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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Vestal IHRA Director of Communications (423) 764-1164 June 22, 1997 Smith, Cheek and Steele among Crane Cams President's Cup Nationals winners BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- To say the 6th annual Crane Cams ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Vestal IHRA Director of Communications (423) 764-1164

June 22, 1997

Smith, Cheek and Steele among Crane Cams President's Cup Nationals winners

BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- To say the 6th annual Crane Cams President's Cup Nationals at the Maryland International Raceway was hot would be a major understatement. The heat simmered in the 90s all weekend, while the door-handle to door-handle battles on the track sizzled. The race was the third of eight national events on the IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing Series.

Professional category winners for the event included King, N.C.'s Rickie Smith in Pro Modified, Floyd Cheek of Chattanooga, Tenn. in Pro Stock, and Loganville, Ga.'s Mick Steele claimed his first Alcohol Funny Car victory. Smith faced a familiar foe in the final round, as he drove his Yates Auto Parts-sponsored 1963 Corvette to a 6.58 second pass at 212.29 miles per hour over Shelby, N.C.'s Tommy Mauney. Mauney ran 6.67, 210.31 in his Red Line Oil sponsored '63 Vette. Smith beat Mauney two weeks ago at the Prolong Super Lubricants Spring Nationals, Bristol, Tenn. Smith, a multi-time IHRA Pro Stock World Champion, assumed the Pro Modified points lead with the win. Smith, who noted the 90-plus degree weather during the weekend made the job of winning a lot tougher, said two in a row is a huge lift. "I couldn't be happier," said Smith. "This couldn't have come at a better time for me, both mentally and financially." He said he's been seeing a lot of Mauney lately. "I've ran Tommy in about every final in the last two months, and we've been in a bunch," said Smith. "We run a lot of Quick-8 races back home and we've raced each other plenty of times this season. It seems like he whips up on me back home, and I get him at these. But that's OK with me, these national events tend to pay a little more." Mauney, the 1995 IHRA Pro Modified World Champion, said he missed the setup on the car. "I changed the clutch a little bit and I should have left it alone," Mauney said. "The track cooled down a little bit before the final and the car just went crazy. It ran so good all day. I figured Rickie would step it up for the final, but I thought my car would pick up, too." Cheek covered MIR's quarter-mile in 6.83, 204.57 in his Dynatech- sponsored Pro Stock Ford Probe to defeat Lawrenceville, Ga.'s Tim Nabors, who drove his Chevrolet Monte Carlo to a runner-up 6.93, 200.92. Throughout the day Cheek faced some of the toughest IHRA Pro Stock drivers, knocking off points leader Richie Stevens, defending IHRA World Champion Jon Yoak and upstart David Jenkins before facing 11-time IHRA Pro Stock finalist Nabors in the final. However, he said the weekend's fastest car was a victim of bad luck. "Angelo Alseci (top qualifier) had us all covered this weekend," said Cheek, who earned his fourth IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing victory in Pro Stock. "I guess we were all fortunate that he broke a brake line in the first round. He was really the car to beat out here this weekend." With Alesci out of the picture, Cheek took advantage of the situation and his Probe ran like a well-tuned bracket car, clicking at an average of 6.84 seconds all day. "The car was outstanding and the motor held out for us," said Cheek, with a relieved look on his heat-worn face in victory lane. "I didn't think we were going to make it though, this is the first time we've raced in intense weather like this in quite some time. But I'm glad we could make it through it. Winning this race means a lot." Alcohol Funny Car rookie Steele used a holeshot in his Ditch Witch-sponsored Dodge Avenger to outrun Jimmy Rector's Avenger. Steele went 6.20, 225.03 to Rector's faster, but losing, 6.13, 227.31. "It was kind of funny, Jimmy told me to keep my .420 lights back at the trailer," said Steele, with a wide grin on his face, after the race. "I knew the car wasn't going to be as fast as his, so I had to rely on my quicker reaction time. This weekend has been unbelievable." Steele, who had never won a round of competition in IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing, left with a bundle Sunday afternoon. He topped Bunny Burkett in the first round when she broke a throttle-cable on a burnout; topped Mark Thomas in the second round with a huge holeshot; then beat defending champion Von Smith in the semifinals after Smith's Atomic City Tools Pontiac wouldn't go into reverse after the burnout. "It all spilled out for us today," Steele said. "We've been working hard and doing everything we can to win, but we just didn't have any racing luck. Today everything came together." Sportsman class winners included T.J. Lefter, Indianapolis (Top Dragster Quick-8); David Foxwell, Cambridge, Md. (Top Dragster); Rick Moon, Rock Hill, S.C. (Top Sportsman); Anthony Bertozzi, Richmond, Va. (Modified); Jeffery O'Neill, Muncy, Pa. (Quick Rod); Rusty Cook, Cynthiana, Ky. (Super Rod); B.D. Parker, Florence, S.C. (Hot Rod); James Wilson Jr., Mocksville, N.C. (Super Stock); and Tex Miller, Fayetteville, Pa. (Stock). The next IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing Series event will be the 18th annual Raybestos Summer Nationals presented by Parts Plus Auto Stores, Giant and Whitlock, July 4-6 at the Cordova (Ill.) Dragway Park

Final Results:

