Team GoKoBra stage 5 report

Another tough night for Jurgen and Kees

Around 10.30 local time Jurgen van den Goorbergh and Kees Koolen arrived in the bivouac in Iquique. Van den Goorbergh was towed by Koolen, both white from the fesh fesh dust and completely destroyed of fatigue.

The two GoKoBra men refused to give up and with two hours to eat and sleep a bit and for the mechanics to fix what could be fixed, there was no panic. It did not matter how much penalty (time) they would get or if they had to start last of all competitors, as long as they could start. 'Everything else will be taken care of tomorrow', said Van den Goorbergh. 'As long as my buggy runs again. Dents? Don't worry.'

Already his gloves on and ready to go Van den Goorbergh managed to gobble down a sandwich and a few hot dogs - first foods in 24 hours. In the meanwhile Koolen blew the dust of his overalls and his buggy. His buggy needed the most work after a crash in a ditch resulting in a broken ball joint and no front breakes.

If they manage to get it all up and running again, Van den Goorbergh and Koolen have a Saturday night 6 pm (local time) curfew to reach the Arica bivouac with Saturday being the rest day in the rally.

Note; more later...

-source: gokobra

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Drivers Jurgen van den Goorbergh , Kees Koolen