Stage 8 quotes


Francisco Lopez: "We worked well"

"It was a long special, very long with lots of navigation. In fact, I had to open the way on some sections. Cyril did it on other parts and in the end we rode well. All in all, it was a good day. We worked well together. It was difficult to win a stage like that, a 508-kilometre timed section. But we rode quickly and by staying with them like that I knew it would do me good in the general standings".

Marc Coma: "Everything turned out fine"

"It was a hard stage and very long with plenty of mileage and dunes. With Cyril and Chaleco we all rode together. We took turns to open the way, at a very fast pace too. I was happy about the pace today. It was a good stage after a complicated one yesterday. But in the end, everything turned out fine. I'm glad, because it was a 500-km special. That's a hell of a lot".

Pal-Anders Ullevalseter: "for the general standings, it was a good result"

"That was my kind of special. Until half-way through I was doing well, but then I got lost twice. In the end, for the general standings, it was a good result and I'm continuing to climb back up. It's very positive and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's stage".

Cyril Despres: "There are back wheel like leeches in rally raids too"

"It wasn't too bad at all today. We've been on the go for a while: 505 kilometres. And it wasn't easy to open the way, so obviously the others catch up with you. Chaleco and me opened up the way and we had a great time. Today, the game was to stay right behind following in my tracks. He didn't take too many risks, but, you know, that happens. You can't do much about it, but we still distanced the rest of them by miles. Chaleco led the way on all the quick parts and I did the dunes. In the end, the satisfaction came from overtaking them and crossing the finishing line first. It's not much, but for a day like today it's a source of satisfaction. The problem with navigation is like in cycling some riders stick to your back wheel like leeches; well, there's the same thing in rally raids too. But that's just part of the game".

Helder Rodrigues: "To only lose 4 minutes on a day like that is positive"

"It was a difficult stage for me. I rode 508 km all alone. Coma and Chaleco caught up with me quickly and I didn't manage to stay with them. Afterwards, I was all on my own and it was tough. Chaleco gain 4 minutes on me. It's not much. To only lose 4 minutes on a day like that is good, it's positive".


Mark Miller: "Finally, our best special so far"

"It was good. Finally we had what I'd call our best special so far, it was nice, I enjoyed it the whole way. At the beginning we were stuck behind Nani Roma for a long time in the dust and got a puncture, then I kind of cruised. We saw a couple of guys on the side of the track fixing punctures so at the end it was just like a cruise day for us but I guess it must be difficult for the others. It's going to be a long day for the boys, they're going to have struggled because there were some dunes at the end over the last 20 kilometres that we were having trouble with, tracking back and forth, so I imagine that the other guys will have a really tough day and maybe even a hard night. I'm surprised Carlos got stuck, but anything can happen. If we have 2 or 3 more stages like this then I think you'll see big gaps between everybody".

Carlos Sainz: "Obviously, I've lost some time"

"I hope that today will have been our worst day on the Dakar. At the end we got stuck in the dunes twice and both times we had to get out and dig. Sometimes everything's fine, other times it's not as good. We'll just have to keep on going. We need to attack. On a rally,e each stage is long and hard. We'll see what happens. Obviously, I've lost some time, but the rally isn't over, there are still other stages left".

Giniel De Villiers: "A clean stage"

"It wasn't too bad. We were just behind Carlos about two minutes, or not quite two minutes and we were holding the gap, but then at one place we got lost and lost their dust completely and after that we got a puncture. Then I decided it was pointless to keep up with him because it looked like Carlos had caught up with Nasser and I knew it was just going to be a crazy fight between the two of them and there's no point trying to keep up with their pace. We just had to try and drive a clean stage and make no mistakes. I was surprised that Stephane didn't pass us so I don't know what happened to him. Third position is great but there is still a long way to go. That's just one more day finished and it wasn't too bad".

Nasser Al Attiyah: "I can control the race now"

"We were really careful from the beginning. Carlos caught up with us very quickly. In the last section of dunes we were pushing at a maximum because that was where we had to take the time from Sainz. I'm quite happy to win the stage, quite happy. It was a difficult stage because I was opening all the way, but the dunes are my favourite terrain and I was really pushing to the limit. But I'm happy to win the stage and take the lead in the general standings. I can control the race now".

Stephane Peterhansel: "We had a problem with the engine over-heating"

"Just for a change, we got a puncture right at the start, but it was nothing compared to what happened afterwards. We had a problem with the engine over-heating. We had to make a quick fix on the fan and stop regularly to add water to the radiator. Over the last 150 km we must have lost an hour and a half. We had three punctures as well today, so we've finished without a spare wheel. One more and it would've been curtains for us. Mind you, that would've just been a few minutes lost, instead of hours".

-source: dakar

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