Saturday leg 1 quotes

Alain Duclos : "Reach the Top 5"

"Aprilia's proposal came at the right time because of the switch to 450cc. For the time being, we do not have many points of comparison as our bikes were not able to take part in the Morocco Rally to race against the new KTM but on paper we are OK. My goal is - obviously - to reach the Top 5. But in this race, any goal can evolve. In order to aim higher I would have to become a pro rider. The difference with the other riders in my league is physical preparation. I have the chance of being pretty fit but after days working 8 to 10 hours, I cannot work out as deeply and as much as I would want to. This being said, the experience I am starting to have in this raid compensates for my limited physical preparation."

Nani Roma : "The briefing is a convivial moment that helps release the pressure"

"The briefing is a nice moment. You meet friends and contenders you will - most certainly - not have time to see during the race. The atmosphere is nice because everyone is there. I like it! It is also a time that releases some of the pressure of the competition and there is always something new to learn, something you will have to think about during the race. Personally, I like the briefing time because it also means that all the efforts and the hard work will finally prove useful with the start podium and the start of the raid. We will have a quiet race, without too much pressure, thanks to a good team, to some solid technicians and to the great atmosphere that binds us together."

Francisco Chaleco Lopez : "I am ready!"

"Being able to finish third in the last Dakar was a great reward but it does not mean the pressure is on for this year's edition. This being said, those around me expect a lot from me... that is true. But I also expect a lot from this year's Dakar. My greatest comfort is that I have always enjoyed support when things were going right but also when things were going less right. People expect performance but they also understand how difficult this race is. In three participations and after two withdrawals, I have understood that I had to get used to the Dakar, to know it well before being able to aim for the top. That takes several years but now I am ready. The bike is good, the team is up and running, ready for action."


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