Maxxis Dakar Team's Husseini finishes 2nd place in quads in stage 3

The Piso to Nazca stage again good for the Maxxis Super B Team with their 3rd consecutive 2nd place. Only Tim Coronel had problems, but retained a respectable finish.

Nazca - The third stage from Pisco to Nazca there was again one with an impact. Dunes, sand and stones alternated and caused quite a few shifts in the rankings. The Maxxis Super B Team had a good day; Sebastian Husseini grabbed for the third consecutive second place in the quads, Kees Koolen rode a strong stage and Jurgen van den Goorbergh finished as 26th overall. The only one who experienced some problems today was Tim Coronel, but he eventually finished in a respectable 69th position.

#265 Honda: Sebastian Husseini
#265 Honda: Sebastian Husseini

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Confusing start for Husseini
Sebastian Husseini started the third stage a bit confusing. The roadbook indicated that 4 kilometers in the special there would be a fuel. Once there, with an almost empty tank he was told by a marshal that he had to refuel at the start. Husseini drove back to the start and lost 18 minutes. The rapid Dubai-resident began a spectacular race overtaking many competitors and managed to reach the finish as 6th. After the stage Husseini went to talk to the organization and it appeared that several complaints had been posted. The organization gave Sebastian his time lost - 18 minutes - back resulting in a third time in a row second place.

Solid stage for Kees Koolen
Kees Koolen drove another solid race during the third stage. The short and technical parts of this stage suit Koolen were very well and that paid off again in a good result. Especially navigating is a strong point for Koolen and without problems he reached the finish. A 16th place was the result after 243 kms of timed special which resulted in a respectable 13th place overall.

Great result for Jurgen van den Goorbergh
The third stage was the Jurgen van den Goorbergh’s stage. After the problems of the first two stages Jurgen could finally show what the Maxxis Super B Dakar Buggies are capable of. With a wonderful 26th place, he was just a mere 5 minutes slower than the HRX Ford of Erik van Loon. An achievement during a stage that was problem free but is never without ‘moments’. The buggy performed well and that paid off today.

Problem-filled stage for Tim Coronel
For Tim Coronel the third stage started not as expected. Already at the beginning of the stage Coronel lost time when he got stuck in the sand. Once back on the road the buggy had some technical issues and stalled sometimes, resulting in some truck passing him. Because of the dust and not seeing the large stones and rocks Coronel experienced two punctures. Despite these problems Coronel drove a good stage and reached the finish with a provisional 69th place. Whilst on the connection (liaison) on his way to the bivouac the buggy stalled again but thanks to a tow behind the truck of the X-Raid Mini / BMW Team Coronel reached the bivouac where the service team was ready to start working on the buggy.

Just another day in the office for Offringa and Van Pelt
Kornelis Offringa and Rob van Pelt have had a few quiet das as fast assistance of the team as their help has not been required and that while the first days of Dakar 2013 have been labeled the toughest in the times.

The Super B Team Maxxis Unimog truck drives its own rally and that sets a good atmosphere in the truck. The performances of Offringa and Van Pelt are good and they reach the bivouac every day without main issues. For the other riders of the team is a reassuring idea that they have a reliable assistance team behind them that can offer a helping hand when needed. Offringa and van Pelt had another solid race and finished in a respectable (provisional) 42th place in the truck standings.

Sebastian Husseini (2de) “I have had another good day. At the start there was an issue with a fuel stop and I lost 18 minutes and had been passed by a lot of riders. During the first part of the stage there were a lot of beautiful dunes and driving through them fluently I made up a lot of time.

The dunes ended with a very high descent with a very nice view over the beach. The second part of the stage were long straights with stones and fesh fesh and that was more difficult for me to drive, but here I too I made up a lot of time. Finished 6th in, but after a talk to the organizers about the problem with the fuel stop the ASO decided togibve me my lost minutes back and I am now classified as second in the stage. I am now firmly 2nd overall and Patro Martinelli knows I'm there! "

Kees Koolen (16th) "Today was another beautiful day with a lot of dunes. The quad flows through the dunes and that is positive. Today was a day filled with navigating, but that one of the fun things of Dakar. The second part of the stage was more technical with many slow parts with ditches, valleys and hills.Especially driving through the valleys is fantastic and the scenery is beautiful. Today was a real Dakar stage. "

Jurgen van den Goorbergh (26ste) “I had a really good day today. Only got stuck one – in the last part of the stage. I had taken a bit of a gamble by not letting my tyre pressure down and when I hit a part of really soft sand, got stuck… All in al; it probably only did cost me a few minutes but still.. The buggy performed perfectly today – the fuel issues have been solved, the mechanics worked till late to find the solution. I did have a few moments today; I drove into a ditch and banged my head – black in front of my eyes and a sore neck now, but all in all I have had a great day!”

Tim Coronel (69ste) “Wow, what a day. Today again a day full of adventures. Two flat tires, stuck in the sans and some electronic problems. It was unfortunate that again the buggy stalled a few times because otherwise I really would have been able to show something today. Not all the time loss was due to technical problems as I also made a few mistakes. Early in the stage I got stuck in the dunes and as a result I lost some time and I had been passed by few trucks.Due to the dust blown up by the trucks I missed a few stones and hit them full on. Result? Two wheels in two parts and two flat tires. Sometimes it is better to have a little more patience…. I really enjoyed the stages. The buggy is fast and when the last issues and problems are solved then we certainly have something to show. Tomorrow is another day and I'm excited! "

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