Bradenton Saturday qualifying notes

Bradenton Report - Day 2 Qualifying Reports from IHRA Amalie Oil Nationals Wally Stroupe -- Stroupe entered the first session in hopes of making a strong pass in race day conditions. He obtained his objective by reeling off a 6.50/215.71 to...

Bradenton Report - Day 2 Qualifying Reports from IHRA Amalie Oil Nationals

Wally Stroupe -- Stroupe entered the first session in hopes of making a strong pass in race day conditions. He obtained his objective by reeling off a 6.50/215.71 to step up to the seventh spot. During the final session, a strong burnout gave indication of a strong run. However, an engine explosion at the 60-foot mark, negated any chances of improvement. The Tim Parts-sponsored entry is scheduled to face Steve Vick in the first round and does not have lane choice.

Johnny Rocca/Troy Critchley-- After losing their first run on Friday, the Prolong sponsored, Ironhorse team used their Friday evening session to set a baseline. Critchley continued his improvement trend during the third session as he piloted the lumbering '49 Mercury to a 6.48/214.64. good enough for the fifth spot. The final session created as many fireworks as the Night Of Fire did. When Critchley had problems at the end of the burnout with his reverser, it threw his routine behind schedule. As he rolled into the staging beams, his qualifying foe immediately went into the stage beams. That enacted the auto stage and as Critchley was rolling into the stage beams, it disqualified him and gave his foe a green light. Car owner Johnny Rocca angrily protested to IHRA officials, but to no avail. He ended up in the seventh spot and is scheduled to face Dale Brinsfield in the first round and has lane choice.

Jamie Emery-- The Colton's Point, Md.,-based Emery Racing team damaged an engine during warm-ups and initially chose to sit out the session. But, a mad thrash ensued and the defending Bradenton Screamin' Eagle Top Fuel Harley rider made it to the lanes in time to card a 6.99/187.03, not good enough to improve. He went into the final session in the eleventh spot. However, damage was done during the qualifying attempt, and the team had to bow out of competition due to breakage.

John Montecalvo-- Montecalvo failed to improve during the initial Saturday session, but carded a 6.79/205.05 during the heat of the day. He slipped a few slots in the qualifying program to the 11th spot. The final session offered no reprieve as he was forced to lift with handling problems. He is scheduled to face Floyd Cheek in the first round. Cheek holds lane choice.

Mike Castellana-- Castellana's Western Beef-sponsored, '57 Chevy found a combination that allowed it to make it down the track on Saturday. However, a 6.61/211.11 was soft as it quickly fell to to the bottom half of the qualifying list in the 16th spot. He was unable to improve with a shutting- off 6.99. He ended up as an alternate, finishing in the first alternate position for the second national event in a row.

Scott Weney-- Weney used the heat of the day to apply a serious pass as he carded a 5.98/235.76 to move up in a big way. The ran propelled him to the second spot ahead of Von Smith. By electing not to run the evening session, he ended up in the fourth spot. He is scheduled to face Jim Phillips in the first round and holds lane choice for the match.

Dale Brinsfield-- Brinsfield carded a 6.66/200.98 that failed to improve on his Friday efforts. He was in the 11th spot going into the final session. The final session greatly improved as did the weather conditions and as a result, he pushed the Dylan Mortgage entry to a 6.49/214.08, good enough for the eleventh spot. He is scheduled to face Troy Critchley in the first round and the Australian-native, Critchley holds lane choice.

John Mancuso-- Mancuso failed to get into the field on his first qualifying attempt. He made the decision to go to his new and virtually, unproven bike and smoked and rattled his way to a 7.48/190.49. He struck the tires during the final session and failed to crack the 6.909 bump spot. The defending event champion will be a spectator for final eliminations for the first time in the history of the IHRA/Screamin' Eagle Series.

Von Smith-- Smith's Big Daddy's BBQ Sauces Pontiac encountered some of the toughest tireshake known to man in the first session and aborted the run. He never came out for the second session and ended qualifying with his 5.99 best, good enough for fifth. Smith is scheduled to Rob Atchinson in the first round and holds lane choice.

Shannon Jenkins-- Jenkins re-established himself as one of the nitrous front-runners in the Pro Modified division by cranking out a 6.48/214.74 during the heat of the day. That run put him into the 6th spot going into the Night Of Fire. He encountered a tough case of tireshake that forced him to drift towards the centerline and lift to a 7.92 elapsed time. Jenkins ended up in the ninth position and will face Ed Hoover in the first round. Hoover holds lane choice.

Charlie Hunt Racing-- Floyd Cheek made his grand entrance to the Bradenton field by hammering out a 6.727/206.75, in his first pass of qualifying this weekend. The run ascended him to the third spot. Tom Lee, making his third qualifying attempt at the event, shook the tires and shut off. The Universal Brake Parts team made impressive laps during the final session. Cheek greatly improved with a 6.70/207.48 and Lee stepped up to a 6.71/206.61. Cheek ended up 5th in the 16-car field and will face John Montecalvo in the opening round. Tom Lee ended up one rung lower on the qualifying ladder and will face Jeremy Bevins in the first round.

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