Dakar: Stage 6 Ouarzazate to Tan-Tan quotes

Bike Richard Sainct (FRA - KTM, 8th) - 001 "I really felt pain in my arm today. From the start it was painful, added to the cold. After 30kms De Gavardo overtook me which meant that I had already lost 2min. I can still cope with the pain....


Richard Sainct (FRA - KTM, 8th) - 001

"I really felt pain in my arm today. From the start it was painful, added to the cold. After 30kms De Gavardo overtook me which meant that I had already lost 2min. I can still cope with the pain. The problem is that I can't remain well focused. I still think of the overall but if the arm isn't better, It'll be difficult to catch the others."

Joan "Nani" Roma (SPA - KTM, 1st) - 004

"My bike was well adapted for such a special. I had a good rhythm in front. It was a tricky stage with the dust and the sun. A stage where I had to be careful not to damage the bike because the mechanics wouldn't have had the time to repair due to the early start time. The hardest part was actually the liaison this morning. I was more cautious than during the special. Tomorrow the race really starts. Isidre Esteve is not a surprise because he is very experienced and fast."

Giovanni Sala (ITA - KTM, out) - 007

"It happened in fast turns on little dunes. There was a big rock in the middle of the track and I hit it with my rear wheel... then I fell ! I have two broken ribs. It's really too bad because I was having a good race."

Isidre Esteve (SPA - KTM, 2nd) - 019

"I really was unlucky. One hundred kilometres after the start, I broke a trip. And 80kms after that , I broke the other one so it had become impossible for navigation. At CP2, I let Roma go past and asked him if I could stay behind. It's too bad because I had the possibility to extend the gap in the overall. The important thing is that I'm still in front and with Nani behind, it's perfect for the team."

Andy Caldecott (AUS - KTM, 5th) - 072

"I guess it is a satisfaction to be in the top 5. But I'm disappointed because during 80kms I was in the dust of Cyril Despres. I then had a fuel problem. I knew I hadn't run out of fuel. It was just that the fuel wasn't going through. It happened at 10kms of the finish line and I lost around 30sec. I was very comfortable during the first 200kms. Tomorrow's stage is daunting because of the unknown ! I've never done such a long stage..."


Hiroshi Masuoka (JAP - Mitsubishi, 1st) - 201

"It was very rough today. Very jumpy. Eighty percent of the special was rocky. If you went 10cm out of the good track, it cost a puncture. It's an important result because I was very focused on avoiding a puncture. I wasn't at my maximum to have a safety margin. Today was the confirmation of yesterday's good special. It's only the beginning so I'm not concerned about my position. After Bobo Dioulasso, I'll start thinking about it".

Colin McRae (UK -- Nissan, 3rd) - 202

"I enjoyed yesterday's special but today I didn't have fun. The dust made things very frustrating. I was behind Alphand and it was very difficult to attack even though the course was fast. I knew that the Dakar had nothing to do with WRC but I didn't know we would meet so many different situations. For tomorrow's stage I'm mentally prepared. We can manage a good result. It'll be another test for us. Concerning my penalty, I can't quite understand. I think it's unfair. The rule book isn't clear enough. Why establish rules when Peterhansel gets the same penalty as I did. He towed his car, he said so and he doesn't get anything for that. I think it's crazy !"

Stephane Peterhansel (FRA - Mitsubishi, 4th) - 203

"It was going OK but we had a puncture on the left rear wheel. At that moment Masuoka and De Villiers overtook us. Normally a puncture makes you lose 3 or 4 minutes but we had problems changing the rear wheel. It doesn't matter, there will be a lot of others incidents on this Dakar. It's only the second real stage. Tomorrow will be a very long special. I believe everyone will go fast because they'll have had time to prepare the cars."

Giniel De Villiers (RSA -- Nissan, 2nd) - 208

"I lost my rear wing between km 100 and 150. At first I thought it was a puncture because the car wasn't stable which means it's not only there for the looks. I got used to it. It's not ideal but it's OK."

Gregoire De Mevius (FRA - BMW, 5th) - 212

"A lot of rocks and holes : a real trial race. There were a lot of jumps and it didn't go very well. The car has a conception problem. The engine is very heavy and when we jump, it almost rocks forward. We therefore took it easy at our own rhythm. If Peterhansel had a problem yesterday, it's probably because he went too quickly. Concerning the next stages, we'll be needing the others to have problems to achieve something. The road is still long."


Firdaus Kabirov (RUS - Kamaz, 3rd) - 410

"Today, we were lucky enough not to break down and to go to the rhythm that we wanted. The road was OK although there were stones everywhere. We tried to stay on the track not to puncture. The most important is to keep the truck in good state. To do that, we didn't give our maximum. As of tomorrow, 3 difficult stages await us. I'll try to go faster. But there still is over 80% of the race to complete."

Andre De Azevedo (BRA -- Tatra n°412, 4th) - 412

"It was a nice special that was rather fast. For me, it was the second real day of the Dakar. It's difficult to fight for top spot overall because the DAF and Kamaz teams have more assistance than us. For example, as they have fast assistance trucks, they don't need to carry as much material as us. They are therefore a lot lighter than us."

Vladimir Tchaguine (RUS - Kamaz, 1st) - 414

"During all the special, we were in front with De Rooy behind. There were holes so we slowed done. Other than that we went full speed. At the bottom of a dune we stopped for 2min because a biker was going up it. We wanted to make things safe but De Rooy overtook us, so we attacked. Tomorrow, the sand starts. The truck will be prepared all night for the special. Then luck and experience will make the difference. We're impressed by De Rooy's driving. It's good to have such a rival. I like this kind of competition."


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