Dakar: Stage 12 Bamako to Labe quotes

Stage 12: Bamako to Labe January 12, 2006 Connection 197 km - Special 368 km - Connection 307 km Total 872 km Bike: Jean De Azevedo (BRE - KTM - 4ème) "Until kilometre 173, the stage was very technically demanding, but then it became very...

Stage 12: Bamako to Labe
January 12, 2006
Connection 197 km - Special 368 km - Connection 307 km
Total 872 km


Jean De Azevedo (BRE - KTM - 4ème)
"Until kilometre 173, the stage was very technically demanding, but then it became very fast in spite of the dust.

After CP1, I caught up Street, but I was very bothered by his dust and I couldn't overtake him.

I really like this kind of stage, since it looks like the tracks I am used to practicing on in Brazil."

Marc Coma (ESP - KTM - 2th)
"It was very dusty today and the tracks looked really like the one we had in Mali. The ground was supposed to be in laterite, but there was many holes. So, it was quite dangerous. I rode at my pace, without attacking. I will only have to check a few things, but nothing serious."

Chris Blais (USA - KTM - 3rd)
"I rode at my pace, without taking risks. But I fell twice, what ususaly never happen to me. The first fell was a little one at very low speed. And on the second one I slipt on the side of the road, but without any serious consquences. I am fourth at the overall ranking. ,It would be fanatstic if I could still be fourth in Dakar."

Jonah Street (USA - PAI Rally Pan America - 5ème)
"It is another good day for me after yesterday's good result. I really appreciate this kind of track, with dust and holes. But my bike can't compare to the leaders'ones. When Coma overtook me, I couldn't stay in touch. Tonight, I am in the Top 20. It's great but is very far from my original goal. I thought I could be in the top 10, but I lade big mistakes in Morocco, I missed some waypoints in Mauritania, but, above all I was really penalized by my lack of speed."

Cyril Despres (FRA - KTM - 1st)
"It was a very nice stage, a bit like on the Tour de France. On the liaison, there were thousands of peaople. What a beautiful country! The special itself was technical, with holes and branches on the ground. There were also a few rivers to cross, but nothing serious, just deep enough to refresh my feet. I know that I can't easily gain the time I lost. And beingt second in Dakar with a wrist tendonitis, it is defintely not too bad."


Giniel De Villiers (AFS - WV -- 3rd)
"There were many traps today. Threre were many trees and branches on the ground. I drove at ùmy pace, without taking a risk. The crowd didn't bother me. The car works well, we will only change the four wheels."

Mark Miller (USA - VW - 5th)
"I think it was one of the most difficult stage of the rally, with many traps. It was very risky course because of the holes, the dust and the trees. Today, it was easy to drive fast but easy as well to make mistakes. I startede behind Vigouroux and found him stuck in the mud. I pushed with my car to take him out. I damaged the right front side of the car. No consequence. We are now close to Peterhansel. There may be something to do."

Luc Alphand (FRA - Mitsubishi - 1st)
"My goal was to catch up Giniel, to gain a few minutes on him, just to increase a bit my advantage at the overall. Since I shot a tree two days ago, I no longer thought about about overall victory. But first of all, I am disapointed since Mitsubishi lost a car today. There is still two stages to complete, and I only have a little twenty minutes advantage on Giniel. One or ntwo punctures, a tree, a stone... I know that anything can happen. But tomorrow, I will have thje advantage of starting first. The others will have to attack to overtake me.

I won't lie. I am very pleased to take the lead, even if it is sad for Peterhansel."

Guerlain Chicherit (FRA -- BMW -- 2nd)
"I told you yesterday that we would try something today. And we did so. We have been attacking for the whole stage, even if we had some problem in the first kilometres. I punctured twenty kilometres after the start, so I lost about 8 minutes. Then it became very rocky. So I slowed down to avoid to puncture for a second time. And then, I drove fast. It vwa&s a very da&ngerous stage, I almost capsized in every turn. Actually, I felt really well on the last 150 kilometres. It was a bit like in Finland. I was really at ease and soon, I felt that we were clocking a good time. I learnt that we were second as I arrived in Labe. We could almost have made the scratch. But no regret."

Stephane Peterhansel (FRA -- Mitsubishi -- 60th)
"I'm disappointed of course but it is less horrible than in Sharm-el-Sheikh three years ago. At that time, it happened 60 km before the end of the stage. It was the last day and I had never won the Dakar. It is a little bit different today. I've already won the race twice and the crash occurred earlier. Today, we had various upsets all along the dusty tracks: we first broke a rim and then a brake caliper. Once we had repaired, we got back in the dust and we hit a tree in a sharp bend. The car was seriously damaged."

Xavier Foj (SPA - Land Cruiser - 1st Production)
"The stage was very difficult today. But we knew it. We built our result yesterday when we clocked the 31th time in Bamako. So, we left before the trucks this morning. Since the cars ahead were faster than us, we were bothered by their dust. I had already been in Guinea, so I knew that the track could be very damaged. So in my head, it was full attack if the visibility was ok, otherwise stay cool. Everything went on well. the car is in perfect shape tonight. Now, we're 6th in the overall standings fot the T2 Class. I'm very happy because it's a new project for us and Toyota Spain."


Hans Stacey (HOL -- MAN -- 1er)
"It has been a long day, with very technically demanding stage in the first kilometres. I had to be safe. Once again I hit a branch which broke my front window. I didn't take too many risks since I really want bto be in Dakar. What's more, in the last 50 kilometres, we were about to tun out of water. I am very happy about this result since I left Lisbonne with one main goal: winning a stage. And I won four stages. Now, I will protect my place even if I will try and gain a few minutes on Kabirov."

Firdaus Kabirov (RUS - Kamaz - 2nd)
"Today we stared behind Stacey and he seized this opportunity to attack and gain time on me. I had rather avoid to take too many risks since the stage was not easy. But, tomorrow, I will attack as much as possible on a stage which should not be as difficult as today's. Anyway, the race for tye second place will be tight until the end between Stacey and me. The last stage will be very interesting."

Vladimir Chagin (RUS -- Kamaz -- 3rd)
"The arrival to Labe was fantastique, with this incredible crowd which came to welcome us. It hope it will help me keep a good memory about this stage, because so far my last memory is the loss of the rally here in 1996. But it won't happen this year. I will control the end of the race to make sure I will win in Dakar. Actually I can afford losing 18' today on Stacey. On the other hand, thye fight between Stacey and Kabirov will be inbteresting untill the end. So tomorrow, I will content myself with following my team mate to assist him in case of trouble."


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