

Chip King - King has been making really good over the course of the weekend. After a solid place in the field on Friday, King continued his progression up the qualifying pecking order by laying down a 6.324/222.25 in the first session on Saturday. He saved his best for last with a 6.257/226.20. He claimed the fifth spot and will meet Al Billes in the first round.

Team Castellana - The frustrations continued for Mike Castellana as neither qualifying attempt made it to the finish line under power. Jenkins experienced better fortunes as his first Saturday run yielded a 6.242/224.51. His second run was not as prosperous and he lifted early. Jenkins qualified third and will meet Marc Hemling in the first round.


John Montecalvo - Montecalvo was solid in the field at 5th with a 6.621, 210.73 entering the second day. His first attempt on Saturday was a goner from the start as he lifted early and coasted down the track. The evening session yielded a short launch and the car drifted and he clicked. He concluded in the seventh spot and will meet Terry Leggett in the first round.

Tom Lee - Lee has been laboring hard to repeat last year's performance. On Friday, he had a 6.650/211.43 best to his credit. He carried the wheels hard on his first run and improved with a 6.630/211.69. He duplicated the feat in the evening session with a 6.630/211.59. He claimed the ninth spot and will meet Brian Gahm in the first round.

Dwayne Rice - Rice has found his groove with the new Grand-am. He nearly duplicated his Friday best, by blasting out a 6.616/211.03. The 31-year old, excavation company owner continued to hone in his consistency with a 6.626/209.82 in the evening session. Rice laid claim to the fourth spot and will meet Tony Fox in the first round.

Gene Wilson - Before Wilson made his first attempt on Saturday, he had been uncharacteristically bumped from the show. With a 6.883 as his best on Friday, the newly appointed World Champion fired the shot heard around the world in his third qualification run. He blasted out the quickest lap in Pro Stock history with a 6.532/213.37. Wilson was the top qualifier and will meet Jason Collins in the first round.


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