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The finish dune of Iquique: three cars finishing quickly and without problems

#314 Mitsubishi: Bernhard Ten Brinke, Matthieu Baumel
#314 Mitsubishi: Bernhard Ten Brinke, Matthieu Baumel

Photo by: A.S.O.

Do they go off there?

Then you have balls! That is the general opinion as you stand at the bottom of the dune of Iquique. The dune of Dakar is 1000 metres high and the rally cars will race from it when they drive the last few kilometers before the finish. With speeds of sometimes 130/140 kilometres per hour, or as Gert Huzink says: full throttle!

And then, all in full concentration, forget you ever enjoy, such as Bernhard tells in the bivouac.

“I asked Matthieu: Is this the the finish? He confirmed this and I called to him: You should have told me that, now I totally forget to enjoy!”

But as he indicates later, you have no time to enjoy, because you are so concentrated, you want to finish well and quickly, so you can afford no mistakes. ”

Erik drives flawless! Relief to him and Fabian. Finally, after days of misfortune, a flawless stage them. He and Fabian stepped out of the vehicle with a broad grin. Erik looked up, at the dune and says: “That’s where we came from, really? If you driving it, it seems not so steep, you know that? ”

Erik is now happily engaged again to make up for the lost time and we still have 5 days to Lima, so we’ve got confidence!

Prefer full throttle the dunes!

Gert wanted full throttle, but Eugenié held him, because here you need to be precisely. “We had had a good test, no errors, no problems with the car, so yes, we are super satisfied”. Gert experiencing the test of today not as heavy, because today he had no trucks and no dust at all.

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