Team Honda Europe stage 12 report

January 14 2011, Standings after stage 12 : Quinn Cody 9th; Mirjam Pol 61st; Alexey Naumov 70th; Vadim Pritulyak.

12th stage. Hard because of the heavy rainfall last night While a storm went over the bivouac last night causing tents flying round, a little bit further heavy rainfall made the tracks in the first part of the special muddy and difficult to ride. The competitors had to work hard in the first 70 kilometers where the sand was now wet. The trucks started before the bikes, and off course in the muddy sections created very deep ruts filled with water, causing problems for the bikers.

Quinn Cody

According to Quinn Cody ,today's special was fun but tough. Cody scored another great 5th time in the special, remaining 9th overall. Now it's a matter of staying out of trouble and bringing the bike safely to the finish on the 13th and last special of the Dakar 2011. "It was very wet, the bike was sideways all the time. I took extra goggles and gloves with me, as the organization already mentioned rain was to be expected. The ruts that the trucks made were incredible, I just didn't want to fall into the mud. After the fuelstop, at kilometer 441 the tracks were dry and very fast. This Dakar has been a great learning experience, so far it has been a great rally. What I do know now, is that you need to be ready to race from day 1. The first week I needed to adjust to the bike. To do better I need to do more rallies, and do a lot of testing with the Dakar bike. For sure I would love to come back.''

Alexey Naumov

Alexey Naumov was in trouble yesterday, he was the last bike to start the special today. But he still managed to score the 43rd time and is 69th overall. "Yesterday was terrible. The start was perfect. I started in the top 20, which means the interval is a bit longer. No dust, driving at my own pace, perfect. But 7 kilometers before the finish in a Rio the bike stopped. I lost a lot of time, but made it to the finish. Today I had a headache the whole day. The sand was ok, at least no dust with all these riders in front of me. I've had two bad days this rally, now I just want to finish.''

Mirjam Pol

Mirjam Pol (56th today,62nd overall) is running on her last legs. "In the first 15 kilometers I dropped the bike twice in that heavy sand. It was draining al my energy. I decided to take 5 kilometers at a time, and stop for like 15 seconds and continue. I didn't drop the bike anymore after that. On a long gravelsection I was fighting against the sleep. But after the 2nd fuel stop things went better, and I made it to the finish ok.. I can feel we're getting to the end, it's hard. I don't look forward to the long liaison, but we'll get there.''


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