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The Grande Brasile left the port of Le Havre on December 3rd and arrived at Delta Rock, where the European vehicles participating in the Personal Dakar Argentina-Chile where unloaded during the night.

On the seas like in the desert, navigation can encounter hazards. The Grande Brasile's cargo, containing 550 rally vehicles (competition, assistance, media, organisation, etc...) arrived a day later than scheduled at Delta Rock. The delay allowed the ship's 19 member welcoming committee to receive this un-common delivery that will reach its final destination this afternoon in Argentina. With the help of the crew members and local dockworkers, the rally teams spent most of the night unloading their vehicles, which were then taken to the parc ferme. Overlooked by local police and by the port authorities, they will be returned to their owners starting on December 28th. While scrutineering and administrative verifications for the South American participants begins on December 29, the European competitors and crews will go through the process on December 30th and 31st. This minor delay will allow for some final adjustments prior to the start of the rally.

Marcos Patronelli: "60 - 70 % chances of being at the start"

The defending quad champion, seriously injured in late November, hasn't withdrawn from the 2011 Personal Dakar Argentina-Chile. Now ten days prior to the start, he is in a race against the clock in which he hopes to win.

"I still cannot put my foot on the ground, but I work out everyday in a rehab center". Marcos Patronelli, who broke both fibulas during testing, has obviously not given up. His mental fortitude of a champion allowed him to become the first South American to win Dakar in 2010. He is counting on this same determination to get him to the start line of the 2011 edition. "I am extremely motivated. I have ten days left, which could be enough time. I give myself a 60-70% chance of being at the start". After a very quick convalescence, the latest idol in the Argentina press has had to lower his objectives. "I won't be able to compete for the win, but I will try to take it easy alongside my brother Alejandro", concluded Marcos.

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