G-Force team had fun on stage 11

The Dakar does Trophy-Raid in flooded conditions are 11th stage. Boris Gadasin and co-driver Alexey Kuzmich were not worried about the flash floods.

Torrential rains and flash floods caused the cancellation of Stage 11 but not after G-Force’s Boris Gadasin and co-driver Alexey Kuzmich had some fun!

#348 G-Force Proto: Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich
#348 G-Force Proto: Boris Gadasin and Alexey Kuzmich

Photo by: G-Force

Alexey: “First we overcame one river that was supposed to be dry and then the next one had even more water but at the third the organisers stopped us saying, “Impossible, impossible!” But we thought, are we not off-road Trophy drivers? “No problem!” we replied, and it turned out we were right as we crossed easily and went on for another 60 or 70km until the helicopter came and flagged us down...”

Boris was also in a good mood: “We’d already got through the rather complicated sands and the route was interesting, but after heavy rains the fords were hard to wade across. The organisers stopped us to warn that the route ahead was almost impossible be we told them that we weren’t afraid and kept going, but then they stopped us further on and said that the stage was stopped. It’s a pity that we couldn’t get through to the end because when you start in the Top 10 you can drive without dust with no slower cars in the way and it’s much more enjoyable to drive.”

Times were awarded to those who managed to pass CP1 before the stage was stopped which gave Robby Gordon his first stage victory in his Hummer while Gadasin will start Stage 12 9th on the road, still in the all-important Top 10. Team mate Vladimir Vasiliev will start 24th. Today’s 319km takes the surviving crews back into Chile on a stage that has a bit of everything from rocky tracks to dunes.

G-Force by Robb Pritchard

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