Maxxis Super B Team finishes stage 6 undamaged

Husseini, Koolen, Coronel and van den Goorbergh all had respectable finishes in the longest run yet.

The Maxxis Dakar Team Powered by Super B during the sixth stage from Arica to Calama a pretty good day. Sebastian Husseini fought back with the head of the quad standings and Kees Koolen knew the difficult stage without problems to drive.

Tim Coronel had a difficult start of the stage, but was still nice to the front to fight. Jurgen van den Goorbergh was fast road but received by the end of the stage still some setback.

Looked at the battlefield today what has been done in the various classifications and the many toppers who dropped it was a great achievement for the team that everyone was safely back inside at the end of the day.

Sebastian Husseini (4th) will again try

After the problems of stage five was Sebastian Husseini eager to put down a good performance. A top in the standings at the quads is perhaps far away, but a stage victory is sure for the rapid Husseini.

#265 Honda: Sebastian Husseini
#265 Honda: Sebastian Husseini

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The inhabitant of Dubai rode again today along front and clear the leader in the standings, Patro Nelli even behind him to keep. Long time Husseini rode on his 2nd place around, but after the neutralization time he lost by a clumsy, but important part, his lenses.

Husseini had to stop for a new lens in his eyes before he could continue. Despite the loss of time Husseini finished in a respectable 4th place.

"I have a good day today. Hound heels well and I could fight along with the head. Unfortunately I lost after the neutralized section a lens that cost me some time. I'm glad I'm back with the day victory and look forward to tomorrow's stage "

Kees Koolen (20th) makes it easy

#257 Honda: Kees Koolen
#257 Honda: Kees Koolen

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Kees Koolen did today a bit easier. After the grueling leg of yesterday was important to arrive and to keep things real. Nevertheless let Koolen fine record times and he drove to preserve the finish.

As the race progressed, the times better and Koolen finally finished a fine 20th place. "After the long ride yesterday was the matter today to minimize problems to walk. I have maintained and driven just slow. The Dakar is still long."

Reasonable day Tim Coronel (66th)

Tim Coronel was finally a reasonable day with all he had at the beginning of the stage or the usual problems. A broken drive sleeve and a bearing made sure from the start that he lost a lot of time, but once this was rectified the stage went fairly well.

#354 Suzuki: Tim Coronel
#354 Suzuki: Tim Coronel

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The times were better and Coronel managed to stay out of trouble. Well kept the buggy to suffer from vapor lock which Coronel had to stop several times.

The stage was long and heavy and the participants around him fell in droves, but Coronel knew the sixth stage and eventually to finish 66th.

"It was a great day, but I still fuel problems keeping. The beginning of the stage was less and I had to start all a cover of the drive shaft broke, but then it went better.

I rode at a given time by a pass which I recognized from 2010 when I was with the legendary first buggy drove. That was a really nice piece where the buggy fantastic went through.

In 2010 I stood there with a flat tire I remember well. Towards the end of the stage hit the buggy again and I got him not to talk. Lankveld Team has helped me on the way and the last piece of a trail data, Thanks guys! "

The venom for Jurgen van den Goorbergh was in the tail (77th)

Jurgen van den Goorbergh appeared again today on a good result to be moving, but a big hole in the road threw at the end of the stage spanner in the works.

Tim Coronel and Jurgen van den Goorbergh
Tim Coronel and Jurgen van den Goorbergh

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Van den Goorbergh started well already made the fabric at the beginning of the stage or just for a moment. When overtaking a competitor he drove into a ditch and had to be helped by some locals to get out.

Jurgen flew through the dunes and came at a perfect time with the neutralized section of the stage. After the 96-kilometer began neutralization of the Goorbergh to the last part of the stage, but disaster hit.

A large hole in the road caused the suspension of the buggy was badly damaged causing Jurgen could not continue driving. An attempt to make a strap to be regulated by other participants failed and so had to wait for the Goorbergh assistance truck of the team.

This was a good result there is no longer and he came late in the bivouac. "Bale, I'm in a hole where I drove for damage and have the suspension apart is folded. I had provisionally been made, but the band that I had done broke.

I have the organization called the hole too dangerous and that if there was nothing they could do here would suffer serious harm. I have warned everyone on the road, but no one wanted to stop.

It is unfortunate to see that nobody stops to help you here. I had only a strap required and no drag or so! Because of this I had to wait for the assistance truck and it took a long time.

It was pretty bales because the rest of the stage, I have good ridden. I only had some problems with the computer where the wiring against the alternator had rubbed but otherwise no great things. "

Kornelis Offringa and Rob van Pelt also could not calm spreading today's stage. The beginning of the stage was tough and treacherous for the trucks and road they came from many stranded participants.

Offringa knew the Unimog fine through the dunes to send and managed to stay out of trouble. By the end of the stage they had assistance to van den Goorbergh making an early finish is not in it.

Offringa and van Pelt came together with van den Goorbergh midnight local time in the bivouac.

Stage 7 Calama - Salta

The 7th stage of Calama to Salta, the participants in the height. The bikes / quads and the cars / trucks have their own camp at the end of the trial, but lay still the same 218 km long test off.

Participants will convoy crossing the Andes to Argentina and reach a height of 4.975 meters. The temperature and the height will already weary participants further deplete. The rest day is near, but yet so far away.

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