Team Hummer leg 1 Saturday report

Team HUMMER: New Year and New Challenges in the 2011 Dakar Rally

Buenos Aires, Argentina (January 1, 2011) -- Around the world January 1 marks the beginning of a new year, but for the competitors of the 2011 Dakar Rally it means the start of the world's most grueling race. For the teams, the months of preparation are about to be put to the ultimate test.

As the riders and drivers line up on the Avenue of the 9th July, they provide a grand celebration for the fans of the rally. In true Robby Gordon fashion, he did his part as one of the most popular drivers in the Dakar Rally, jumping the podium and doing a burnout in the middle of the street to the delight of the massive crowd.

Leg 1: Buenos Aires to Victoria -- In the early editions of the Dakar Rally, the riders and drivers methodically started on January 1 at place de la Concorde in Paris. Holding true to the traditions of the rally, the competitors will again be passing an obelisk. This time, like the past two editions, they will be passing the one on the Avenue of the 9th July in Buenos Aires. As the driver's head to Victoria on a road section stopwatches will not be ticking. After this leg, the drivers will meet their crews at the bivouac to prepare for the second day of the rally.

As the rally heads north out of Argentina the contrast of the landscapes change day by day, kilometer by kilometer. This means the driver's skills will have to adapt between wet and dry, through vegetation and sandy dunes. The team that has the ability to adjust to the ever changing scenery will feel most at comfortable. The 2011 Dakar Rally is truly a cascade of color.

"I believe that we are more prepared than ever for this year's edition of the Dakar Rally. I enjoy racing in Argentina and putting on a show for the fans. The fans here are truly amazing and very passionate about this race. I can't wait for the first timed segment tomorrow and getting the Dakar Rally underway," commented Robby Gordon.

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The team will also be doing a preview daily leading up to the Rally that details their Dakar program and what it takes to get the team ready to participate in the 14-stage event. The Versus Channel will provide coverage throughout the United States. A 30-minute daily program featuring highlights from that day's racing will be aired on Versus daily at 3:30 p.m. with a replay airing later in the day. Check your local listing for exact show times.

-source: team hummer

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