Dakar: Stage 11 Kayes to Bamako quotes

Stage 11: Kayes to Bamako January 11, 2006 Connection 50 km - Special 231 km - Connection 424 km Total 705 km Bike: Marc Coma (SPA - KTM - 2nd) "It was a difficult stage. We had to be focused on the navigation, the dust and the numerous speed...

Stage 11: Kayes to Bamako
January 11, 2006
Connection 50 km - Special 231 km - Connection 424 km
Total 705 km


Marc Coma (SPA - KTM - 2nd)
"It was a difficult stage. We had to be focused on the navigation, the dust and the numerous speed controls. Actually we had to pay attention to many details all along a very technically demanding stage. Having this 34' advantage is interesting, but there still are four stages among which a marathon one. Above all, the ground will change. So we can't conclude anything yet about the following days."

Jean de Azevedo (BRE -- KTM -- 5ème)
"It was a good stage for me. There was a lot of dust and it was very difficult ride and overtake. I fell in the first kilometres but I was riding at about 50 km/h so I didn't hurt myself. I didn't ride fast because I spent the whole in the dust of the bikes ahead of me, especially De Gavardo and Ullevalseter. At the overall standing, I am 8th, what is not so bad since I received a two hours penalty two days ago. My goal is still to be in the top 10 in Dakar."

Chris Blais ( USA - KTM - 4th)
"It has been a good day for me, without any trouble except a little fall. I was looking at my raodbook and I fell because of a stone. My head hit the ground and I have been almost knocked out. I waited for a while before starting again. Actually, I lost about two minutes. We crossed many villages. It was cool since the people along the track were very welcoming They seem to really enjoy life here. Abobve all, I treally enjoyed myself on this very technically demanding stage. About the heat, it is far less hot than in California for the mexican baja, so it has been really bothering for me. Actually, I only have one problem. My bottom hurts me becouse of the hours I spent sitted on my bike for the liaison."

Cyril Despres (FRA - KTM - 9th)
"It has been a positive day, anyway. There was a lot of technical riding and a lot of navigation as well. I wish I didn't trust the roadbook. At kilometre 37, I followed the instructions and I went into some bareers. I looked for the good way for a while and lost a bit of time. Since we were in speed limited zone, when I found the good track,I was in Sala, Ullevalseter and Coma's dust. I followed the roaboak whereas they directly passed across the village. Then, it was a bit more physically and technically demanding I hit a stone and fell on my wounded collarbone. In spite all this, I am quite happy about my stage. I try and make my race, but it is very hard to ride with this kind of problem since the days are long. What's more, I am getting more and more tired every day."

Alain Duclos (FRA/MAL - Toni Togo - 1er)
"It is a dream coming true. It is a great emotion to win a stage here, in Bamako, at home, in Mali. I dedicate this victory to my parents; I will wait untill I see them before crying. The course today was exactely the kind of course I like. I know theses tracks quite well since I used to practice here on my moped when I was a kid. There are lots of holes. Everything went on well from the very beginning till the end. Even if I had not planned a victory, I pushed myself as much as I could to win today. It is a kind of fulfilment for my pasion for rally, Mali and Africa. But I don't forget my first goal, which is to be in the top ten in Dakar. And there are still three nice stages before the Lac Rose.

Jonah Street (USA - PAI-Rally Pan America - 3rd)
"I have been very surprised to clock the third time since I fell in a hole inthe first kiometres. Luckily, I was not fast. What's more, it is my first Dakar, on a bike I had never tested before the starting line in Lisbon. So far, my best result was my 13th in Portimao's stage. I think this good result is due to my good navigation. I always followed the track whereas most of the other riders lost themselves."


Giniel De Villiers (AFS -- Volkswagen -- 1st)
"It was an interesting day, very tactical, with a lot of navigation and many traps, many trees and a lot of dust. Just after the start, I touched a tree with the right side of my car, what damaged my exhaust pipe. It made me lose a bit of power. But, since I had overtaken Schlesser and Sousa, I prefered not to stop to avoid their dust. And, what's more, there was no one in front of me. I really want to congratulate Tina, because navigation was very important today. At least, I am especially happy about this victory. It is thye second one in two years on this exact stage. But now, I am exhausted because of the 400 kilometres liaison."

