AUS: Boxing Day, day one summary

Grubnic produced an awesome run in his Strivectin-SD Nitro Rocketship to finish the evening. Incrementals: 0.857 (60ft) - 2.218 (330ft) - 3.163 @ 266.27mph (660ft) - 3.964 (1000ft) - 4.657 @ 321.58 (ET) Boxing Day Results From Day 1 - Grubnic ...

Grubnic produced an awesome run in his Strivectin-SD Nitro Rocketship to finish the evening. Incrementals: 0.857 (60ft) - 2.218 (330ft) - 3.163 @ 266.27mph (660ft) - 3.964 (1000ft) - 4.657 @ 321.58 (ET)

Boxing Day Results From Day 1 - Grubnic Takes Top Qualifying Spot And Top Alcohol Awesome!

Monday, 26 December 2005 -- (Sydney, NSW) The tone has been perfectly set for today's Finale for the USA V Australian Top Fuel Invasion thanks to Nulon Oil Products and the Morris Iemma New South Wales State Govern ment, after American stars David Grubnic and Scott Kalitta secured the top two positions in the 8-car Nitro field. Grubnic finished the night with a big bang for the huge crowd on hand with a brilliant 4.657 pass at over 321 miles per hour. With this pass, 'Aussie Dave' secured the sixteenth and final spot of the Australian 4-second Top Fuel Club and became just the sixth person in Australian to break the 300 mile per hour barrier!

Two-time NHRA champ Scott Kalitta secured the runner up spot in a day that the Top Fuel brigade found the warm weather and track conditions rather demanding early, before really stepping up the intensity over the final night-time sessions.

"That last run has put us back on track, we are starting to get used to what we are dealing with here, its been a great day here at Western Sydney and I think we can step it up for the final day of racing," said Grubnic's crew chief - Jim Oberhofer.

You could sense some relief for the Kalit ta Racing tune-up guru and now can just expect to really step things up today.

"I know Darren Morgan and his team have been the benchmark here in this country for the past 12months and when we saw him have trouble before we came out for that final session, I was apprehensive... so we backed the tune-up down...and in the end...despite going 4.6 seconds...we possibly may have softened the car a bit too much, so we are looking forward to racing now and seeing how hard we can push it."

Oberhofer is also keen to try and rise to the challenge in getting Grubnic running strong at today's first round of eliminations at 5pm.

"We should still be able to produce a good run at the first round of eliminations...obviously being in a new racing environment makes it a challenge...a challenge we are all looking forward to."

As good as the Nitro Rocketships were yesterday, they were almost upstaged by the breathtaking performances in the Top Alcohol bracket.

The Funny Car surge in Australian Drag Racing continued with butt-kicking performances from Brett Stevens and Ben Bray.

Dragsters were also strong too, with Wayne Newby and Gary Phillips well and truly in a position to threaten.

The Rocket Industries Top Doorslammer shootout produced some stirring performances, with Maurice Fabietti's Holden Genuine Parts Monaro producing a crowd roaring career-best Elapsed Time - 6.217 seconds at 232 miles per hour to head the field into today's action!

In Supercharged Outlaws, the impressive Falcon of Charlie Micali heads a big and fast field of qualifiers into today's racing.


Nulon Oil Products Top Fuel
1. Dave Grubnic (USA) 4.657secs 321.58mph
2. Scott Kalitta (USA) 4.809 297.61
3. Philip Read 4.895 284.81
4. Steve Read 5.937 166.09
5. Luke Shepherd 6.285 142.46
6. Darren Morgan 6.752 117.34
7. Terry Sainty 6.896 130.90
8. Robert She pherd 6.900 131.00

American Autos Top Alcohol
1. Brett Stevens 5.640secs 255.92mph
2. Ben Bray 5.641 252.90
3. Wayne Newby 5.642 244.03
4. Gary Phillips 5.753 245.40
5. Dean Oakey 5.763 245.14
6. Steven Reed 5.810 253.61
7. Debbie Reed 5.957 243.81
8. Mark Brew 5.973 241.89
9. Robert Ambrousi 9.833 174.64

Rocket Industries Top Doorslammer Shootout
1. Maurice Fabietti 6.217secs 232.35mph
2. Deno Brijeski 6.221 233.96
3. Peter Lovering 6.313 221.89
4. Sean Mifsud 6.467 210.64
5. Brett Gillespie 7.742 144.38
6. Stephen Dupond 32.441 140.31

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