Stage 5 quotes


Paulo Goncalves: "I think I rode it well"

"It was a very difficult stage, very long but also very beautiful. I think I rode it well. After the refuelling point, I stopped to help Olivier Pain who had fallen. The rules say we should stop. I waited for 4 to 5 minutes. The main thing is that he's ok. So I'll probably have some time taken off my end result. The bike worked well on the quick parts as well as the technical ones".

Marc Coma: "It was a difficult day"

"It was a difficult day. I fell then I had problems with my radiator. I managed to repair it and carry on more or less as normal. After the refuelling, I stopped for Olivier Pain who had just had a fall. He was unconscious, so I activated the alarm and stayed with him until my water carrier Joan Pedrero arrived. It was a genuine Dakar stage where all sorts of things happen. I lost time on Despres, but I should recover some time after stopping to help Pain".

Frans Verhoeven: "I was seeing everything double"

"Today was a very, very hard stage, but that's my kind of thing because I like the long stages with a lot of navigation. As you can see, I had a good result. I attacked all day and didn't make any mistakes. But just two kilometres from the finish I had a very big crash. Luckily, I didn't hurt anything, but my head was turning and I was seeing everything double."

Cyril Despres: "This is why I ride rally-raids"

"I was told at half past four in the morning that I'd been given a penalty. I just forgot my thermal gloves, so I went back to get them and I didn't see that there were signposts I had to follow at the exit. Unfortunately for me, that's the race rules, but I've already forgotten about it with what I experienced today. This is why I ride rally-raids: 425 km of navigation and pleasure. We had to go looking for GPS coordinates that were genuinely like needles in haystacks. Forgetting about the time or penalties, the most important thing for me is to feel good and enjoy myself. I saw that Marc Coma was carrying out repairs around the 70 km point. I've never rejoiced about other peoples problems. What's important for me, is the race I ride".

Francisco 'Chaleco' Lopez: "The race really started today"

"It was really difficult today. I lost rack of the way twice, but Cyril found the right way. After that, it was my turn to find the correct direction. The navigation was extremely complicated, but that's the Dakar. The race really started today. It was a genuine day of rally-raiding with technical problems and lots of navigation. In the end, I rode quite cautiously. Grabbing a good finish today was really great".


Tomas Maffei: "It was very tough"

It was rocky and sandy and required a lot of navigation. It was very tough physically and very complicated too. At the end, we rode together with a group of bikes, to make sure we didn't get lost. A wonderful stage, but very difficult".

Alejandro Patronelli: "That's the Dakar"

"It was really tough, very tiring -- exhausting, in fact. But that's the Dakar and you have to fight to withstand the demands of the race. Tomas Maffei is doing well, which is normal, because he's talented. He demonstrated that during the endurance race at Verano. I hope an Argentinean rider will win. I'm going to keep going at my pace and just hoping to finish".


Krzysztof Holowczyc: "We drove pretty well"

"Guerlain Chicherit went off the track so we just tried to help him. We tried to pull him out but his car is really heavy and now our rope is broken. So we left and I don't know if we went through all the stage with the rope trailing behind us. We drove pretty well. The stage was clear of problems, apart from at the end for the last 30 kilometres when we missed the route and tried to find our way. We got stuck for a minimum of 10 minutes, which meant we lost everything at the end of the stage".

Carlos Sainz: "The last descent was very impressive"

"It was a long stage, more than 400 kilometres. We had navigation problems at the start. We were hesitant for about 4 or 5 kilometres before we headed back to the track where we found some sort of trenches that were difficult to cross. Afterwards, in the dunes we ended up behind a very slow motorbike. We slowed down and waited to avoid any risks. It's sure that even after a big stage like today, the general standings are still very close. The last descent to the bivouac at Iquique was very impressive. When you're in the car, it's something special".

Giniel De Villiers: "Our first time back in the dues for many months"

"This was the first proper stage, very tricky with lots of rocks, very dangerous so you had to be careful. Unfortunately we got a puncture after about 46 km. It was not a very easy place to change the wheel, so I think we lost about 3 minutes. It thing we lost a little more time towards the end because it was our first time back in the dues for many months. We're obviously trying to push and match their times".

Stephane Peterhansel: "It could've been better"

"It was a stage with lots of surprises. We started with the bit between our teeth. We managed to overtake Al Attiyah and Sainz by taking advantage of a navigation error they made. After that, it was our turn to make a mistake and get a flat tyre. They overtook again, but we managed to pass them at the end. At the finish, we put in a good time. It could have been better, though. At one point, I had regained 4 minutes on Carlos. In the end, our performance was okay. The first three places in the general standings are separated by three minutes. That's good. I hope it stays like that until the rest day, that way we'll have a thrilling end to the race. Everything is still possible for us".

Nasser Al Attiyah: "The race will be crazy"

"Today it was very difficult. I was following Carlos in one place and we got lost. Peterhansel caught up with us and overtook. Afterwards, Carlos was very speedy, so I said, 'ok just try and finish the stage'. We had a good position today and we took back one minute fifty one seconds from Carlos. I think it's a good time. Tomorrow, we must push more because Peterhansel will be opening the road. The gaps are crazy. I think the race will be crazy this year".

-source: dakar

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