Stage 10 quotes


Francisco Lopez: "Complicated, but I'm still here"

"It was a very difficult stage, but I started very well. I thought I would be in with a shout for 2nd place, but Cyril got lost. Then after 60 km I had a few problems. The bike stalled because something was wrong with the fuel pump. My water carrier, Gerard Farres Guell, arrived and we were able to carry on, but it was tough until the finish. I didn't think I was going to be able to finish. But, that's the Dakar. I gave it a lot today, I thought I could have put in a good performance but in the dry river bed it was complicated. But I'm still here".

Marc Coma: "I managed to ride the fastest"

"It was another very difficult special. We know that Fiambala is one of the hardest days of the rally. There was a lot of navigation and a part with soft dunes. Then, in a dry river bed, it was just as complicated because it was difficult to navigate. We got a bit lost, but managed to find the right track and finish off decently. There are two very hard days left and the last special to think about as well. It's always good to win, but there are still two days. Today, it was good right from the start. I was behind to start with, but I managed to ride the fastest".

Ruben Faria: "Crazy"

"It was a very difficult stage... crazy. I got lost at least three or four times, but it wasn't' too bad. Everyone got lost in the dry river bed towards the end".

Cyril Despres: "I fell into a mud hole"

"I made a first big mistake after 120 km whilst I was riding well. I read 17 instead of 117 on the navigation and I ended up in the rocks with Verhoeven. We already lost lots of time there, but then in the last few kilometres I made another mistake, turned round and fell into a mud hole. It was impossible to get back out, it took me ten minutes in all. I though I was going to lose even more time. It's a bad day, but that's rally raids for you, some days are good, some are bad".

Helder Rodrigues: "It's hard to take"

"It was the same as yesterday! I started behind Marc and Cyril and I caught up with them. Afterwards, about ten kilometres from here, we got lost in a dry river bed and couldn't find the way out. I lost a lot of time there. That's two days in a row now. It's hard to take".


Giniel De Villiers: "Stay focused"

"I had to be very careful because I was overheating quite a lot. Some places going up the hills were so soft I don't know how the privateers are going to make it up there. We just tried to say clean. From the last two years I know this stage is particularly difficult especially with the navigation. At one place in the mountains we went wrong. Stephane passed us after about 60 km but we just let him go. Then we just went at our own pace and made sure we found all the turn-offs because in the end it was unbelievably tricky. My co-pilot did an excellent job at the end, excellent. Sure, it's nice to win a stage, after all today was really a proper Dakar stage, with really difficult navigation. In some places you really had to be calm and stay focused. It was dangerous to push in some places because there are such big rocks that can catch you out, so it wasn't easy today. I went at a nice pace, but not too hard because I know from the previous two years that on this stage, especially at Fiambala, if you push two hard you can make a mistake very easily".

Stephane Peterhansel: "Too many mistakes"

"It wasn't a very good day because we made a lot of mistakes. We started calmly in the dunes but then we got lost, as well as getting stuck when we wanted to cut through a dry river bed. We jumped a wall, but fell on the front of the car, which stayed stuck, so we had to get out and dig ourselves free. It wasn't a good special. We went on the attack, but we made too many mistakes. We good have put in a good performance because we had plenty of speed today".

Carlos Sainz: "If Nasser doesn't make any mistakes, it's all over"

"I lost a lot of time. I didn't have any luck today. We got stuck at the beginning, then we took the wrong way two or three times. We also had a puncture and I broke the gearbox at the end. It didn't go well at all. If Nasser doesn't make any mistakes, it's all over".

Nasser Al-Attiyah: "A big day for us"

"We got lost for around 7 to 8 minutes. After that we caught up with Stephane Peterhansel, and we tried to find the right way. Then suddenly I saw Giniel De Villiers's car and I tried to follow him. From then I said we must stay calm, take it easy and try and find the way. It's okay, we're here now and I'm quite happy. I think it's a big day for us. I don't know where Carlos finished, but we're quite happy".

Krzysztof Holowczyc: "It's possible for us to fight with the best drivers"

"A great stage for the navigation. Jean-Marc (Fortin) was perfect, without any single mistake. In some places it was very difficult to take the car uphill. On the bumps and the camel grass I felt very good. Second place is very nice for us. It's possible for us to fight with the best drivers on this rally".

-source: dakar

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