40th edition - #23 - Sand and tears - Dakar 2018


A story as banal as it is cruel, as happens nearly every day on the Dakar. For many competitors who do not necessarily chase after a spot in the classifications, it is a battle against one’s self to reach the final finish line. The fatigue, nervousness, over confidence, but also the weather, bad luck or a tiny mechanical problem, can dash hopes and sometimes ruin a life’s dream. England’s Chris Cork already suffered the pain of dropping out in 2015 after a severe fall, but tried his luck again in 2016 and even sold his house to finance his participation. On stage 10, he tried to resist the Argentinean heat to make it just to La Roja. But the endless dunes were just too arduous for the exhausted rider, who could simply go no further. He knew it was time to throw in the towel and reluctantly retired. For Chris, the Dakar is still a dream.

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