Stage 2 Cordoba to San Miguel de Tucuman quotes

Stage 2 Cordoba to San Miguel de Tucuman quotes
January 3, 2011


Mark Miller: "We'll be driving to help the others now"

"It rained this morning and then the terrain dried out. In a bend, we skidded and lost control of the car. We rolled before we could get back on the track. After that, we had to stop and repair, especially the power steering. It was a really bad day for me. We'll be able to continue, but now we'll be driving to help the others now".

Guerlain Chicherit: "I've got a smile back on my face though"

"It wasn't an easy special. Obviously, it was wet which caused visibility problems. But you know, I like it when it's skiddy. I really enjoyed myself. The car worked really well. Unfortunately, we started quite a way back and had to overtake a lot of cars. It's sure that I've got a smile back on my face though. The car worked fine and we didn't have any problems. Starting the rally with the difficulties we had yesterday is disappointing, but the rally still has a long way to go. I managed to regain my motivation during the night, and that should do it..."

Orlando Terranova: "I can't wait for the desert"

"It was a good day on the whole. We didn't want to take any risks, since a mistake was easily made. What's more, we had to deal with the rain. We put in a good performance. I'm not comfortable on this sort of stage, a mishap can arrive quickly. I can't wait for the desert and the rough terrain driving where the BMW's engine could be key".

Stephane Peterhansel: "Not easy to try and follow Sainz's pace"

"It was a stage with everything again. A very technical special, but very nice to drive. It isn't easy to try and follow Sainz's pace. It's easy to be surprised by the tight bends, and there were a lot of them. But that's motorsport. Everyone can have problems. Last year we had our fair share. I hope that this year we'll manage to avoid them. In any case, you can see that on these very technical stages, Carlos is slightly quicker than us and we'll perhaps have to wait until the desert to find a chink in his armour".

Nasser Al Attiyah: "We lost a lot of power"

"It was really not easy the two stages, yesterday and today. Yesterday we had a small problem and today we had exactly the same problem. We lost a lot of power on the last 100 kilometres. I don't know what's wrong, it was probably something to do with the water. We really need to fix it because I'm disappointed that we lost a lot of time. I'm very happy to be at this level, but tomorrow will be a very different day".

Carlos Sainz: "I had windscreen wiper problems again"

"It was a difficult stage to tackle again and I had windscreen wiper problems again -- they wouldn't work properly. For a dozen kilometres, I couldn't see a thing and I had to drive very slowly. I'm very disappointed. I've probably lost a lot of time. I don't understand why we still have this problem, because the mechanics checked everything yesterday. Overall, though, this stage suited me rather well".


Jonah Street: "Overall, I'm happy"

"I felt like I could've rode a little faster in the morning. I felt good, but I didn't feel like I was carrying the right speed over the rises like I should be. Overall, I'm happy with the way I rode today. There is still a long way to go. These two stages are a lot different from what we'll see in Chile".

Chaleco Lopez: "A positive day"

"I really had fun on this special. It was a stage that really suited my bike. Mind you, I suffered because of the dust quite a bit and it was difficult to catch up with the riders ahead. The race has really started for me now. It's been a positive day".

David Casteu: "Relieved"

"I asked for news about the spectator that I hit yesterday and he only has two broken ribs, so I'm very relieved, because it wasn't a very easy evening to go through yesterday. Today, I was still thinking about it, but there were much less people on the tracks and I was able to attack a lot. I ended up in the dust of Rodrigues, Viladoms and Verhoeven. I even managed to overtake them, but it wasn't easy. At one point, I was travelling at 163 kmph, which is not bad at all for a 450cc. The bike is working very well and I'm really enjoying riding it".

Marc Coma: "the main priority was to look after the tyres"

"It was a long stage, 300 km with lots of riding and virtually no navigation. I managed to get past Ruben Faria after losing a bit of time, so I tried to push on to make up time, but the main priority was to look after the tyres. Towards the end I slowed down a little to take it easy until the finishing line".

Cyril Despres: "A 300-km giant slalom"

"Today the track was full of bends and very skiddy, like a 300-km giant slalom with jumps, like skiing. I noticed at the refuelling point that I'd taken almost a minute less than Coma. I was feeling good, so I decided to attack a bit in the second part, though I was careful to look after my tyres because I nearly wore them through today. The most important thing is to find a god pace and have the right feeling. For the moment, the riding demands a lot of concentration".


Alejandro Patronelli: "I'm going to continue to do the best I can" (quad) (dossard 252)

"I just wanted to ride the stage. I was not aiming for victory at all today. It was a clean stage, quite nice and not dangerous. There were a lot of bikes and plenty of dust. I was able to overtake a few bikers, but after that it got more difficult. It's good to have won, but being 2nd in the general standings doesn't mean much. For instance, if I get a puncture tomorrow, I could end up way back in the field. So, I'm going to continue racing my way, taking it day by day and trying to do the best I can".


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