Bruno Saby (Fra -- Volkswagen -- 2nd)
"Giniel fights to stay in touch, just in case, soince we never know what can happen to the Mitsubishi team. An I stay just behind to help him in case of trouble. Tofday, thye main problem was the navigation. And once again, Michel has been incredible? Even in the dust, he has been giving me very precise instructions and we never got lost. That's why we overtook
"Peter" who came back on the track just in front of us. So we attacked as musch as possible, entered at stayed in Sousa's dust untill the end of the special. Now, I have no more personnal goal for the overall ranking. So, we are now some kind of very fast support car. We have tools and everything we could need in the car. I will now logically serve VW, till the end of the rally. I will analyse the race Touareg's performance to ease its development for the coming races. It is a bit like a testing in real conditions."

Luc Alphand (FRA - Mitsubishi - 3rd)
"I left 15th, in the dust. I overtook Cox, Moterde and Schlesser. But Schlesser overtook us when we got lost in a village. Then we stay behind him for alomst 60 kilomtres and it slowed us down. We didn't take any risk, and I had now special problem except a kind of gutter. Now we are back in the good group for tomorrow's stage. In Guinea, the tracks are full of traps. So we'll have to pay attention to all these holes and gutters. And if Giniel keeps on at this crazy pace, it could be stressfull. Today, he completed a very good stage. He was far above the Dakar's usual pace. He must have lucky since the others got lost. But he is a player, and I like it."

Carlos Sainz (SPA - VW - 4th)
"Everything has been cool today. Untill kilometre 80... I passed over a little tree. And behind, there was a huge root. I hit it, broke my rear brakes and scratched the right side. I completed the stage with this problem of brakes, so the result is not so bad."

Stéphane Peterhansel (FRA - Mitsubishi - 11th)
"Around kilometre 100, we lost the track for about 8 kilometres. It represents a 10 minutes loss. When we found the track, Sousa was ahead of us. we followed him in his dust for about 130 kilometres. He didn't let us overtake him and the VW came back from behind. The most important today was not to make mistake which could have damaged the car."

Guerlain Chicherit (FRA -- BMW -- 5th)
"It was hard today. We completed the first 100 kilometres in the dust. We had caught Nani and Giniel up. But they didn't let us pass in spite of all our warnings. In fact they were also blocked. Sometimes, we couldn't see ten metres ahead. When we got off the special, I realized we had punctured. But we went on like this. Eventualy, I am very happy. We make this could result which helps us forget the problems and the time we lost in the past days. We keep on working on the car to be really ready for next year. We drove 3.000 kilometres with it, before the Dakar. And, with its qualitties on the sand, it will be great. And, untill the end of this year's rally, if the car resists, we will try and attack."

Jean-Pierre Strugo (Fra -- Mercedes -- 1st Production)
"It has been a good day for us, sonce we had the extraordinary luck not to drive in the dust for most of the special. Actually, in early caught up a truck which blocked us for a while before he made a navigation mistake. hen we could drive at our maximum. At least, it is useless since we no longer can overtake Jean-Jacques Ratet unless he has a problem."


Hans Stacey (HOL-- MAN -- 1st)
"I am very surprised I won this stage. About 90 kilometres after the start, we were in section where there were many trees. When we turned on the right, somes branches went throught the front window. I had a camera inside the cabin. It was broken. Our communication system was broken as well. Luckily, no one nhas been injured. We completed the stage like this. What a story."

Andre de Azevedo (BRA - Tatra -2nd)
"The stage reminded me of the rallies in Brazil, with a lot of dust, trees and gutters. My navigator was especially good today and Chaguin had to overtake me after getting lost twice. We were quite in Mauritania and Mali and now we are 4th at the overall ranking. Of course my main goal has always been to be in the top 5 in Dakar."


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