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Tim and Tom Coronel together in Dakar Rally 2009 Twin brothers in Bowler Nemesis to Argentine and Chile Twin brothers Tim and Tom Coronel have been commonly known in international motorracing for many year now. For the past few years Tom has...

Tim and Tom Coronel together in Dakar Rally 2009

Twin brothers in Bowler Nemesis to Argentine and Chile

Twin brothers Tim and Tom Coronel have been commonly known in international motorracing for many year now. For the past few years Tom has been driving for SEAT in the FIA WTCC while Tim is competing in the national BMW 130i Cup, the top level class in motorracing in the Netherlands at the moment, for the second year running.

After a successful debut for Tim in the 2007 Dakar rally he asked his twin brother Tom to join him in the new Dakar challenge in Latin America. During the Dakar 2009 event the twins will swap roles as driver and co-driver from time to time.

Stronger car

The car that Tom and Tim will drive is a Bowler Nemesis of the team. For brand new Bowlers were ready to start in Lisbon last January. When the 2008 event was cancelled the team decided to focus on developing the new concept. The engine, gearbox, dampers and the weight of the car have all been thoroughly worked on, which will make the Nemesis an even stronger car for 2009. The target of Tom and Tim is simple: making it to the finish in Buenos Aires!

New route

The move of the Dakar Rally from Africa to Argentina and Chile means that the route and the stages will be new for everybody. The organising body ASO has already announced that the event will still live up to its reputation of being the hardest rally in the world. In Argentina the stages will go over the pampas, gravel, stones and sand dunes. In Chile the Atacama desert will be the main challenge for the competitors. The final three stages will be held around the center of Argentine rallying, Cordoba. After that the ones that survived will cross the finish line in Buenos Aires on 18 January.

Largest team in competition will be the only team in the Dakar 2009 event to start in all classes:motorbikes, cars, trucks and quads. With this the team will also be the largest one in the event. Other well known members of the team will be former WRC driver Freddy Loix, Mirjam Pol, former MotoGP driver Jurgen van den Goorbergh on his Honda motorbike and the ace of the team in the quad class: Alex Brusselers. In September the team will announce the final names of its Dakar 2009 line up


After the announcement that Tom and Tim will share the Bowler Nemesis in Dakar 2009 the team did not hesitate to start their preparation. Despite the start of the event being still a couple of months away, the Coronel twins are testing the car and each other in Tunisia this week. Both for Tom and Tim a new experience. In his previous Dakar entry he could concentrate on driving duties while his girlfriend Gaby Uljee did the navigation. For this event Tim will also act as a navigator, while Tom has to learn how to drive a Bowler Nemesis through the desert. "It is like learning how to race all over again. Everything in this car is different from what I drove in the past. Really, the car is moving all over the place. We are bouncing and jumping all the time Even in a rocky WTCC race I am not shaken as much as I am here. The only feeling that is close to circuit racing is the feeling of the traction. I am used to have as less wheelspin as possible. When I have wheelspin in my SEAT Leon I will just lose some speed, here in the Bowler I will bury the car in the sand and get stuck. Over all it is of course a big challenge and both Tim and I are very much looking forward to our unique challenge. I think a team of twin brothers in the Dakar event that share driving and navigation duties has never been done before.", Tom Coronel commented.


After finishing their testing duties both Tom and Tim will head for Oschersleben in Germany. Both will compete for SEAT this weekend. Tom will contest the 15th and 16th round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship in his familiar SEAT Leon TFSI prepared by the SunRed team.

Tim will make a guest appearance in the SEAT Leon Eurocup. "I am considering my options for next year. I would very much like to race on an international level again, so maybe the SEAT Eurocup is a good option for me. I tested the car in Barcelona last week which was a good experience. The car has a lot of grip and a powerful turbocharged engine, so it is almost a guarantee for good fun to drive. For the moment it will be a one off for Oschersleben, but we are still considering the next round at Monza.

Of course Tom is also looking forward to the Oscherleben round of the FIA WTCC. "This track is closest to home, so there will be a lot of Dutch people coming to see the race, not only the fans, but also the press, guests of SEAT and our partners. This will give us an extra boost to do well. Since the last few races our form has improved and the twisty nature of the track should suit our SEAT Leon. We are ready to score and take home some championship points!".

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