Maxxis Dakar Team has strong finish in stage 2

It was a good day in the sand dunes for the Maxxis quads. Koolen and van den Goorbergh are on top and Tim Coronel picked up 100 spots in the standings.

Sand, Dunes and a long leg stood on today's program. The first real stage of Dakar 2013 would be a tough go, but the Maxxis Dakar Team Powered by Super B had an almost trouble-free day. Sebastian Husseini again when finished 2nd in the quad standings and Kees Koolen came into the head of the field inside. Jurgen van den Goorbergh made a lot, but drove a good stage and Tim Coronel flew through the dunes and made nearly 100 places well. In short, Dakar 2013 really started.

#354 Suzuki: Tim Coronel
#354 Suzuki: Tim Coronel

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Sebastian Husseini (2 the ) today rode his first Dakar stage and did certainly not without merit. Husseini also showed again today that he feels at home in the dunes drove the Dakar Team Maxxis ATV to a beautiful 2 the place. "It was a fun experiment similar to the dunes in Dubai. I'm in the dunes deliberately behind the leader, Patro Nelli, linger at a comfortable speed. I had him to pass, but did not want to push hard so early in the rally. The flat and fast pieces he drove a bit away from me, and I think we have some speed shortfall but the quad heels are very good. "

Kees Koolen (14 the ) was also well underway. During the stage on Sunday showed Koolen see that he can be with the head of the field and finished a respectable 14 the place. For Koolen is the first Dakar on a quad and his goal is to reach the finish line. Prior to Dakar, he can not be expected to participate in the summit to fight, but so far there is not much to notice. Koolen rode a strong leg and finished the front of the field again. "It was a nice stage today. I enjoyed the stages though there were very many pieces full throttle, almost 60% of the stage. Then you notice that a quad slightly less than a motorcycle. "

Tim Coronel (47 th ) had like last year a bad start. The first stage was a short, but Coronel had problems with the buggy and fell far back in the standings. Tim had prior to the stage called him during the second stage was good and that what he did. Started from a 141 th place and between a number of trucks drove himself to a beautiful 46 th place at the finish. Maxxis Dakar Buggy kept himself good and a little something after the stage Coronel could easily spreading. "Today was a wonderful day. The 1 e hours I had some patience as the dust of the trucks was difficult to overtake. Then it was a question of finding the waypoint and we got just a difficult piece of course, but I bumped it quite through. The dunes were super nice weather and the buggy went like a cannon. I briefly suffered from gasoline too hot, but that eventually took me only 5 minutes. The buggy is really a F16 on wheels I have only countries that still just getting the hang! "

Jurgen van den Goorbergh (54 th ) during the second stage was eager to without problems to the finishing line. Van den Goorbergh started the leg gently, but made ??in the dunes lot of time well. Jurgen finished the second stage ended in a fine 54 th place, but that did not go without a fight. "In the early stage there were many stones and I relaxed, there were even a few trucks passed but the first dunes, I went back over them with ease.

then I lost some time searching for a waypoint (WP) - I was not the only one with it ;-) I eventually found that point but it was not quite tight in the roadbook . I have here and there some time pass, but it was the best thing to come by today and we succeeded. "Adventures were enough. So I come across a dune and stood on my line a Kamaz truck is stationary. I no choice, had higher past him ride off to avoid him and it was established. This hit the buggy, and could not get him to walk. We have, in one way or another load of fuel as a kind of vapor lock . I might here and there some time pass, but it was the best thing to come by today zondal too many major problems and we succeeded. "

Kornelis Offringa and Rob van Pelt (32th) reason today a great stage. There were no problems with the teammates that caused the rapid assistance truck does not have to come into action. The Unimog cut through the dunes and the Maxxis Team Dakar team arrived on time in a 32th place inside. It was a great day today. We move a lot of people are being seen, but we have good doorgetokkeld. These dunes are suited us, so bring on the sand, "says Offringa after the test. Stage 3 Pisco - Nazca The third stage is from Pisco to Nazca and consists of a sample of 243 kilometers. Then a connection route of 95 kilometers to the bivouac. Even today, the participants lot of sand and dunes against and will again not an easy day.

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