BUDDS CREEK, Md. -- Final results for professional categories at Sunday's Crane Cams President's Cup Nationals at Maryland International Raceway. The race is the third of eight national events on the IHRA Snap-on Tools Championship Drag Racing Series. PRO STOCK First Round: John Montecalvo, Center Moriches, N.Y., 1997 Monte Carlo,9.39, 131.59 def. Angelo Alesci, Cleveland, Ohio, 1996 Monte Carlo, broke; Tim Nabors, Lawrenceville, Ga., 1997 Monte Carlo, 6.93, 201.82 def. Pete Berner, Crete, Ill., 6.84, 202.73; John Konigshofer, Otterville, Ontario, 1997 Probe, 6.85, 203.65 def. Ed Machacek, Atkins, Iowa, 1994 Grand Prix, 6.95, 200.02; Roy Hill, Sophia, N.C., 1997 Probe, 6.89, 201.82 def. Jerry Yeoman, Galena, Kan., 1996 Cutlass, broke; Jon Yoak, Ellenboro, W.Va., 1996 Thunderbird, 6.85, 203.65 def. Mark Thomas, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1996 Cutlass, 6.94, 200.92; Floyd Cheek, Chattanooga, Tenn., 1995 Probe, 6.84, 202.73 def. Richie Stevens, New Orleans, La., 1995 Thunderbird, 6.85, 201.82; David Jenkins, London, Ohio, 1996 Monte Carlo, 6.90, 200.02 def. Steve Williford, Engelhard, N.C., 1996 Monte Carlo, foul; Tom Lee, Kingsport, Tenn., 1997 Probe, 6.88, 200.02 def. Chris Holbrook, Redford, Mich., 1997 Thunderbird, 6.92, 202.73. Second Round: Nabors 6.95, 201.82 def. Montecalvo 12.44, 67.77; Hill 6.88, 201.82 def. Konigshofer 6.88, 203.65; Cheek 6.85, 202.73 def. Yoak 6.97, 183.69; Jenkins 6.92, 201.82 def. Lee 7.01, 201.82. Semi-finals: Nabors 6.92, 202.73 def. Hill 6.88, 202.73; Cheek 6.85,def. Jenkins 6.89, 202.73.

Final: Cheek 6.83, 204.57 def. Nabors 6.93, 200.92. PRO MODIFIED First Round: Tommy Mauney, Shelby, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.58, 212.29 def. Dan Bandish, Melbourne, Fla., 1963 Corvette, 14.26, 56.82; Wally Stroupe, Kings Mountain, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.64, 212.29 def. Billy Harper, Paducah, Ky., 1968 Barracuda, 7.76, 193.16; Shannon Jenkins, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1941 Willys, 6.55, 210.29 def. Ed Hoover, Gilbert, S.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.60, 212.29; Todd Tutterow, Lewisville, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.67, 209.33 def. Ken Regenthal, Lewisville, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 8.74, 111.67; Dale Brinsfield, Greensboro, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.71, 209.33 def. Scotty Cannon, Lyman, S.C., 1940 Willys 8.52, 103.69; Michael Martin, Pageland, S.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.65, 211.30 def. Ronnie Hood, Lenior, N.C.,1966 Corvette, broke; Rickie Smith, King, N.C., 1963 Corvette, 6.59, 212.29 def. Gary Shearer, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1994 Corvette, 6.71, 200.02; Brian Gahm, Lucasville, Ohio, 1963 Corvette, 6.63, 212.29 def. Carl Moyer, Ankeny, Iowa, 1969 Camaro, 6.71, 207.40. Second Round: Mauney 6.56, 212.29 def. Stroupe 17.19, 45.82; Jenkins 6.85, 206.45 def. Tutterow 8.12, 123.29; Martin 6.61, 214.31 def. Brinsfield 6.69, 211.30; Smith 6.63, 211.30 def. Gahm 8.93, 98.90. Semi-finals: Mauney 6.54, 213.30 def. Jenkins 6.61, 210.31; Smith 6.61, 211.30 def. Martin 7.17, 158.46. Final: Smith 6.58, 212.29 def. Mauney 6.67, 210.31. ALCOHOL FUNNY CAR First Round: Larry Dobbs, Welland, Ontario, 1996 Camaro, 6.09, 228.46 def. Scott Weis, Ashland, Va., 1997 Avenger, 6.24, 225.03; Paul Zgoda, Cheektowaga, N.Y., 1994 Achieva, 6.12, 228.46 def. Gerry Thalacker, 1996 Achieva, Lake Wylie, S.C., 6.135, 227.31; Jim Lape, Myerstown, Pa., 1993 Cutlass, 6.07, 231.99 def. John Rose Jr., Reading, Pa., 1957 Crown Victoria, 6.37, 219.54; Jimmy Rector, Vernon, Ala., 1997 Avenger, 6.12, 228.46 def. Butch Kernodle, Virginia Beach, Va., 1996 Firebird, 6.29, 219.54; Mark Thomas, Louisville, Ohio, 1997 Avenger, 6.12, 229.63 def. Rudy McAdams, Ellicott City, Md., 1996 Camaro, 6.28, 219.54; Mick Steele, Loganville, Ga., 1997 Avenger, 9.62, 90.73 def. Bunny Burkett, Sterling, Va., 1997 Avenger, broke; Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., 1997 Firebird, 6.05, 235.64 def. Jim Sickles, Caldedonia, N.Y., 1996 Firebird, 6.53, 222.80; Mike Preslar, Salisbury, N.C., 1997 Camaro, 6.44, 220.62 def. Scott Weney, Spring City, Pa., 1997 Firebird, 16.08, 38.76. Second Round: Zgoda 6.09, 229.63 def. Dobbs 6.12, 225.03; Rector 6.11, 229.63 def. Lape 6.36, 230.80; Steele 6.31, 223.91 def. Thomas 6.19, 226.16; Smith 6.08, 234.41 def. Preslar 6.31, 222.80. Semi-finals: Steele 6.24, 225.03 def. Smith, broke; Rector 6.12, 228.46 def. Zgoda, broke. Final: Steele 6.20, 225.03 def. Rector 6.13, 227.31.

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