Stage 4 quotes


Guerlain Chicherit: "We weren't concerned about the time"

"It was cool. We drove a great special with no mistakes. We didn't push that hard and we really enjoyed the driving. During the last three stages we had problems with the brakes and I was hoping they would work today, and fortunately that was the case. Today, we weren't concerned about the time. We just wanted to drive and get back into the rhythm without worrying about the rest. The car seems to be working well. There's still a long way to go".

Stephane Peterhansel: "It could've been a good day"

"It could've been a good day because we were in the lead at the intermediate points. But we got a flat tyre and had to change the wheel, which took two or three minutes. That's what we needed to win the stage. It means that we're navigating well and that we aren't having problems on high altitude tracks either. So, even if it wasn't our strategy to be third for tomorrow, it hasn't turned out to bad in the end. By setting off in third, we can gain back a handful of precious minutes".

Giniel De Villiers: "Not too bad"

"Not too bad. There was one tricky place where we came across about fifteen bikes stopping, turning round and coming back. We were a little bit hesitant there too. Otherwise, no problems. It was a very fast stage. We seem to have lost a little bit to Carlos, about 2 minutes, but it's still better than the 5 minutes we lost yesterday, so I think it's going a little bit better".

Nasser Al Attiyah: "We'll start second behind Carlos and at least we can attack"

"It isn't easy when you open the road but we made a really good time. Carlos Sainz was only around fifty seconds faster than us. We did a god job because I enjoyed today a lot. It will be better tomorrow because we'll start second behind Carlos and at least we can attack. Perhaps the problems with the car were all in the mind".

Carlos Sainz: "I hope that someone was quicker then me..."

"There was some navigation work, a bit of off-track driving, but I think that it will be tomorrow when things will get serious. I drove very fast today. I hope that someone was quicker then me, so that I don't have to open the way. Peterhansel, Al Attiyah and even De Viliers are dangerous rivals. We're very close to each other in the standings".


David Casteu: "I'm gaining more and more confidence"

"We've been used to following the route, but this time we've really got down to the nitty gritty, with a real rally special stage. I'm gaining more and more confidence. From the start of the rally, the bike has been working really well. We haven't had any engine problems or difficulties with the chassis. Despres and Coma have a lot of experience. It's a duel between KTMs, with big stakes, which obviously motivates them a lot. For the moment, their brand has years of experience, whereas we are just a small team who are continuing to grow. But some time soon we'll be able to battle with them".

Olivier Pain: "I prefer the stages with lots of navigation"

"Overall, it was ok, even if I fell near the end. Courage was more useful then technical skill today. Of course, there weren't any beacons today unlike the previous days. I had to be careful on several changes of direction, but it was a nice stage. I prefer the stages with lots of navigation. Going hell for leather isn't what suits me the best".

Chaleco Lopez: "I feel a lot better in Chile"

"It was a very quick day. I finished 3rd on the special. I feel a lot better in Chile even if it's going to be a lot more complicated tomorrow. Cyril and Marc are riding at a crazy pace. I can't keep up with them for the moment. I prefer the stages with more off-track riding. Today was a positive day. I'm going to dry and claw time back on Coma and Despres but it's not easy. They have machines that are performing excellently and they're great riders as well. Mind you, there's still a long way to go in the rally".

Cyril Despres: "In second, 2 seconds behind, for a number 2"

"For this type of terrain that's so different you need to change the way your brain's wired. There's no more hard ground, just desert, off-track riding and surfaces which break up. For a first day in the sand, it was a good start to the desert stages. Today, Marc Coma rode a great stage. It's a superb battle with Marc. Today again we opened up a little more of a gap on the others. This evening, I'm in second, 2 seconds behind. For a number 2, that's a neat trick, isn't it?"

Marc Coma: "The general standings don't matter for the moment"

"It was a very important day for me, even if it was only a 207-km stage. It was difficult to open the way. I'm happy and I felt great. I hope it stays like that right until the end. The general standings don't matter for the moment. The most important thing will be the last day. It's essential to have a good pace and avoid making mistakes. Now we'll have to deal with two very difficult stages".

-source: dakar

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