Team Honda Europe stage 8 report

January 10 2011, Stage 8 standings: Quinn Cody 8th; Alexey Naumov 57st; Mirjam Pol 71st; Vadim Pritulyak 92nd;

Quinn Cody with top ten times

Quinn is riding top ten times. Flying true the stages he is enjoying every moment. Quinn: "Gnarly stage today 508k special 776k total pretty fun got completely lost in the desert thought I was going to run out of gas it was great!!" A long and tough stage stirred up the top ten classification. The first five in the classification with Coma leading for Despres, Lopez, Rodrigues and Faria form a class of their own. They will determine who will win the Dakar 2011. But behind these five the ranking changes from day to day. Team Honda Europe's Quinn Cody stayed cool today and moved up another three places to 8th position overall!

Quinn Cody

Like so often this Dakar the early start in the morning was very cold for the bikers. The first part of the special was fast and rocky. After kilometer 375 it was sand and dunes until the finish. Cody: "I had fun today. Navigation was tricky, with some very questionable situations which weren't always clear. I got lost two times, and spent some time looking for the right track. When I thought I was back on track, my mileage was like 5 kilometers off because I didn't reset correctly, I just couldn't match my position with the roadbook. The dunes were ok, I was careful not to blow the engine as the sand was really soft. I almost ran out of fuel looking for the right way. I really like the challenge of finding your own way. ''

Alexey Naumov

Alexey Naumov lost some time today with an electrical problem, he was 81st in the special and drops to 56th overall. He missed 1 waypoint, for which he should get a penalty which will be added to his total time later. "I lost about two hours fixing the electrical problem. It was cold this morning in the road section. At 09.11 hours I started the special. The first part was fast, but I had difficulties to get up the dunes. I had the electrical problem with my bike 10 kilometers before the finish, I'm just happy I made it.''

Mirjam Pol

Mirjam Pol is a big fan of sand and dunes, so she was happy, the fun started at kilometer 375. Pol: "I really like sand and dunes, but I surprised even myself with how I got over the different difficult situations. I almost hit a car of the organization, going to the top of a dune. The first part of the day went ok, for once the dust wasn't so bad. In the dunes I saw a lot of riders standing still, but in the end my classification was lower than I hoped... The pace is higher compared to the years before.''

Vadim Pritulyak

Vadim Pritulyak has made it to the finished today. Yesterday he was also late in the bivouac, it was a very tough day for him. Just this morning he decided to continue.

Vadim Pritulyak

Vadim Pritulyak has made it to the finished today. Yesterday he was also late in the bivouac, it was a very tough day for him. Just this morning he decided to continue.

Preview January 10th Copiapo -- Copiapo

If the mileage for the day's proceedings is taken in isolation, the Copiapo-Copiapo loop could pass for a quiet stroll in the desert. Nonetheless it may happen that for many the outcome of the rally could go a long way to being decided in the majestic dunes that dominate this stage. In some places, the depth of the dips formed by the mountains of sand could condemn those who wander astray in them to an endless series of manoeuvres. During this day full of traps, there is a lot to lose... but also much to be won for those who are experts at crossing dunes. The most elementary advice on deflating tyres is probably the most valuable to follow. To add further spice to this stage, the bikers will set off in a grouped start, in rows of ten for the leading riders then in rows of 20. We will see Quinn in the first row!

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