Stage 6 quotes


Marc Coma: "It was a really hard stage"

"It was a very hard stage, at the start with the dunes, then with all the navigation, because it was very technical until around the 200 km point. It was a very restrictive stage and was hard to open the way. It was like I was stood still and was still in the same place since there was so much 'fesh-fesh'. It was a really hard stage".

Francisco 'Chaleco' Lopez: "There will be a big cull"

"The last part of the special for 150 kilometres was very hard, very dusty. There was also lots of 'fesh-fesh'. But I really liked it, especially in the dunes. Marc Coma caught up with me as well as two groups of bikers as well. We rode carefully. It is going to be complicated for a lot of riders and there will be a big cull before the rest day".

Helder Rodrigues: "Overall, it was a very good day"

"It was a superb special for me. I set off behind Despres and Coma, but I caught up with them before overtaking them. I opened the way for 200 kilometres. Overall, it was a very good day. I'm in 4th place. It's perfect".

Cyril Despres: "It's a miracle I finished"

"It was a very difficult stage for me. I've had vibrations in the engine for 220 km so the rest day will do the machine and rider a world of good. I don't know what caused it. After the refuelling point, the bike started to vibrate and I didn't know whether to stop or not, in case the engine was going to blow. I slowed down a bit and in the end I finished at the same time as the others. Honestly, it's a miracle that I finished. The only positive thing is that I'm here, but it was squeaky-bum time for 200 km and that's not reassuring".

Ruben Faria: "Taking advantage of the situation"

"It was a very tough stage, very long and bumpy. I started at my own pace, so until the refuelling stop I probably lost some time. After that I accelerated. 200 km from the finish, I overtook Despres, Coma, Rodrigues and Chaleco. I stayed with them, so I think I should have won. As Cyril's water carrier, I always ride sensibly, but there are times when I can take advantage of the situation. I started 7th this morning and that helped me. I think Cyril will be happy for me".


Tomas Maffei : "I hope I can keep 2nd position"

"It was a very difficult long stage and very rocky, very hot too. The quad started to overheat. I fell just before a refuelling. Then there was a lot of 'fesh-fesh' and it was hard to keep the quad straight. For the moment, I'm 2nd in the general standings and I hope I can keep this position. Now I'm going to rest and prepare for the next stage".

Alejandro Patronelli: "All sorts of things happened to me today"

"Very tough, imposing. All sorts of things happened to me today. I fell, but I didn't damage the quad. I'm not injured. To tell the truth, I was lucky. Despite all the dust, I was dazzled by a bit of sunlight and I didn't see a signpost. I'm going to get a penalty for speeding, I'm sure of it, but that's not important, I'm still here after all. After that, I rode as quick as I could to make up for the penalty. My motivation is to finish and arrive in Buenos Aires to celebrate on the podium with the crowds. On this Dakar we have been really unlucky. I'd never fallen before and now it's happened twice. The general standings aren't an important objective, because I could have hurt myself badly today".


Guerlain Chicherit: "I need to have fun"

"It's very true that it wasn't an easy stage. We started quite a way back, so we were in the dust of the cars in front. We had punctures just like everyone else. Our time wasn't great, but at least we enjoyed ourselves. We lost too much time, so we don't want to take risks. I need to have fun, because the start of the rally was very tough for us. Yesterday I was in a bad mood, but today I'm feeling happier, I've got a smile on my face again".

Stephane Peterhansel: "We paid for our setbacks quite heavily"

"It didn't go very well today. We missed one of the Way Points when we were crossing some dunes. We had to turn back and lost 4 to 5 minutes there. After that, we had a series of punctures, four times in all. We only had three spare wheels, so we had to stop regularly to inflate that last wheel. We paid for our setbacks quite heavily today. It's a bad news before the rest day".

Giniel De Villiers: "It was impossible to stay with Sainz"

"We damaged the front of the Race Touareg in the dunes. We nearly got stuck, struggled for about one minute but then we got out. Then, about 70 km from the end I had two punctures 5 km apart so it was a little bit unlucky. This morning, I tried to stay with Carlos, but he was going so fast it was impossible to stay with him. We were about a minute thirty behind them but they were really fast. It's a pity we had the two punctures, though I believe Peter had four of them -- it was quite rocky today. But there's a long way to go and we're going to try and push hard to get there"..

Nasser Al Attiyah: "I've got a big headache"

"I caught up with Stephane at some place when he was stuck or had some sort of problem. But after I let him pass and he passed me. Then he was in a very bad place and got a puncture. But after I was pushing from this point until the finish. I didn't like this stage because it was really too risky and it was very dangerous for us. I've got a big headache now. Tomorrow it's the rest day and we'll look back at what's gone on, because there's still a big fight with Carlos. It's good".

Carlos Sainz: "The gaps are very small"

"It was a very good stage for us today. We caught up with Peter and Nasser, who were driving together, then I saw Peterhansel stop. I was in Nasser's dust, very close by. I also got a puncture and lost several minutes... I don't like this kind of stage. They are difficult and dangerous. It's very close in the standings. At the rest day, the gaps are very small: 2'30"; that's nothing".


Ales Loprais: "A great satisfaction for us"

"The Kamaz drivers are so strong, with excellent technique and they are excellent drivers as well. But we will push. We are just one Tatra here against an army of 6 trucks from Russia, but we will keep on pushing, that's our goal and we would like to target the podium at least. For sure it's fantastic to win a special and it's a great satisfaction for us. It was a really difficult stage. Even the first section in the dunes there was a lot of possibilities of getting a puncture. We were really organised to not get a flat tyre because in the last stage it happened and that cost us 20 minutes. Sometimes everything fits together and works and today we made it".

-source: dakar

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