Dakar: Stage 3 Granada to Rabat quotes

Motorcycles Cyril Despres (FRA -- KTM) - 002 It's good to start the year with a nice special under the sun. We finally were able to attack after having taken it easy for the 900kms on the motorway yesterday. Until now, everything looks fine!...


Cyril Despres (FRA -- KTM) - 002
It's good to start the year with a nice special under the sun. We finally were able to attack after having taken it easy for the 900kms on the motorway yesterday. Until now, everything looks fine! It was very enjoyable to be on an earth special after the sand one on Friday. We now have a little taste of Africa and a touch of what we will meet over there.

Alfie Cox (AFS -- KTM) - 003
I'm very happy because my shoulder hurts less and less. Yesterday, after the very long ride, the inside of my shoulder hurt a lot so I had to take pain-killers but now, everything is all right. It hurt a little during the special but it's getting better and better. I'm confident for the future, it's a good boost to my moral. Today was a very beautiful special, with a nice course.

Marc Coma (SPA -- KTM) - 006
The special was really good. I didn't do too bad. My strategy was to start slowly and to hope for a place around the tenth position. There was a lot of dust but it was really a nice special. The fans were great with me. Emotionally it was special. But the most important part starts tomorrow because here was more of a show than a fight for the overall.

David Fretigné (FRA -- Yam) - 012
It's fantastic but I have to keep cool. It's always good to feel well and to ride with pleasure. Now I can't wait to be in Africa. To take off in the leading position will give me the possibility to be careful. Concerning the special, I really enjoyed myself. It was really beautiful with nice bends but I didn't expect it to be so slippery. My secret dream is to be on the podium in Dakar. If I can make it to the top ten positions in every stage, it should be possible for the overall. We are technically ready even though we still have to learn.

Jordi Duran (SPA -- KTM) - 016
It was an enduro type of special. I felt really comfortable. It's a good result for me but the most important thing is to make it to Dakar and the Lac Rose. I will have to work hard to make it. The bike is really great and riding alongside bikers like Esteve and Coma helps a lot. The experience Jordi Arcarons has and the advice he gives me is great.


Stéphane Peterhansel (FRA -- MIT -- 2nd) - 306
The earth conditions are getting really difficult on the course. It's starting to look like sand and you lose a lot of power when accelerating. It would have been better to take off earlier in the first three positions to manage a good time. We were slightly too far behind. Concerning the driving, I really enjoyed myself and it gave us courage for the long liaison that comes now. The serious stuff starts tomorrow. It'll be a short special but with a technical part in the mountains. We have to avoid mistakes.

Colin McRae (GBR -- NIS -- special winner) - 308
I had a lot of fun. The car is working very well and I'm very happy. I had a blast at driving this car this morning. The special was very nice for the spectators who got to see a very good show from all the competitors. Personnaly, I just wanted to go fast to be able to leave in the first positions for tomorrow's stage between Rabat and Agadir, because I believe there won't be a lot of overtaking possibilities on the special.

Ari Vatanen (FIN -- NIS -- 3rd) - 311
It was very nice. I feel younger each time on these kind of specials. I was very slippery and I managed nice bends. Yesterday we had a little fright during the liaison but nothing serious. The finish time wasn't very important today Tomorrow is Africa. In Morocco, the most important is to avoid silly mistakes while trying to go fast. The car has nothing to do with last year's one.

Giniel De Villiers (RSA -- NIS -- 4th) - 314
Everything is going well. I have an excellent feeling in the car. The special was very pleasant with a warm welcome from the crowd and sunny conditions. I really enjoyed it. Now Africa awaits us and I'm eager to be there. But he real start will be in Mauritania. Until then, we won't really attack.

Robby Gordon (USA -- VW -- 5th) - 317
I had a lot of fun. When you start in first position, it's difficult because you don't have any reference but I managed some great jumps and my suspensions are working very well. I pushed the cat as much as possible, keeping in mind fun driving and control. Tomorrow, is my very first stage in Africa but I'm not too nervous. In any case, it's a great beginning to the rally for me.


Gerard De Rooy (HOL -- DAF -- 3rd) - 516
The special was very difficult because of the dirt. I've never seen such difficult race conditions in Spain. We probably lost around 20sec because of the dirt and that's a lot on a 10km special but we couldn't have done better not to take too many risks. So far, so good...

Hans Bekx (HOL -- DAF -- special winner) - 524
We had fun although the special was really difficult because of the dirt. The course was very slippery. We had a small fright when we ended up on two wheels in the first bend so we slowed down but I finally went well. Until today, everything is going well. We're happy to get to Africa because Europe is always very tricky. We will finally be on open ground and we'll be able to attack.


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