Stage 9 Copiapo to La Serena quotes

Stage 9 - Copiapo to La Serena Monday, January 11 Quotes of the stage Bike: Marc Coma: "An unusual day" "It was an unusual day with the side-by-side start, but it was a super start. Everyone was in front. We rode together with Ullevalseter...

Stage 9 - Copiapo to La Serena
Monday, January 11
Quotes of the stage


Marc Coma: "An unusual day"

"It was an unusual day with the side-by-side start, but it was a super start. Everyone was in front. We rode together with Ullevalseter at a good pace with two other bikers. The special was interesting at the start, with dunes and navigation. In the end, it was a good result for me. That's one more day of the rally gone and one day nearer to the finish. I'm happy. And the tires are as good as new".

Cyril Despres: "A matter of honour"

"It was a nice stage. It's not often that you get to start off side-by-side like this morning. Even if it was a short special, it was intense. Everyone played their part, but I hung back a bit right at the start. Over the first 70 kilometres, we kept swapping the lead. First it was Marc Coma, then it was me. We must have overtaken each other around fifteen times. At the finishing line, there were two possible routes. We each took a different one and finished at almost the same time. Neither of us wanted to give anything away and it's proof that as riders we are very closely matched. In rally-raids, there are very few final sprints, but today, it was a matter of honour..."

Francisco Lopez: "I'm not racing against anyone"

"Today was a case of taking and getting through the stages as they come day after day, rather than fighting for second place. I'm in the top 3. You can start to make predictions, but anything can still happen. Sometimes I have good days, sometimes others are less good. I'm 3rd and for the moment I'm happy. But I'm not racing against anyone. It's just about me and how I set out my strategy. I make sure I navigate well and that the bike reaches the finishing line. And whatever position I finish in at the end will be more than welcome".


Christophe Declerck: "The machine and the man are on the move"

I won 2 stages last year. Stages 1 and 2. This year I get my second win only on the ninth stage. I've actually had problems everyday since the beginning of the race. Mechanical problems, but also bad luck. This Dakar did not start too well for me. I had to do a lot a mechanical work during the stages. I even repaired a ventilator. But I felt the machine and the man finally were on the move the last 2 or 3 days. I had a good pace. I left 5 minutes behind the Patronellis and I caught them up after 120 km. Then I led the stage until I had a problem with the brakes. Then the Patronellis overtook me and I eventually made sure I was less than 5 minutes behind them. This way I knew I would win the stage.


Nasser AL Attiyah: "I don't need team orders"

"After yesterday, I said I must take 6 minutes from Carlos because if he gains time over me today, then the team might start giving team orders and I don't need team orders. Now victory is possible, we have an 8 minute gap I think. The fight continues. I'm here to win the race and I will try to do my best. Tomorrow, the stage will be like the WRC with no sand. On this type of stage opening the road won't be a problem. Today, I made the difference in the sand. From the start I really pushed a lot. First I caught up with De Villiers then with Miller. I'm very happy because I've never pushed so hard like that in my life, never...

Stephane Peterhansel: "We missed a good opportunity"

"It was a superb stage. Short but great, though it didn't go well for us. I let myself get stuck in a very slow section, with camel grass. I slid into a hole with the front of the car stuck on a clump of grass and the back on another clump of grass. It took a long time to get the car moving again, centimetre by centimetre. We must have been stuck for around 20 minutes, so it was a bad day. It was a day when it was easy to make mistakes. That said, out of the leading cars, I'm the only one to have made a mistake today. Now we will have to rely on other drivers' mistakes because the gaps are really big. I'm in 4th place but the others are far off. Even if I had driven a perfect stage, I still would not have gained back much time. They didn't make any errors and that's what was important. Today, an exploit was possible, but we missed a good opportunity. It's doubly bad, because not only have we lost time, tomorrow we'll be starting behind the others on a dusty stage..."

Guerlain Chicherit: "The car won't let me win a special stage"

"It was good today, but unfortunately there are still problems with the engine. We didn't suffer today, though, because it only cut out for a short moment, so it was okay. The mechanics have checked everything. It must be a tiny wire somewhere, but that's not what caused us problems today. We made a navigational mistake. We went behind a ridge and couldn't climb back up. I tried to find a way through, but we ended up going on a bit of long trip! The car won't let me win a special stage, so the goal is simply to finish".

-source: aso

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