Team Dessoude stage 12 report

Mud bath for Team Dessoude !

On reaching Cordoba, the Dessoude crews finished a stage that was made epic due to the heavy rains. As well as extremely tricky conditions, the drivers were kept very busy. Christian Lavieille and Jean Michel Polato had a close escape... Just 24 hours until their final deliverance !

Another 826 kilometres, the last ones of the 2011 Dakar, and surely the most serious difficulties must be over. But the Dakar is never over until you pass the very last checkpoint. Andre Dessoude, still shaking after hearing Christian's explanations of the problems that befell him today, is still extremely cautious : " The rally had been particularly difficult this year. They said that the first week would be quite quiet, with difficulties increasing -- and that was not exactly the case. It has been difficult from beginning to end. As for us, we not only have to keep going for yet another day, but also fight until the very last second. We are clearly under pressure as we need to hold on to Christian's position just behind the factory teams. It will be the same for Isabelle and Frederic, who are both in fine positions in the overall classification. The whole team is extremely tired, but we are still very motivated. We have plenty of support from all our partners, and from the whole of Normandy, and we are very much aware of this -- it reduces the fatigue, but also reinforces the pressure ... only a few hours before the moment of deliverance !

Today's special stage was once again a nightmare. The storms and the trucks made some sections almost impassable, with some sectors even being neutralised by the organiser. The cars suffered, and at this stage of the event, we could have really done without these conditions.

Christian totally agreed with his team manager " There was no question of pushing today, or of taking risks. This may be true, but sometimes you can't do as you'd like on the Dakar.

This evening, we are thinking of our luck, as everything nearly came to an end today. We got a puncture, and due to the track conditions, we must have driven for a long time before noticing it.

-source: team dessoude

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