Dakar: Stage 17 Dakar loop quotes

Bike: 1 Richard Sainct (FRA - KTM - 2ème) - 001 "This edition was really very difficult but in the same time, that's the reason why we come on the rally. Thumbs p to the organisation ! I have mixed feelings however. It's not a deception...


1 Richard Sainct (FRA - KTM - 2ème) - 001
"This edition was really very difficult but in the same time, that's the reason why we come on the rally. Thumbs p to the organisation ! I have mixed feelings however. It's not a deception because when I fell, I thought it was finished. I had to fight against myself. Despite my injury, I don't finish that far. This morning, I had a battery problem. The bike stopped suddenly but I found the problem quickly. I'm very lucky to still be here. It doesn't matter, it wasn't my turn this year. I'll be back next year to try an regain my title. I'm very happy for Roma. He's been trying to win it for such a long time".

Nani Roma (ESP - KTM - n°4 -- 1er) - 004
"I'm very happy that all the people are so pleased about my victory. It's great. I've often thought about the win, but I can't describe what I feel now. Everything happened so quickly. I first have to eat, have a shower and calm down to understand what's happening to me. But it's a dream. When I was little, my mother gave me a book on the history of the Dakar, from its creation to 1985. Every night I would read it. I would have never imagined riding a bike one day, compete on a Dakar and win it ! It's amazing being a part of its history. Peterhansel was my hero. I remember 1993 during an enduro in Assen when I took advantage of the fact he was in the shower to steel his t-shirt and socks. I still have them. During the whole year I saw a psychologist because I realised that each time I fell in the previous years, it was at low speed and was only a question of concentration. We did some excellent work together and that's part of the little things that made me win".

David Frétigné (FRA - YAMAHA -- 6th) - 012
"I wanted to do well today. To finish the rally on a high. In the sand, I hit a rock and went over the handle bar. My chin hit a part of the navigation instruments. I was knocked out for five minutes. It's always a shame to finish like that. Despite this, I'm very happy of this first Dakar : winning my category and finishing in the top 10. Mission : accomplished. I've shown that a small bike had its place on this rally. My best memory is my first win on an African special".


Jean-Louis Schlesser (FRA - SCHLESSER FORD -- 3rd) - 200
"We're really proud to have taken all the cars to the finish line, with no problems. On a personal behalf, I couldn't expect better than third place. The Mitsubishi cars are untouchable. They really did a great job. I have no regrets not taking the new car. Of course it would have been faster but anyway the Mitsubishis were too fast. It was better to use the old one. We didn't have serious problems. What I'll remember of this Dakar is the enthusiasm of the people in the villages. It was fantastic. The best qualities of Peter ? He has many but I think he's learnt it was important not going quickly all the time."

Hiroshi Masuoka (JAP - Mitsubishi -- 2nd) - 201
"Thank you to all the team for this magnificent Dakar. Looking at how it went, I can only be satisfied with second spot. It was a great rally. Thumbs up to Patrick Zaniroli. For me the 2005 edition starts tomorrow".

Stéphane Peterhansel (FRA - Mitsubishi -- 1st) - 203
"It's a great relief and a lot of happiness, that I share with my co-driver Jean-Paul Cottret. On a bike you're alone but this time we built the win together. My last victory on a bike was 6 years ago and after what happened last year, it wasn't easy for me to win this year. It was a tough race but all went well. We took the leadership quite quickly and that allowed us not to take too many risks after. We all know that on a Dakar each stage can mean a problem. Even when we were 10 minutes behind Masuoka, I kept calm, relaxed. We knew that a lot of things would happen. We didn't give 100%, due to our lead. Everything happened during the two marathon stages. I had my biggest scare two days ago when we got lost and ended up in soft dunes. My victory isn't due to luck. Mitsubishi works all along the year. We do preparation races and weeks of physical tests. I believe Nissan has the same possibilities but the difference is due to experience and a way of working. It's great to work with such a team. It's a real team win. Hubert (Auriol) often said he would like me to win. Now it's done but he'll always stay my hero".


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