Olivier Pain: “One of the conditions for aiming at victory”

Olivier Pain expects to get up to speed in two Dakar Series events: the Desafio Guarani in July and the Desafio Inca in September.

Announcing its programme of preparation for the Dakar 2015, the Yamaha Factory Racing team has confirmed an extension to Olivier Pain’s contract. The French rider was 3rd in the last edition, and he will work with team-mate Michael Metge (13th) throughout the year. Now the leader of the Japanese team, Olivier is starting his season in Sardinia and expects to get up to speed in two Dakar Series events that he has already marked on his calendar: the Desafio Guarani in July (20-24th) and the Desafio Inca in September (11-14th).

Olivier Pain, after reaching the podium in the Dakar last January, you have decided on a preparation strategy aimed at winning the event that is completely different… I’ve decided to stay with Yamaha to maintain some stability, working with people I know and equipment that suits me fine. Above all, I’m going to have a real season of preparation with four races before the Dakar, whereas before I turned up with just one behind me. I’ve been competing for a while now, but it will still be a boost to have all those miles behind me. It’s one of the conditions for having a shot at the title in the Dakar.

Olivier Pain, Yamaha
Olivier Pain, Yamaha

Photo by: A.S.O.

Within your strategy, how will your participation in the Desafio Guarani help? It will be a great opportunity to fine tune all the settings, and to get the whole team working as a unit. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to win it, because I need to be very careful too, and I need to hit peak form in January. Anyway, it will help us to develop the bike, and I’m also very keen to discover Paraguay. I visit new countries every year thanks to the Dakar, and I’m always open-minded because it is about exploring other territories and experiencing other cultures.

Your participation in the Desafio Inca will also be an important part of your preparation… Of course, because it is essential to ride the dunes at some time of the year. I remember Peru in the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Dakar; those stages across the sand were very demanding. If I can be competitive on that kind of terrain from September onwards, I know that will help to keep those sensations fresh in my mind when I compete again four months later.


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