Riwald Dakar Team stage 12 report

Riwald Dakar Team press release

Respect for Bernhard ten Brinke – 4th place best Dutch performance

#314 Mitsubishi: Bernhard Ten Brinke, Matthieu Baumel
#314 Mitsubishi: Bernhard Ten Brinke, Matthieu Baumel

Photo by: Willy Weyens

This is so incredibly cool!

Today Bernhard has driven faster than the both Minis Rosas and classification leader Peterhansel. He drove by ingenious navigate from his navigator Matthieu Baumel the 4th place in the dagklassment.

Bernhard: “this was so cool, we drove well along with the minis and when we were almost at the dunes we saw 2 Minis and some motorcucles going straight ahead.

Matthieu shouted to me: “To the right, to the right, now!”

But I said: “there are no traces!”. Mathhieu shouted again: “now!!”

So I did, and drove op the dune where he wanted to have me go and then I saw it: the traces of everyone who has ridden the wrong track! It was a total mess everywhere, Minis and motors everywhere around me, very chaotic. Our engine got a bit heated, but because we wanted to lose no time, we adjusted the right tire pressure, so we could drive quickly into the dunes. We passed a view Mini’s at the right, at the left, it was incredible!

Erik: heavy, but nice

As said by the organisation: it was a tough day.

But despite that he got stuck in the deep sand he came 14th over the finish!

“Erik:” it was great again; just two days and then we are in Lima!”

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