Team GoKoBra scrutineering report

Time for the last details

Buenos Aires, December 31st, 2010 time filled with making spare parts

What a wonderful surprise it was for Team GoKoBra on the front page of one of the biggest Argentinean newspapers was a big picture of Jurgen van den Goorbergh and Kees Koolens buggies during the technical scruteneering. ,,We had slept in a little bit and at breakfast we saw the newspaper it took a while until we realized "that is us"! says Van den Goorbergh

The day was filled with extra work by the team as they spent time manufacturing some spare parts. ,,Nothing special, just to make sure we have plenty of what we think we might need, a precaution says Van den Goorbergh. ,,We can do all this ourselves and it is best to do it when you have a bit of spare time and to have it all at hand when we need the parts if we would do it then, we are too late.

The 6x6 was checked one last time so the team can leave tomorrow knowing all is ready and organized. Tomorrow will be a long day for Van den Goorbergh and Koolen. The days briefing is at 9 am for the competitors but the buggies will not reach the starting podium till approximately 6 pm to start the long liason to the first bivouac in Victoria. ,,We are preparing for our first short night says Van den Goorbergh. ,,I wish they would start at 8 am we are all eager to start and get going!

The GoKoBra buggies are expected to leave Saturday January 1 st around 6 pm local time (10 pm Dutch time) the starting podium at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires followed by a liason of 334 kilometers to the first bivouac in Victoria where January 2nd the first stage will start.

Jurgen van den Goorbergh, Kees Koolen and the rest of Team GoKoBra wish all a great 2011!

-source: GoKoBra

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