Stage 9 quotes


Marc Coma: "In the end, it was a difficult day"

"With the grouped start and the fog, the start of the stage and the navigation was very difficult. In the first group, we got lost, turning right when we shouldn't have. When we got back on track the second wave caught up with us. It was a bit of a mess. After that, a group of around twenty quick riders formed and we managed to ride the rest of the stage normally. But in the end, it was a difficult day".

Frans Verhoeven: "It's perfect"

"For today's grouped start, since I like motocross, I wasn't stressed about being in between other riders. I attacked from the start. In the dunes and the mountains, there was a lot of fog, and I caught up with Ullevalseter. I couldn't understand, because he set off 5 minutes before me. I guess the group in front got really lost and that I navigated really well. It's perfect..."

Cyril Despres: "Fed up of playing cat and mouse"

"After the start, we didn't stay grouped for a long time because at the 17 km point Helder Rodrigues took a wrong direction and we all followed him. So, we turned round and ran straight into the second wave of starters. We were all riding in each others dust. It was a bit of a strange stage really. For the general standings, I assumed my responsibilities, because I'm fed up of playing cat and mouse for the last few years. We'll see what this strategy produces. Now I'll have to wait for the stage in Fiambala".

Jonah Street: "It's awesome, totally awesome"

"I had to start in the third wave, which was good and bad; good that everyone up front new their position and were taking it easy and I got to charge through. The second wave caught everybody in the second to last sand dunes. Then in the last dunes, I think when there were only 3 bikes in front of me I went over the handlebars hard, straight into the sand, totally unannounced, but I was okay. I got back up and followed them in, because I figured that I started two waves behind them so I was doing alright. Today we didn't have any bike problems, everything went really smooth, so I'm happy. It's awesome. You know what? We've been capable of it all rally, it just hasn't fallen into our plate. It's awesome, totally awesome. It's what we come here to do, to do the best we can and first is the best you can do, so to win a stage pretty special."

David Casteu: "It was absolutely great"

"It's wonderful. I navigated by myself, since there were no tracks. I rode with Verhoeven in the right direction, making sure I was crossing the dunes well. Soon, we started to see the bikes of Chaleco, Coma... We went hell for leather, right up to the finish. It was absolutely great. As a result, it helped me forget my gearbox problems a bit".

Helder Rodrigues: "It's terrible, but that's rallying for you"

"The day started well for me again. I was riding really well until the 215 km point, then I got a bit lost. I rode 9 km too much, so I turned back and ran out of petrol. Luckily, Felipe Prohens gave me some petrol. It's terrible. 15 kilometres from here I had the best time, but that's rallying for you".


Stephane Peterhansel: "We're going to try and redeem ourselves"

"I'm fairly happy, because we managed to fix the problem we had with the car and which was causing the engine to over-heat yesterday. The mechanics had to work until 6 o'clock this morning and today it worked just fine. I only lost 11 minutes to Sainz, due to a few small navigation errors. But out in front, there on a different level from us. They've got a very quick car and they're maintaining an impressive pace. We're a little worn out by the last few days, but we're going to try and redeem ourselves, by winning another stage, for example".

Nasser Al Attiyah: "We'll follow Carlos, just follow..."

"We had a puncture and we lost time, but afterwards we came back again and caught Carlos Sainz, finishing in front of him. I'm quite happy to finish today without any problems. The car is working very well. Tomorrow it will be very interesting because we start in second position. As the first car, you always lose time. I am sure tomorrow will be better for us and we will try our best. We'll follow Carlos, just follow..."

Carlos Sainz: "dunes, desert and off-track terrain aren't my favourite type"

"I'm happy with my day, especially since dunes, desert and off-track terrain aren't my favourite type. We drove a good special. After 100 km we caught up with then overtook Nasser Al Attiyah. He had a puncture, but afterwards he clawed back a bit of time on us. Tomorrow it will be me opening the way and the roles will be reversed".

-source: dakar

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